Chinavasion tracking

Chinavasion tracking


Chinavasion website is dedicated to e-commerce, bringing together in one place the best suppliers, to offer its customers the best goods through a committed and first quality service. Always oriented to satisfy the needs with competitive prices.

Chinavasion package tracking

What is Chinavasion?

It is a company dedicated to e-commerce with an international scope that stands out for offering a high-quality service both in its relations with retailers and wholesalers, as well as with the customers.
The goods present on the Chinavasion website are submitted to strict controls, to ensure quality products, that meet the highest standards.
Founded in 2004, Chinavasion has become one of the most robust e-commerce platforms and is today part of Chinavasion Wholesale Limited Company.
Chinavasion has fairly affordable prices, thanks to relationships with suppliers and top quality supply chains that make prices independent. Their offerings are full of high-quality products at low costs, and these are the most affordable that customers will find, compared to other websites.
To stay up-to-date on promotions and enjoy Chinavasion coupons, you can register on their site. You will receive monthly updates on the stock and the new products.

Is Chinavasion trustworthy?

Chinavasion is a platform recognized for the high-quality of its products and for the excellence of its services focused on providing prompt customer response. Transactions are completed in a simple step-by-step manner clearly detailed on the page.
Chinavasion app is an excellent tool for the customer, which gives him the freedom to access his services from different devices: mobile, tablet, computers.
Working together with reputable factories, they ensure quality products, which guarantee the customer's investment. For Chinavasion, the credibility of its services is the most important thing.
Its payment methods are completely secure, from Paypal to more traditional systems such as credit card payment.
The processor used for credit card payment ensures the customer a safe experience in the transaction. This, thanks to the encryption technology to block any unauthorized interception, which protects all personal information of the customer.
At Chinavasion, efforts are focused on making all processes safe and easy for customers from start to finish.

How do I track my Chinavasion parcel?

In order for a customer to do a Chinavasion parcel tracking, they must use the Chinavasion tracking number that was sent to them in an email as an order confirmation. With this number, you can track your Chinavasion package until it reaches its destination.
You can also go on the Ship24 homepage and copy-paste your tracking number in the search bar. You will get all the tracking information about your package.

Where can Chinavasion deliver?

In pursuit of service excellence at all levels, Chinavasion has partnered with international transportation companies to offer safe and fast delivery. Chinavasion international shipping works in over 200 countries.
Chinavasion efficient delivery team will schedule logistics, finalizing every detail to ensure that delivery is made on time and in the best way.
Throughout the process, the client will be able to keep in touch to track your Chinavasion order.

How long does it take to Chinavasion to ship?

Chinavasion shipping may vary depending on the destination of the Chinavasion package. Usually, the delivery time is between 3 and 7 business days for urgent shipments. EMS delivery can take 5 to 20 days and with the use of airmail, the time can be 10 to 30 days. If you want to make sure of the delivery to your country, we recommend that you visit the page.
If the name of your country does not appear in the list of times, it does not mean that there are no deliveries from Chinavasion to that place.
In Chinavasion there are several methods of delivery:

  • Express delivery: Includes DHL, FedEx and UPS. The choice will depend on the country.
  • EMS: Available in all countries
  • Airmail: Chinavasion works in partnership with companies such as Singapore, Post, Hong Kong Post and Swiss Post. This service is reserved for lightweight shipments. For Russia, it is available through the Russian Line.

Chinavasion also offers the option for its customers to have their own courier pick up bulk orders. In these cases, the items are reserved in the company's warehouses for their own courier to pick up.
Chinavasion also offers bulk shipments by air and sea at low costs.

What are Chinavasion shipping prices?

The prices established on shipping costs depend on the destination, the number of items and the weight of the order. Chinavasion guarantees to ship to anywhere in the world. For information regarding the cost of shipping to your destination, you should go to the page and enter the address to get a quote right away.
Chinavasion shipping prices are subject to shipping company rates, which are subject to change without notice. Chinavasion works hard to ensure the best prices for its clientele.
For example, for a shipment to the US weighing less than 2Kg, under the Standard shipping method, the customer gets Chinavasion free shipping with a stipulated delivery time of 20 to 35 business days.
The shipping costs are the result of the calculation of the weight of the good in kilos or its dimensions. This formula obviously includes the location of the delivery.
In the case of orders weighing less than 2 kg, these are usually part of the company's free deliveries. However, if the shipment reaches a value higher than allowed or is too large, there may be extra costs linked to some shipping rate.
How can a customer effectively check the payment of their shipment? Entering by the address in the form on the page, the item quantities and the shipping method. The system will automatically give the exact amount.

How can I contact Chinavasion customer care?

The platform has articles written by the efficient customer care team that will answer any questions you may have regarding your account, order status, warranty, or shipping.
If the issue you are concerned with is not reflected in any of Chinavasion guidelines, you can contact Chinavasion customer service by sending an email to and you will receive a response within 1 business day.
They can also contact them through the chat page enabled for immediate attention; you can also report any situation by Facebook Messenger and skype.

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