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Mobile tracking


What is

Mobile is an online vehicle marketplace founded in 1996 in Germany. It lets the customer buy new and used vehicles from private sellers and car dealers. In Mobile de auto, you will find the vehicle that you have always wanted easily, and at the best price.
In this place, private sellers can post advertisements from their vehicles for free, allowing everyone to see what they can get from this website. This company has been a part of eBay since 2004, and from then, this company has only grown with the pass of the time, becoming one of the most important vehicle companies in Germany.
Another great service from this page is that you can offer your car to the car dealers on the website so they can promote it and do the work for you, by charging you a tiny fee. If you have no idea how much money your car costs, the website will provide you that information based on the other similar cars posted.
Mobile de is a great place to buy or sell your car. If you want to buy one vehicle, you can see all the papers and make a date to see it personally, with professional people who will not swindle you. If you are a seller, you must know that at least 40% of the vehicles posted on this website are sold in less than seven days if you pay the premium package.

Mobile package tracking

Is website reliable?

Yes, this website is reliable. You can sell or buy vehicles here from reliable private sellers or car dealers. The website provides many security matters when it comes to protecting your information.
If you are a buyer, you can rely on them to get your car at the best price and if something goes wrong; their customer service will help you resolve any problem that you can present. However, they said on their website that you must not give a payment in advance in any way.
As a private seller, the potential customers can contact you through the Mobile de contact form, and the website will send it to your email, this means that the customer will not have it. However, if you want to provide your phone number in the advertisement you can do it, so the clients can contact you directly. Your address data will not be shown.

Can I track my parcel from Mobile?

Yes, you can, however, the tracking system is not powered by Mobile itself. Mobile de tracking is possible when you buy a car in Germany and use a Courier that can ship it for you inside Germany or abroad on ocean shipping.
If you contact a car dealer in Germany, he can do all the paperwork for you and send your car, charging you an extra fee. He or she will provide a tracking number that you can use here on the Ship24 platform to know where your vehicle is at any moment.
For this, type that number in the tracking bar and then proceed to press the blue button on the right side of the screen. Every detail available about your vehicle will be shown immediately and you will be updated about the location of your car and how much time it will take to arrive at your home.

Can I buy a product from Mobile if I don’t live in Germany?

Yes, you can buy a vehicle from the Mobile de website if you are outside Germany. However, make the contract with a trustful dealer car that can make all the paperwork for you, or ask a friend to go check it for you before buying it if he or she is in Germany.
Many car dealers offer this service on the website; it is up to you to trust them, they will charge you an extra fee for this kind of service. Remember that he must register and make all the paperwork for you so you can get your car at your location after you make the purchase, so it is a lot of work.

How long do I have to wait to receive my new car from Mobile?

Mobile de delivery time is variable, it will depend mostly on how fast the paperwork for the car is done and the distance that it must travel to arrive at your door.
For example, if you are inside Germany between the paperwork and if you are in another state from the one you buy the car, it will take from 3 to 7 days to get your car.
If you are looking to export a car from Germany buying it from this website, it will depend on the time the car dealer takes to make all the paperwork and the time the car will be on the ocean. For a specific example, shipping a car from Germany to the United States will take at least a month.

Are there taxes when I buy onMobile?

Yes, there are, if you buy your car from a commercial seller mostly, that is why you should take an attention when you are buying your car if the ad says that the person is a commercial seller. Other prices may apply if you buy your car from a private seller.

How can I contact Mobile customer care service?

If you want to contact the Mobile de Germany customer service because you have a problem related to a purchase or something similar you can always do it to the 030 81097-601. They will be there to answer your questions from Monday to Friday. Their working hours are from 08:00 am to 06:00 pm.
Please also call them if you are suspecting a fraud from an ad, dial the +49 30 81097-90 working every day from 08:00 am to 08:00 pm hours.
Remember that you can always get all the information from their customer service page, or contact them through their contact form with your email and question with all the details that you can provide.

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