Ozon tracking

Ozon tracking

What is Ozon?

Ozon is the first and industry-leading online retailer in Russia. It was first established in 1998. It is one of the largest online e-commerce platforms which spans across several different niches and categories. Ozon offers more than 2 million SKUs across 24 different types (SKU means stock-keeping Unit, it is used by retailers to identify and track the inventory or the stock). As well as that, it boasts more than 2 million daily active users.
This Moscow-based retailer is often referred to as the "Amazon of Russia". This is mostly thanks to the diverse range of what it sells (DVDs books, electronics... ) rather than an overhyped claim to be one of the most disruptive and influential companies of the 21st century. Yet still, Ozon has continually shaped the development of e-commerce in Russia.
Even though the Russian postal service simply isn't of the same standard compared to those in Western Europe and beyond, Ozon still manages to see through these problems to deliver a smooth experience for customers, even taking the cultural issues into account. For example, plenty of manufacturers in Russia aren't used to producing such significant levels of stock, plenty of customers still prefer to pay cash on delivery when using e-commerce and customer service can be a huge issue too.
Despite these issues with the infrastructure, Ozon stands tall in its industry to fulfill its mission of revolutionizing the retail sector in Russia. Ozon deliveries are of a high standard, and Ozon Sellers and buyers are free to make use of Ozon tracking features. With over 8,000 employees and large-scale investment being poured into the company in the last few years, it is an exciting time for customers in retail in Russia and beyond.

Does Ozon Ship internationally?

Ozon does ship some goods outside of Russia, but the cost and delivery time will, of course, vary depending on the country where you live in and will be calculated upon checkout. On top of that, the customs service of your country may request additional payments for other duties and taxes. They may even ask you to identify the details of an identity document. These details can be clarified in advance at a customs department.
When you place an order with Ozon, make sure that you carefully enter your delivery address and zip code. Then, double-check your details before you finally submit the order. If your information is entered wrongly, the delivery time may increase, and you could be faced with an additional cost.
As far as Ozon delivery to the USA is concerned, there is a whole range of gifts and items which can be delivered. For example, there are over 20 categories of things that are available to reach the United States, including children's toys to clothing and even confectionery candy! On top of that, almost all of them are available for delivery by a reputable delivery provider in the form of DHL Express or UPS, not to mention Ozon tracking features too.
You should note, however, that some brands just aren't available outside of Russia. For example, Columbia, Sketchers, Merreil, Speedo, and Zeiner aren't delivered internationally.

How long does it take for my Ozon order to be delivered?

Usually, it takes between 1-9 business days for your Ozon delivery to arrive, but that may vary depending on the item which you order. If you are shipping internationally with UPS, you won't be able to receive a shipment that is more than 5kg, unfortunately. Additionally, you won't be able to order goods with a value of more than $150.
Again, the shipping rules which are outlined here may depend on what product type you are ordering. When you reach checkout, you will see the exact cost of shipping + delivery times before you place your payment.

Does Ozon have a free shipping option?

Unfortunately, If you are purchasing from abroad, there is no free shipping option when you shop with Ozon. However, within Russia, several factors may qualify you for free shipping on your Ozon delivery, depending on the purchase that you make.
For starters, if you are a member of Ozon premium service, you will receive 100% free shipping
on all Ozon deliveries regardless of where you are in the country, and you will also qualify for free shipping if you are ordering more than $50 worth of supermarket items.
Any other order with a value of more than $50 can be delivered for free, but only to a local pick up point or post office. Yet this only applies to Zones 1 and 2 of the country (both in the West. ) Other requirements to be met for free shipping include orders through the mobile app and clothes and accessories worth more than $7.

How can I track my Ozon delivery?

To make use of Ozon tracking feature, you can check on the orders page. Each time the status of your Ozon delivery changes, you will receive an email from Ozon. Here, you can find the tracking number for your order, and you can easily use platforms such as Ship24 to know the location of your exact prescription. With websites like Ship24, tracking Ozon is very easy.
Ship24 partners with national postal services from all over the world, including UPS, China, Royal Mail, and much more. All you have to do is to go on the Ship24 homepage and enter the tracking number from your Ozon order page to find out the location of your order. Never before has it been so simple to enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your order's whereabouts.

How can I contact Ozon?

If you are looking to contact Ozon about a delivery issue or potential refund, you can do so with the following contacts.
First, however, make sure to gather all supporting evidence for your case and take photos and screenshots of any details which may provide proof on your behalf.
Next, you can contact Ozon international support line by phone +7 (495) 232 10 00. Alternatively, you can reach them by email at support@ozon. ru . Furthermore, they have a live chat feature on their website, where you can speak to a member of their support team in real-time.

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