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Sell SA offers from its online platform to all its customers, the opportunity to access the best of sales in South Africa. Sell SA, throughout its history, has been dedicated to bringing together in one place vendors with existing stores that are already well recognized among users; to offer them a totally rewarding and reliable experience.
Sell SA online shopping is totally secure for customers since the central objective of this platform is to offer a secure and reliable shopping system; taking into account three fundamental aspects about the product: authenticity, quality and price.

What is Sell SA?

Sell SA is an e-commerce platform based in South Africa, which brings together only the best in sales for its customers. Sell SA is also recognized for applying rigorous processes to ensure excellence for buyers. All retailers who are part of this platform have been carefully selected with the sole purpose of fulfilling the promise of happy, scam-free shopping.
Each seller who is part of Sell SA has had the privilege of accessing a market with immense possibilities of projection; thanks to the business management and successful marketing developed from Sell SA. In this commercial platform, both:  sellers and buyers,  are assured of a quality online experience.

Is Sell SA safe?

Sell SA website is a totally reliable sales site, where each user can make purchases and pay through a method that protects the customer's bank details, without any risk. The SID has been recognized as one of the safest payment methods throughout South Africa since 2007. With the SID you can make your payments, directly from your internet banking service. SID fills in the bank details for you.
The simple process includes five easy steps described below:

  • Choose SID as your payment method
  • Select your bank
  • Enter the data to access your online banking. The connection will be the same internet connection that usually connects you to your bank. You will never be redirected to another site. In addition, Sell SA guarantees the protection of your banking data.
  • Select the account from which you will make the payment.
  • Payment will be made once you enter the PIN sent by your bank.

Sell SA will receive instant notification of payment, so the customer does not have to send mail or fax to prove that he has paid. For more information please enter www.sidpayment.com.
The company will immediately start the order process for delivery.
SID guarantees security and immediacy in every Sell SA online shopping, as they are made through the South African online banking. Each transaction has the same support and security offered by your online banking house.
Regarding the purchases, Sell SA guarantees its customers that they will be receiving genuine and high-quality products. In addition, the platform encourages its sellers to extend the warranty periods at the best prices.

How do I track my package from Sell SA?

When you make a purchase from Sell SA you contact the seller of the store offering the product and together you will agree on the delivery service. Sell SA is only the platform through which the best retailers in South Africa can offer their products. The costs, as well as the date and method of delivery, will be agreed upon between the parties: Customer-Seller.
As each store is self-managed, each retailer can set their delivery and shipping methods. In order to correctly display the Sell SA shipping costs, the platform will divide your cart in agreement with the seller.
In case you as a customer may have a question about your Sell SA track order; on the product page, you can access the "ask a question" section. To check the answer, go to the seller's home page and click on "message store".
You can also track your package through the Ship24 homepage with your Sell SA tracking number.

Can I sell online with Sell SA?

If you are interested in being part of the great e-commerce platform Sell SA and offer the products of your store, you only need to complete a few simple steps to register:

  • The first thing you need to do is click on the "register" button.
  • Then, at the bottom of the registration form, click on "register as a seller.
  • You will then be redirected and you must choose the option to open a store.
  • Complete the seller registration and get your Sell SA login by confirming your email address.

You can now consider yourself a member of the Sell SA family.
However, to start nurturing your online sales space, you will need to start registering your products. How to do it? Through these steps:

  • Go to the sales panel and select the control panel on the left
  • Check on the option "add product in the store" on the right side
  • Fill in the product details
  • Save the changes

What can you sell at Sell SA?

Both new and secondhand products in excellent condition: clothing, electronics, furniture, household items, among others.
What you can't sell: Counterfeit, X-rated products, homemade food products, or livestock.

Does Sell SA only deliver in Africa?

Sell SA does not currently have an active delivery service. This is agreed upon between the client and the seller.

How long does Sell SA take to deliver?

Sell SA delivery time will be subject to each vendor's terms. Sell SA has no responsibility for delivery times or rates set by the vendors. The deal is directly between the customer and the seller of the product. Sell SA is only a means of contact.
In any case, the customer will always be protected as Sell SA will always retain payment on the item and will not release it to the seller until delivery has been confirmed.

What are Sell SA shipping costs?

Sell SA shipping fees will be determined by the seller of the store with which you have made the purchase transaction.

How can I contact Sell SA?

For the Sell SA contact details, you will find the Sell SA telephone number 012-035-1761, available from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm or you can also contact Sell SA customer service at support@sellsa.za where they will gladly answer any questions you may have in the shortest time possible.

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