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The marketplace from the Alibaba group is popular for its important catalog of products from China. AliExpress offers to international buyers very good prices on products that can be delivered directly to their door. Packages are usually sent by Cainiao, Yanwen and SF Express.
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Founded in 2010, Wish is an american e-commerce website facilitating transactions between buyers and sellers. Its particularity is to propose a personalized shopping for customers thanks to browsing technologies instead of using a search bar format. Wish doesn’t stock products nor manage returns.
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Dedicated to the "gadget lovers", Gearbest is an Chinese e-commerce platform recognized. Gearbest provides its customers with different types of cost-effective products including phones, electronics, appliances and also fashion. The company has a strict delivery setup and customers can easily track their goods.
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Joom is an online international marketplace based in China. From 2018, the company offers quality products to 100 different countries including Russia, the home country of the three creators Ilya Shirokov, Ilya Rubin and Yuri Ivanov. As an international company, Joom has headquarters in different parts of the world.
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eBay is one of the first online marketplace, created in 1995 in California and connecting buyers with sellers globally. Products on eBay can be sold either via a silent auction so users are able to input the maximum price they are willing to pay and for which the site will automatically increase bids.
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Amazon is an american company based in Seattle and created in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, it is today the leader of e-commerce in Europe and in America. Amazon initially started as an online marketplace for books before expanding its range of products and delivering Worldwide with Amazon Logistics and other couriers.
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Etsy is an American e-commerce player particularly popular in The USA and in Canada. The company was created in 2005 in Dumbo and sells today handmade and vintage products Worldwide. One of the particularities of Etsy is that all items sold on the website must be 20 years old at least.
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ASOS is an online fashion company based in the United Kingdom. Founded in 2000 in London, ASOS (“AsScreenOnScreen”) proposes over 850 brands in addition to its own range of clothing and accessories. ASOS delivers its customers in the UK, US, Russia and many other European and non European countries.
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Founded in 2012, Lazada is an international e-commerce website based in Singapore and owned by the Alibaba group. Lazada has been created in order to establish the business model of Amazon in Southeast Asia. Since 2014, the company has operated in different countries of the southeast Asian region.
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Banggood is an online marketplace created in 2006 and based in Guangzhou, in China. When you order from BangGood, the products can be delivered in most of European and North American countries. BangGood adopts AllJoy Supply Chain for its shipping method. Find out where your BangGood parcel is!
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Referred as the "Amazon of Japan", Rakuten is a japanese e-commerce website founded in 1997 by a japanese businessman in Tokyo. Today, the company is the largest e-commerce website among Japan and operates in 29 countries and regions. Rakuten features many online stores and offers to its customers a cash-back service.
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DHgate.com is an e-commerce website from China founded in 2004 and facilitating the sale of manufactured products from suppliers to smaller retailers. Through this platform, the users (most of the time B2B), can purchase high-quality products from factories for good prices compared to retail.
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Chinabrands is a dropshipping and wholesalers platform from China. The website helps small and medium companies (most are from China) to sell their manufactured products to buyers. It is a B2B e-commerce website operating in English, Chinese, Russian, french, Spanish, German, and Italian.
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Geekbuying is a Chinese e-commerce website that has been existing since 2012. The platform sells many items from everyday life: electronics items, smartphones, scooters, and many others at reasonable prices. Geekbuying is a B2C e-commerce website aiming to put the customer first.
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Created in June 2004, Tomtop is an online marketplace from China headquartered in Shenzhen. The company sells diverse kinds of products for daily use: electronics, outdoor products, health and beauty, video games and many others. Tomtop has been a gold supplier of Alibaba since 2006.
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Bangood is a Chinese e-commerce website created in 2006 and based in Guangzhou. Bangood offers its online shopping services to more than 200 countries in the world and is specialized in B-to-C and B-to-B retail services. Bangood proposes a large category of products from beauty to electronics on its website.
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Genuine People

Founded in 2015, Genuine People is a fashion and lifestyle brand based in both cities San Francisco and Shanghai, mixing East and Western styles, old and new world, for their clothes. Customers can order women's clothes and accessories of various designs on their website Genuine-People.com.
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Adidas is a German multinational corporation created in 1924 under the name Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik. The company changed for Adidas in 1949 and is today the largest sportswear manufacturer in the European Union. Adidas sells shoes, accessories and clothing dedicated to sport activities.
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Founded in 2006, Fruugo is a marketplace grouping all sorts of products sold by European online retailers: clothing, home accessories, toys, health and beauty products and many others. The company offers over 100,000 products from over 100 retailers in Finland but also in the UK, Sweden and the Netherlands.
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Created in 2015, Afrikrea is an e-commerce platform gathering African and non-African creators who sell their clothing, jewelry, beauty products and accessories inspired by Africa. People from all over the world can buy products on Afrikrea that tries to facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers.
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eGlobal Central

eGbobal Central is an e-commerce website where customers will find consumer electronics and gadgets sourced from different parts of the world. The group has 9 online stores in Australia, France, Germany, the UK, Italy, Spain and other parts of Europe. Today, the company is expanding its services to the US and Canada.
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