AfterShip tracking

AfterShip tracking


What is Aftership tracking?

Aftership is a service designed to help e-retailers track and trace parcels as they travel from the original seller to their final destination. It was originally founded in 2012.

AfterShip package tracking

What kind of services does Aftership offer?

Aftership started by just offering shipment tracking for parcels. However, it has since added additional features, but its core functionality remains the tracking of packages.

Today, the Aftership tracking service helps online sellers to track shipments they send to over 600 carriers and the company reportedly helps with handler tracking on some 6 billion shipments annually. The company also has partnerships with lots of well-known eCommerce online websites such as Shopify, Amazon, and eBay.

Although Aftership has partnerships with some of the online retailers, the fact is that any registered shipment can be tracked through most third-party tracking websites. Ship24 tracks thousands of online shops and logistics providers worldwide, meaning that partnerships with international online shops do not mean that tracking can only be done through that partner.

With Ship24, you don't need to log in or have an account to begin tracking a parcel, simply use the tracking ID number (which buyers receive upon confirmation of purchase or sellers obtain when purchasing shipping) on the Ship24 website and begin tracking instantly.

Where is Aftership located?

The headquarters for Aftership are located in Hong Kong, but the company does not handle any parcels at this location, and it is solely for its development team and sales staff, in order to operate Aftership services online.

Aftership only tracks other courier sites and is not involved in any of the logistics personally. It does this by scanning other courier sites for information on packages. Because it is independent of other couriers it can track multiple at the same time, meaning many are turning to third-party trackers like Aftership and Ship24.

Why do people use Aftership for tracking?

Aftership claims that it helps businesses enhance their customer's post-purchase journey due to the fact that it offers tracking after shipping. This is true of all third-party tracking sites, who buyers, sellers, and logistics companies can turn to for shipment tracking. The best choice when it comes to third-party tracking sites, however, is the one that can track the most. Ship24 universal tracking covers thousands of couriers and online shops not only within popular eCommerce regions such as Asia but across the globe. For instance, if you were to purchase something on Alibaba, and it was being shipped to the United States, Ship24 offers end-to-end shipment tracking on your order even as it passes from country to country. Whether your parcel is picked up by Yanwen, EMS, or 4PX and delivered by UPS, USPS, or FedEx, Ship24 has you covered.

Ship24 is one of the easiest global tracking website platforms to use. There are no long forms to fill in or need to register an account with Ship24, simply enter your tracking number, and boom! You will get instant tracking results on your order's location, status, and journey thus far.

What does Aftership offer alongside its tracking services?

As well as Aftership tracking, the company also offers what it calls an intuitive dashboard, customizable report generation, and branded tracking pages. Just like Ship24, the company also offers an around-the-clock customer support team as well as access to all of the couriers which they cover when you are tracking a parcel with Aftership.

Aftership also offers an API and webhook service with what it claims is an 'easy' integration process, without going into further detail. Although both of these services allow for enhanced tracking functionality for businesses who want to take their shipment visibility to the next level, Ship24 offers some of the fastest integration times available, taking mere minutes to utilize the comprehensive, universal tracking capability that Ship24 provides.

What's the difference between Aftership tracking and Ship24 tracking?

Aftership and Ship24 are both market-leading tracking services offering full shipment visibility and comprehensive tracking information. The difference is that Ship24 is a newer system, which means it has been built using the most up-to-date technology and is driven by AI-machine learning, with the ability to process big data. Furthermore, Ship24 offers one of the biggest couriers and logistics handling coverages out of all of the tracking websites.

Its comprehensive API and Webhook tools are also dedicated to providing the best possible post-purchase experience in order to ensure customer retention and proven reliability in the market. Ship24 makes sure that you receive 100 percent of all shipping notifications as close to real-time as possible, ensuring seamless communication of tracking updates for buyers, sellers and logistics companies.

What is the best package tracking system for multiple couriers?

Ship24 provides easy to use yet comprehensive shipment tracking solution for eCommerce businesses, buyers, and logistics companies through its universal shipment tracking system.

Ship24 was founded by a team with a passion for cross-border logistics and eCommerce and, dissatisfied with the current tracking options on offer decided to start their own universal shipment tracking platform with the aim of delivering the best possible tracking services for buyers and sellers in eCommerce.

Since, the platform has continued to grow, offering new features such as API and Webhooks as well as a range of additional benefits to using the service, not to mention the constantly growing list of delivery services and online shops and marketplaces we cover.
We are aware that simple, on-time tracking information must be accessible for all of our users, whether buyers, a logistic provider, or sellers. Therefore, we are not standing still but continuing to develop our service along with the rapidly developing shipping sector to make sure using our means staying ahead of the curve.

If you have any questions you can always contact us directly to find out just how we are earning our spot at the top of the global shipment tracking sector. Or alternatively, you can check our FAQ or any of the dedicated service pages we provide to let you know exactly what we offer. We pride ourselves on not only tracking your shipments right up to delivery but also delivering on our promise to make using our service as smooth and seamless as possible.

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