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What is Trackingmore?

Trackingmore is a third-party logistics tracking website that aims to get users to track their parcels with Trackingmore. The site boasts a number of features to make tracking parcels or packages with Trackingmore supposedly easier than other sites, although that may not necessarily be the case.

How does tracking parcels with Trackingmore work?

By synchronizing with other courier platforms, Trackingmore tracking finds out data on parcels that are being sent through different couriers and pulling that information from those sites in order to bring it to the person requesting the data. Like many other online third-party tracking sites, it is chosen because it can track multiple couriers at the same time from different courier tracking numbers and shipment waybills.

Who are Trackingmore's main competitors?

There are a number of tracking systems available on various websites which offer varying different levels of service. However, one of the market-leading competitors is Ship24. This is because Ship24 tracking, rather than Trackingmore tracking, covers one of the biggest ranges of couriers in the market. When people use a third-party shipment tracking tool, they usually do so in order to utilize the broadest possible range of logistics handlers, so they can be sure the system they are using can find and track their parcel effectively. This is what has led to many asking which site offers the best tracking for shipments. Although many sites such as Trackingmore may offer other functions, the core capability of Ship24 and the thousands of online shops and couriers it covers make it the best choice for tracking parcels globally.

What services does Trackingmore offer?

Trackingmore offers a number of services, some of which are essential for tracking parcels effectively, and some which are features designed for user experience.

Firstly, Trackingmore advertises that it tracks packages from China and that users need not be afraid of problems tracking their package if they don't speak Chinese, as all they need to do is get their tracking number and head over to the Trackingmore page to begin tracking a parcel from China.

The company boasts that Trackingmore supports over 100 Chinese couriers and that it doesn't matter which one you use as it can probably help track your parcel within China. Ship24 meanwhile tracks over 700 couriers worldwide and is in partnership with several courier and logistics forwarding companies, including Clevy Links, offering a larger and more universally connected network for package tracking. The truth is, often packages that are handled by one courier in China will be handled by another as they travel overseas and even more when they reach further and final destinations. Therefore, choosing a truly global tracking option - such as Ship24 - will be essential when shipping from China, or anywhere in the world.

What is the Trackingmore auto-identify tracking feature?

Trackingmore says it offers an 'Auto-identify' feature for logistics companies. This means that through the tracking number entered by the user, it can recognize which courier is being used in order to send the appropriate tracking information for your parcel. This is a standard feature provided by Ship24, which is a free-to-use, universal tracking platform.

Does Trackingmore only track parcels sent from China?

The Trackingmore focuses specifically on tracking eCommerce packages from China using its system, mentioning couriers such as Yanwen and 4PX, which act more as parcel-forwarding companies rather than end-to-end delivery services. Ship24 covers all of the couriers mentioned by Trackingmore but also covers hundreds of other couriers outside of China to ensure true end-to-end delivery notifications on the current location and status of your parcel, no matter where its international final destination is located. Also, whether it is an eCommerce parcel, not simply a package shipped abroad to relatives or friends, Ship24 tracks all registered parcels. With Ship24 you not only do not need to spend your time searching through different couriers in China for your package, but you don't need to do that when your package leaves mainland China either. Find all your shipping needs in one place with the universal Ship24 tracking website.

What do advertised features actually mean on Trackingmore?

Trackingmore claims a number of statistics on its home page including how much its service can reduce cost reductions for businesses who use its service, how much it can increase customer tracking satisfaction, boost customer retention for webshops and help a business increase new customers.

It says that its services offer an 82 percent expenditure reduction when it comes to customer services, however, it doesn't say how or where this number came from specifically. The same goes for the 56 percent it claims it has increased customer satisfaction, or the retention and the average increase in new users overall.

Meanwhile, Ship24 stays true to the services it provides, taking a no-nonsense approach to shipment tracking so you know exactly what you are going to get with our service. We are a market leader because we stick to the facts, simply offering an easy to use, market-leading shipment tracking one-stop-shop for all and any shipment tracking needs. We are not hung-up on catering to one particular type of shipment tracking or another, we offer universal shipment tracking, and whatever the reason behind your need to track your shipment, Ship24 remains the ultimate solution. That's why our millions of users include buyers, sellers, logistics providers, and more.

Which are the best shipment tracking services?

Among the best tracking services is Ship24. The fact that Ship24 is only relatively new to the market, starting in 2018, is actually what puts it at an advantage. It has been developed with the latest technology, with AI-machine learning at its core to ensure not only is the system a current market leader in universal shipment tracking, but it will continue to evolve with the rapidly changing shipping industry as it grows. Trackingmore and other competitors are much older, which in any other industry would lead some to believe they were more established, however, when it comes to Shipment tracking, utilizing the best development teams and tech is what is most important when it comes to delivering quality tracking data for parcels.

At Ship24 we know that providing a comprehensive tracking service is paramount, and the best way to deliver that service and maximize our users' experiences is to make sure we have one of the smoothest and most reliable tracking services.
Our service puts an end to the debate about whether to track with one courier or another and gives users simplicity and peace of mind knowing that wherever a parcel is sent from or too, Ship24 can track it, end-to-end. Whether you are a buyer, a logistic provider, seller, or otherwise, look no further than Ship24.

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