17Track tracking

17Track tracking

What is the 17track service?

17TRACK is one of the worldwide third-party shipment tracking services platforms and it was founded in 2010. It boasts users from around 220 countries due to the fact it is translated into multiple languages so therefore can be understood by people from lots of different countries. It is translated into 30 different languages and it supports 220 countries in total.

The company is called 17TRACK because if it is pronounced in its country of origin, namely China, it sounds similar to saying "track all together". 17TRACK is designed for e-retailers and customers alike to be used for global shipment tracking, especially on e-Commerce orders that are shipped from China to overseas.

Why do people use 17TRACK for their shipment tracking?

The company claims that 17TRACK tracking is used by millions from around the world. Ship24, on the other hand, has helped over 300 million track their parcels worldwide, whether they begin their journey with 4PX in China and end it with GEODIS or DHL in Europe, Ship24 helps millions every month track their parcels effectively.

17TRACK is perhaps most well used and known in China, with the shipment tracking company having been founded there. Therefore, it specialises in China to overseas shipment tracking, whereas Ship24 encompasses a much more global approach. The ability to track parcels with thousands of online shops and couriers with Ship24 is why it is seen as a truly universal shipment tracking option over some of its competitors.

What kind of services does 17TRACK offer?

17TRACK core service is shipment tracking. Its website is relatively basic, and it doesn't have that much information to help users with their tracking experience. Ship24 on the other hand offers much more in the way of content than 17TRACK and is among the leaders in helpful content, boasting an extensive FAQ as well as 24 hour 7 day customer support for questions and queries from buyers, sellers and logistics companies who use the platform.

However, Ship24 is also simple to use and you will not be bombarded with content when you enter the main page. Instead, you will simply be met with the tracking search bar, where you can enter your tracking number and get insult results regarding the location and status of your parcel. Unlike some websites, you will not need to create an account or fill out extensive forms to begin tracking, simply enter the code then hit the enter button!

What are some of the17track website features?

17TRACK does offer some data analytics on some parts of its websites. These pages offer basic information about common patterns in shipping, including which countries are shipping the greatest number of parcels and the corresponding year and month to when those statistics came from. This information comes from 17TRACK tracking data.

Which couriers is 17TRACK able to track my parcel with?

There is not much information regarding 17TRACK tracking as far as which couriers the company can and cannot track. While Ship24 states the more than 750 couriers and thousands of online shops, information is harder to get when it comes to tracking with 17TRACK.

Is 17TRACK still used for tracking?

Due to 17TRACK having been long-established, it is well-known for its tracking services globally, especially in China. Many people choose 17TRACK for tracking because they are unaware or haven't tried other tracking websites and seen for themselves what the differences are. Indeed, given the variation of services being offered by third-party tracking websites you can see why people would be happy to stay with something they trust. However, newer shipment tracking services, such as Ship24, are taking shipment tracking to the next level, with a passion and modern AI-driven technology backing which is leaving other competitors behind.

Today, Ship24 is the name on the lips of both buyers, sellers, and logistics companies due to its easy-to-use and simple but powerful universal tracking capability. Don't get stuck with an older or outdated tracking system, get the newest and the best service with Ship24. If you want to find out more and switch your tracking to a superior system, head to the Ship24 website today to learn about our brand new features and stay ahead of the curve.

How is 17TRACK able to find parcels?

17TRACK tracking works by scanning multiple websites and courier companies at once in order to find tracking information relevant to your parcel. Once you go on the 17TRACK website you can enter a tracking ID and then their system will gather corresponding information on anything it finds regarding that ID number and bring that information to the user. This removes the need to check with each individual courier as your parcel moves along its route to its final address.

Is Ship24 tracking better than 17TRACK?

Ship24 tracking is preferred by many over 17TRACK tracking due to it being more multi-user focussed, designed with efficiency in mind, and because it offers numerous other features that 17TRACK does not (such as the Ship from China service, among others).

Ship24 is driven by AI-machine learning, meaning that it is constantly developing in line with the exponential growth of the shipping industry and the ever-evolving demands of actors who are part of the sector.

What is the best multi-courier tracking system online?

We are aware that 100 percent of your event update notifications need to be not only timely but reliable, which is why Ship24 is dedicated to delivering the best tracking services for buyers, sellers, or logistic providers. Thats why more and more people are leaving other tracking sites such as Trackingmore, Aftership and 17Track and coming to the best newcomer in town.

Our company was founded by people with industry knowledge and connections, who are aware of what goes on in the shipping sector and what customers and users need when it comes to tracking shipments. Since the platform was created, it has gone from strength to strength and is now among the top in the world for Shipment tracking because of the expertise its founders and growing development team is bringing to the systems superior functionality.

Now, we not only cover comprehensive parcel tracking for thousands of buyers and sellers across the world, but also advanced tracking systems - such as tracking API and tracking Webhooks - to deliver enhanced tracking visibility to our growing list of clients.

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