LighTake tracking

LighTake tracking

What is LighTake?

LighTake is an important company in China that sells a wide range of gadgets and entertainment products of different kinds to millions of registered users on the online platform. Thanks to the shipping service, millions of users can buy products such as toys, tactical clothing, educational toys, puzzles, Stirling engine, and many other things.
Over the years, the company has been in charge of developing a purchasing system and a B2C online platform, which not only offers the best products on the market but also allows customers to buy safely and reliably.
On the other hand, LighTake team is made up of professional staff with many years of experience who have to advise the company in different areas, as well as to guide the users when necessary. One of the main bases of the company is the business culture which is oriented to offer good quality services, where users can acquire the products they want in a fast, simple, and safe way.
Every week the company adds new products and articles of excellent quality. Therefore, the online platform is always being updated. Likewise, LighTake is in charge of offering the most competitive prices in the market to satisfy the needs of its most loyal and dedicated customers.
On the other hand, the company not only has an online platform where users can make their purchases but also has a mobile application where users can perform some basic transactions and request important services such as customer service.
It is important to mention that people from all over the world can enjoy all the products offered by LighTake virtual platforms. For this reason, this company is booming in China and the whole Asian market.

Is LighTake safe?

LighTake has very strict security policies where it not only protects your interests, but also the interests of the clients. All the information provided by the users at the time of purchase is protected by the security systems of the web platform.
Similarly, during the payment process, users will be protected by systems that are developed to be reliable and efficient. On the other hand, to encourage the trust of its clients, LighTake offers guarantees in almost all its products, where users can enjoy up to 12 months of guarantee and the opportunity to replace the products if necessary.

How do I track my parcel from LighTake?

Users can enjoy the LighTake tracking system through several alternatives. The first one consists of requesting all the relevant information on the shipments employing e-mails. Likewise, users can request information about their purchased products through the customer service department, which can also attend to requests by phone.
Finally, they can use the virtual platform found on the company's official website where users can enter the corresponding LighTake tracking number and later obtain all the information related to the shipment, such as product status, product location, or estimated delivery date.
Finally, it is important to mention that users can only obtain the tracking number once they have completed all the corresponding payment procedures. The tracking number is sent by email notification within 24 hours. If that does not happen, users can contact customer service.

How long does LighTake take to ship?

The approximate delivery time may change due to several factors, such as the type of product and the method of delivery. If users choose the "Hong Kong Post", the approximate delivery time is 14 days. It is important to mention that this shipping method is via airmail, thus ensuring that the products arrive safely to the customers.
Moreover, customers also request the EMS Express shipping method. With this method, the LighTake shipping time is approximately 3 to 5 days, and users from any continent can receive their products purchased by the virtual platforms. Packages can be sent by air, land, or sea. However, users will not be able to decide on shipping. The shipping methods will be at the discretion of the transport companies.

Does LighTake have free shipping?

The company does offer free shipping. LighTake Free shipping is only available to those users who request their shipments through "Hong Kong Post". Through this method, users from any part of the world can purchase the products they want without paying the shipping fee. It is important to remember that the delivery time is approximately 14 days.

Does LighTake deliver internationally?

The company can send its products to different countries in the world. Through the Hong Kong Post, the company can send its products to more than 100 countries around the world such as Australia, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, United States, Canada, Mexico, Norway, North Korea, South Korea, Philippines, Vietnam and many more.

What are LighTake shipping costs?

Shipping costs are those costs fixed according to the type of product and the destination. These rates are already integrated into the final purchase price of the products. In this way, users can buy without the need to worry about additional costs.
It is important to mention that the company offers discounts when shipments are handled by carriers such as DHL or EMS. This is another way of encouraging purchases within virtual platforms.

How do I contact LighTake?

Users can access different company contact data such as the LighTake phone number. They can also access different emails to contact customer service. Users can also communicate with the company through official social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. 
It is important to mention that customer service is also available in the mobile application, which can only be downloaded from the company's official website. With customer service, users can process different types of processes, such as queries, suggestions, complaints, refunds, or even tracking their products.
These are available 24 hours a day, and take approximately 24 hours to respond to any request, including the LighTake discount codes that are only available for certain products. With these codes, users can not only enjoy reduced prices, but also enjoy two-for-one promotions, or free shipping. On the other hand, customers can also receive advice from customer service in all their transactions and purchases.

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