Shopify tracking

Shopify tracking


What is Shopify?

Shopify, or by its founding name Shopify Incorporated, was started by two Canadian entrepreneurs in 2006 and has since become a multinational e-commerce online platform and company. Shopify helps businesses by offering a platform for which they can open online stores and become e-retailers, which includes facilitating payment platforms, shipping and other customer-facing assets.

Shopify is so popular because it can be used for people selling online, social media, or simply from their house. Essentially, Shopify basically facilitates the running of an eCommerce business for small, medium, and large-scale merchants. Although you have to build your own storefront and are expected to engage with consumers and be in charge of accepting payments, Shopify helps facilitate this via the platform's handy tools.

Although Shopify does offer some logistics solutions, once an item is bought it can be handled by any number of couriers, which is why it is always advisable to track your Shopify parcel with Ship24. Whether it is used by big logisitics companies such as UPS or GEODIS or smaller last-leg national posts such as La Poste, Ship24 has all your shopify tracking needs covered.

Shopify package tracking

Where is Shopify located?

Shopify has its headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario, however, Shopify is based online and doesn't have physical stores. If you buy or sell on the platform then your package or parcel will not go through the headquarters office as that is solely to run its platform and not for package or parcel processing. To know where your Shopify parcel is, using Ship24 universal tracking for tracking your Shopify parcel.

How much does Shopify cost for businesses?

Shopify prices vary, but they can start for certain options at around $30 per month. It is because the platform is so cheap yet offers such global reach and varied demographics that continues to make businesses believe it is such a worthwhile investment. Once businesses set up on Shopify, they reach an international audience which means that sellers could be shipping goods around the globe. Due to the universal scale of the Shopify platform and the shops on it, many are confused over who handles their parcels and how to track orders made on Shopify.

The truth is, there are many different couriers and logistics handlers who forward or deliver packages for Shopify merchants and therefore, who handles your parcel will vary depending on the origin country and the final destination. Also, there will likely be multiple logistics companies handling your parcel along its journey. This is where Ship24 universal tracking comes in handy, as it is able to scan hundreds of couriers and thousands of online shops at the same time to find where a parcel is and its current status. This has led to many choosing Ship24 for their tracking needs. Buyers no longer need to chase up sellers to find who they are shipping with and equally, sellers no longer need to constantly update buyers on the couriers their parcel is being handled by. Both can turn to Ship24 for end-to-end tracking of their parcel with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their package will be trackable throughout its journey.

Is Shopify shipping reliable?

When a company is used by nearly 2 million businesses worldwide, which excellent feedback and a platform that only continues to grow, it is safe to say that Shopify is definitely trusted. Whether it be its secure payment systems and check out, or its shipping options, customers and merchants alike are staying loyal to the platform. Furthermore, now Ship24 can offer 100 percent of tracking updates on all registered parcels and packages sent with Shopify, people are more confident than ever when using Shopify.

What is the history of Shopify?

The idea for Shopify was born out of the two founders not being able to find a place to purchase snowboarding gear, accessories or equipment online. However, it has since morphed into a market-leading online platform used by millions.

After being founded just three year before, Shopify launched an application programming interface platform and application Store in 2009 which allowed developers to create online stores on the platform and make them saleable through the platform. This was the beginning of a long list of developments including a free mobile app (where shop owners could manage their stores from their devices), Shopify payments (which allowed merchants to take credit cards directly) as well as a range of other mergers which has increased its value proposition immensely.

The company made its debut on the New York Stock Exchange in 2015 and started trading at some 60 percent higher than its initial offering price, raising over $131 million. It also benefited from Amazon closing its webstore service, which was used by platform sellers, with news of the closure meaning Shopify's shares rose a further 20 percent.

By 2019, Shopify had agreements with Snapchat, Facebook, and Google for advertisement integration and by the end of the same year, Shopify Chat was launched - an innovative new function that made it possible for sellers to have real-time interactions with customers visiting online stores.

Most recently, Shopify announced a partnership with popular Chinese eCommerce company Alipay (part of Alibaba), to allow for cross-border payments. Indeed, this move is especially interesting as it will further facilitate the purchasing of goods from overseas, which will, in turn, require Shopify shipping solutions. Shopify does offer some logistics solutions but in general, hundreds of couriers are used worldwide and many different couriers handle Shopify parcels along their route. Subsequently, in order to track your Shopify parcel, head to Ship24 global tracking site to get multi-shop and courier tracking capability.

What can you buy on Shopify?

You can buy anything on Shopify, including homeware, travel accessories, baby products, luggage bags, cosmetics, fitness equipment, car spares, among many other things.

Who uses Shopify?

It is estimated that some 1.5 million websites run on Shopify as of 2021, producing some $60 billion annually making it the largest Canadian company that is publicly traded. Equally, millions of people shop and buy products from Shopify businesses every day. To track a Shopify parcel (as it could be sent with multiple couriers) use Ship24 universal tracking to know the current status and location of your parcel at any time.

Does Shopify have shipping options?

Shopify has recently invested in a last-leg logistics company as part of its portfolio, to expand into logistics solutions for the merchants using its platform. However, the new logistics arm is still in its infancy and therefore Shopify and the merchants who use it still rely on hundreds of other couriers to deliver their parcels. Although it can seem daunting to be able to identify the courier or handler being used by the platform, the good thing is that no matter who is shipping a Shopify parcel you can find all your tracking needs at Ship24. You don't need to add information about the origin or final destination or even know who the courier is, just enter the tracking number which was given to you upon purchase or parcel pick up and you can begin tracking as soon as you enter it into the Ship24 website.

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