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What is

Also known as Vipshop, this company operates in China and is one of the biggest e-commerce websites in Asia. This website has millions of items to buy, most of them with a discount so you can get everything you need. Every time you buy something on this website, you will count on the track online service to know everything about your packages.
This China website has over 60 million customers that are getting many things from smartphones to luxury things from the most prestigious brands. Founded in 2008, this company has enhanced everything related to sales and online shopping in China, offering its clients the best customer service and reliable service.
Being one of the three main e-commerce in China, you can find amazing discounts to find all the things that you are looking for, dare to use their service, and get amazing prices on package tracking

How do I track a parcel from

To track packages that you buy on, you only need to have the tracking number that they provide you to track your order.
When you have this tracking number, you can type it in the tracking bar here on our website. For this. put every digit in order and then click the blue arrow button on the right side. All the information about your packages will be displayed immediately and you will know where your package is at any moment and the estimated time that it will last to arrive at your location. parcel tracking service is great, in the hands of SF Express since the end of 2019; the tracking system has worked fluently and has helped all the customers to get the information of their parcels.

How long does shipping take from ? delivery time will vary depending on the zone that you live in and transportation availability. They have many services with different shipping times powered by SF Express.
The same city express service will get your package the same day at the doors of your house, sometimes it can take only 30 minutes to arrive including the door-to-door time, this makes this company one of the fastest shippers in China.
Another service is the standard one that will let you send packages to Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan easily. The packages sent will arrive at your location depending on the area you are living in. They can last from 2 to 5 business days depending on the zone. However, there are some cases where it can only last one business day to arrive.
For international shipping to other countries, it will last depending on the continent where the country is:

  • For Asian countries, it can take from 1 to 2 weeks
  • For Europe, Asia, and Oceania it will last at least 3 weeks.
  • For North America and South America, expect them to arrive after a month.

Can I order on only if I live in China?

No, you can order from this website from around the world. However, this could be hard if you do not read mandarin fluently as everything on the website is in this language. You can always use a third party person to help you out with your shopping spree.
You should also take into consideration that many of the sellers on the website only accept the local currency, so this person should also help you if you want to buy in dollars or euros, for example.

What are shipping costs?

Shipping costs will vary depending on the zone and the service you hire, and the dimensions of the packages.
For the intra-city services, they will charge you 10 CYN that is something like $1.40 USD for a letter and packages. The prices will be higher depending on the weight, mostly. shipping fees for local services if you want to send a package inside the national territory and if it weighs 1 kg approximately, they will charge you 42 CYN or $6 USD.
International shipping prices are expensive and they will depend on the distance from China to the selected country. If you want to send something to Japan for example, and the parcel weight is 1 kg, they will charge you around 160 CYN or $23 USD.

Does use courier partners to deliver?

Until 2019, used to have its own shipping service. However, in November 2020, the company made an agreement with SF Express, one of the main couriers in China. This decision was made because it would reduce dramatically the prices of the shipping services.
With lower shipping prices, people would buy more and it has worked until now, SF Express is recognized in all China and nearby countries and they have been offering their services for a long time. This is a postal company that counts with huge reliability that speaks for itself.

How can I contact

If you present any problem with any step of the buying process, you can always reach them on their website. There, they have a 24/7 active chat where they will provide you all the information needed. customer service will answer you with the solution in less than 48 hours. For this, you would need to give them all the information with all the details that you can provide for them to offer you the best solution.
If you want to call them, you can always do it to their contact number, which is 9533868. There, they will be glad to help you out with your issues.
They offer personalized customer service to give you the best experience while buying things on their website. As they have an agreement with SF Express, they also have information about your packages so you can contact them anytime if you have any problems or your packages are missing. is now one of the largest websites in China letting you get everything you want for affordable prices. They will impress you for how many things you can find on this website. Check their products and promotions, they have everything for everyone.

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