WooCommerce tracking

WooCommerce tracking

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce was launched in 2011 and was an instant success, due to being an easy-to-use plugin and a free base and open-software product.

WooCommerce entered the market in a relatively niche way, essentially as an open-source plugin for WordPress which is designed to service eCommerce needs. The key functionality of WooCommerce is that it facilitates small, medium, and large-sized online merchants via the WordPress platform.

The popularity of WooCommerce is down to the flexibility, with the software being completely customizable giving users control for sellers. Now the platform has grown, its users a turning to couriers such as UPS and DHL to deliver goods worldwide.

Where did WooCommerce come from?

WooCommerce was first introduced by Jigoshop and has since exploded in use, with current estimations saying that the plugin is being used by some 3.9 million websites. From humble beginnings which saw several conferences showcasing the product, it now is purported to run on over 25 percent of e-commerce sites globally, with millions more than 39 million installs already under its belt.

The reason why Ship24 has written about WooCommerce is that the team here at Ship24 makes sure that our shipment tracking platform covers the biggest and most used businesses and marketplaces globally. That's why we can offer shipment tracking on any eCommerce order made through WooCommerce for buyers' and sellers' convenience.

Indeed, our multi-service WooCommerce tracking solutions ensure anyone can get true end-to-end tracking.

Is WooCommerce based on WordPress?

Most WooCommerce plugins are sold to third-party websites which can make it hard to know how many sites WooCommerce actually features on. However, there is no denying that WooCommerce is a major player in Ecommerce and thus, it facilitates merchant's ability to sell online, especially on WordPress. The fact that many sellers use this plugin to sell items online is why Ship24 is not only covering WooCommerce's success but also because it is the best way buyers of WooCommerce facilitated purchases can track their orders. Using any tracking code which is given at the point of purchase, you can enter it into the Ship24 website and begin tracking your eCommerce purchase instantly. Ship24 tracks hundreds of different couriers universally, meaning you can find your tracking solutions all in one place, on the Ship24 website.

How do WooCommerce plugins work?

Essentially, WooCommerce is known in technical terms as a plugin, so you'll need the main site to be able to use it. The most popular of the sites used to host WooCommerce is WordPress. By using WooCommerce on WordPress you just need to get what is called a host for your store and then purchase a plan. Hosts include Pressable and Bluehost, which will take further research in order for you to make the best choice of host, should you wish to add the WooCommerce plug-in to your site. Fear not, however, as WordPress offers plenty of business advice should you want to begin to utilize such a plugin on your site as a seller, or if you are interested in more information about WooCommerce plugins as a buyer or users.

Users of WooCommerce should note that they can get free universal shipment tracking with Ship24. Whether they are a seller who is using the service or a buyer who has just bought an item. Tracking on Ship24 couldn't be easier so either uses the tracking system yourself or tell your customers, no matter which courier you use or where you are shipping from and too!

Ship24 is free-to-use for individuals and sellers to use and you can search up to 10 different parcels with 10 different couriers simultaneously! Not only this, but it offers universal tracking for shipments, with some 300 million people have tracked their packages worldwide with Ship24 already.

Our trusted, the global tracking system is trusted, which is one of the reasons why both individuals and businesses keep using Ship24.

How much does WooCommerce cost?

Hosting WooCommerce plugins can cost as low as 3.95 USD a month, but can rise to some $5,000, depending on what you are using it for. However, you can hope to expect free or low-cost promo offers when starting out.

However, there are thousands of free themes on WordPress which you can use and a lot of them have been designed specifically for WooCommerce.

Does WooCommerce charge per transaction?

Fees are only charged to a yearly extension fee. Finding rates on sites is easy and you can make the best choice for yourself if you decide to host and install the WooCommerce plugin. If you begin selling via WooCommerce, remember you can offer your clients global shipment tracking via the Ship24 platform. Ship24 is a global and free-to-use site dedicated to shipment tracking, which also offers API and Webhook package options for businesses who want integrated system tracking.

What is a WooCommerce shipping extension?

WooCommerce offers a shipping extension for free that connects directly with couriers. It also offers a streamlined service which means you can print shipping tags from your WordPress (or wherever a WooCommerce plugin is attached).

There is a range of shipping extensions offered by WooCommerce which can be found on their website. You can also manage these on what is known as a WooCommerce dashboard.

WooCommerce payments have no initial charge or any month-by-month fees. You only pay 2.9 percent + 0.30 USD for each transaction made with cards issued with credit cards from the united states, with cards from outside the US having a one percent additional charge.

That being said, WooCommerce does offer free extensions, such as customer communications (email marketing), search engine optimization (SEO preferences), and so on.

What is the difference between a WordPress plugin and a WooCommerce Extension?

Essentially, to use WordPress or WooCommerce extensions you must have the WooCommerce plugin already installed. Information on how to use the system fully can be found on the WooCommerce website. However, once you are up and running and beginning to ship orders, you can solve all your tracking issues using the Ship24 global tracking platform. It's easy to use and once you get started, you'll begin to realize just how simple it is. Once you or your users send out a package, they simply copy and paste the tracking number into the search bar on the site and you'll get instant results on your parcel or package's location and current status, as close to real-time as possible.

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