Digitec tracking

Digitec tracking

What is Digitec?

Digitec is known as a retailer that sells high-tech computer, electronic, and telecommunication products in the Swiss market. Founded in 2001, in Switzerland, Digitec ch was created by Oliver Herren, Florian Teuteberg, and Marcel Dobler, three friends whose initial purpose was to create the best computer and electronic equipment without spending a large fortune. After creating their computers, they began to be very popular among their acquaintances, and they started a business where they design and assemble computers to later sell them to their relatives.
Then over the years, the company began to grow at an exponential rate, both in profits and in demand for its products. After 10 years, the company became the national leader in the sale of high-end electronic and computer products. By 2012, intending to expand the company, the three founders of Digitec chose to design and found a new partner company, called Galaxus.
Galaxus is one of the most important private companies in Switzerland. It is one of the largest and most important online stores in the country, where they manage the delivery, shipment, and dispatch of all products that are sold through Digitec. Also, two years after founding Galaxus, Oliver Herren, Florian Teuteberg and Marcel Dobler decided to launch a third online store, which integrates the operational capabilities of Galaxus and Digitec.
It is important to mention that the company is not only in charge of offering and selling high-end computers and electronic products. Digitec also has the availability to sell other kinds of products such as household goods, toys, any kind of sports equipment, jewelry, beauty products, and office products.
By 2016, the company started to allow the sale of products from external retailers through its virtual platforms. You can find a Digitec store in the most important cities and regions of the country such as Basel, Bern, Dietikon, Geneva, Kriens, Lausanne, St. Gallen, Winterthur, Wohlen, and Zurich.
Currently, the founders of the companies intend to expand into Germany, although there is no official launch date yet. If this planned expansion takes place, the company can expand to other countries on the European continent. Over the years, the company Digitec has also won several awards for its innovation, efficiency, and the quality of its products. As a result of these developments, the founders intend to be the first retail company in Switzerland to accept crypto money as an alternative payment method.

How do I track my order from Digitec?

Digitec's tracking method is a little different compared to other companies. Digitec tracking online system consists of checking the status of orders on the official website. In this specific section, users can check all the status of their orders, the approximate delivery times, the route through which they will be sent, and where they are located. This information is constantly updated by the company. In this way, users will have the necessary information about their products. Likewise, users can also make other types of requests, such as canceling the shipment of a certain product or changing the delivery address. It is important to mention that to have these privileges the users must be registered on the official website of the company.

How long does it take for Digitec to deliver my parcel?

After making a Digitec order, users must receive an email from the company to confirm the purchase. After confirming the purchase, users will have access to a calendar with the approximate delivery time. The approximate delivery time in any region or city of Switzerland is from 3 to 7 working days.
For deliveries to Liechtenstein, the approximate delivery time is 4 to 9 working days. In case of a delay in delivery time, users may cancel the order, request a refund, or apply for a Digitec discount code for future purchases.

Are there shipping fees at Digitec?

All Digitec shipping fees are included in the sales prices of the products. Also included are packaging costs, recycling contribution, and any other additional expenses. Finally, if necessary, a surcharge can be included in the final sales price as a "minimum order charge" which does not exceed 9 Swiss Francs. It is important to mention that all products that are sold can only be purchased with Swiss Francs as payment currency. Also, all customers should be aware that the company has a delivery policy which states that shipping costs will be free on Saturdays.

Where can I find my Digitec tracking number?

As the tracking system is unconventional, users do not require the use of a Digitec order tracking system to have information about their products. All the necessary information is available on the company's official website. Likewise, if necessary, you can also consult this kind of information through customer service.

Does Digitec ship internationally?

At present, Digitec can only ship and deliver its products in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Although the company is in the process of expanding into Germany and then into other European countries, there is still no official launch date from the owners and founders of Galaxus and Digitec. However, it is important to mention that the company Digitec is making an enormous effort to design an operational structure that will allow it to send and deliver products to other countries in the European continent.

How can I contact the Digitec customer service?

Users will be able to access the company's contact details through the official website. They will have the opportunity to access the official telephone numbers, and the official accounts of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Gorjeo. Besides, the website has a sophisticated messaging system, where users will be able to contact Digitec and Galaxus' customer service. The opening hours for:

  • Private customers are from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm.
  • For commercial customers, the opening hours are Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm.

Similarly, users can make use of the "questions and answers" system found on the company's website. Finally, through the help center, users will be able to obtain the Digitec mobile number.

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