Kaola tracking

Kaola tracking

What is Kaola?

Kaola is one of the largest companies in China, where users can buy and acquire products from the most important Western brands in the world. Given its size and exponential growth since the year of its foundation, the union of "Alibaba Kaola" was originated where the Chinese giant of online sales, absorbed all the financial and corporate infrastructure of Kaola.
Kaola was founded in 2015 by the company Netease, to compete in the world of electronic business. Since then, Kaola began to dominate the market of online retail stores. On the other hand, Kaola's business model allows it to offer products of excellent quality from very important western brands and companies such as Costco, P&G, Nescafe, LG, Geber, Philips, Thermos, Tiger, Centrum, Anchor, and many others.
Currently, the company has offices in the most important cities of countries such as the United States, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and Hong Kong. It also has hundreds of warehouses in the most important regions of China such as Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Ningbo, and Chongqing.
All this and the company with its business model, the company of Kaola not only has managed to give a surprise to its competitors but also has managed to dominate the market of online sales in 2019. As a reflection of its importance, Kaola has become the largest and most important bonded warehouse company in China.
Part of the company's success is due to the quality of its products and its purchase prices, which are very competitive compared to other similar companies. The company is also known for periodically changing the purchase prices, which are adjusted according to the international markets. For this reason, Kaola can offer products from more than 5000 brands from 80 countries around the world.
According to a recent study, the company has more than 30 million registered users of different ages. On the other hand, the company offers an immense variety of products of any type. However, the goods with greater sales are products destined for the home, personal care, clothing, digital equipment, food and baby products.
On the other hand, the company is not only known for the sale of its products, but it is also known for the immense and genial community of clients that participate in the forums of Kaola virtual platform. In these forums, users can interact on topics related to the products or on almost any type of topics such as fitness, tourism, lifestyle, fashion, and many other things.

How do I track my order from Kaola?

The Kaola tracking service can be processed through its virtual platform. Once users are registered and have completed all the necessary purchase procedures, they can use the service to track and locate their products. They only need to log in to their user account and check the delivery status of their products. 
Users will be able to find details such as estimated delivery date, product location, delivery method, product details, transportation company, and much more information related to the product. They also have access to the Kaola track order if necessary.
Moreover, all information is updated in real-time to meet customer needs. Finally, all these benefits are also notified by email and through the company's mobile application.
Using Ship24 to track your Kaola package is another easy solution.

Only people living in China can buy on Kaola?

For now, the company only has the operational and commercial infrastructure to operate in China. Although it has offices in other countries and offers products from more than 80 countries around the world, its market is only for China. However, this does not impede the company to excel at the corporate and financial levels. Since its foundation, Kaola has managed to be listed on the stock market, thanks to its popularity and economic power.

Does Kaola deliver worldwide?

For the reason explained above, Kaola does not yet have the structure of other companies to send and deliver products to other countries. However, as it is a relatively new company, for now, it is only focused on satisfying the needs of users living in China. 
Its main objective is to dominate the Chinese market, and then expand into international markets. In the next few years, with the help of the Alibaba company, Kaola will be able to send and deliver products to any part of the world. For this reason, Kaola Marketplace is considered the company in China with the greatest financial potential today.

What are Kaola shipping fees?

Costs may vary in terms of product type. With the purchase of some products, users should not pay additional costs to the final purchase price. However, for some high-end products, Kaola e-commerce charges 2% as an additional expense to the purchase price.
On the other hand, according to the last study made by the company, the average rate of the Kaola shipping fees in 2019 did not exceed the amount of 6 dollars. This is a reflection of the fact that users feel very comfortable and safe buying their favorite products on Kaola's virtual platform. Similarly, the company offers monthly discount offers or coupons to encourage sales in the online store.

Is Kaola delivery fast?

Through the use of different delivery services, Kaola is known for the efficiency and quality of its shipments and deliveries. With the help of companies like DHL or UPS, delivery times are very efficient. With the standard service, the approximate delivery time is 5 to 7 working days. With the premium service, the delivery time is 2 to 4 working days. Packages can be delivered anywhere in the country, regardless of size or weight.

How do I contact the Kaola customer service?

On Kaola's official website, users can communicate with customer service through phone numbers, emails, and social networking accounts. They can also complete virtual forms to process their inquiries, claims, cancellations, refunds, and even tracking of their packages. Besides, they can download Kaola's mobile application to make any of these requests. It is important to remember that the application can only be downloaded from the official website. Finally, users also have access to the home address of the company's headquarters.

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