ZoodMall tracking

ZoodMall tracking

What is Zoodmall?

ZoodMall is an important company in Lebanon that was founded in 2015 and was created to compete in the B2C electronic marketplace. The company is currently targeting a very specific market in Central Asian and Middle Eastern countries. On the other hand, it is important to mention that the company operates through a mobile application, which is only available on the company's official website. Similarly, users can also enjoy ZoodMall online shopping on its web platform. 
As for the mobile application, it is available for Android and IOS. It has more than 100 million registered users in more than 8 countries in Asia and the Middle East. Users can acquire good quality products and very low prices. Similarly, they can acquire products of recognized brands, however, most of their products come from less known brands internationally.
On the other hand, besides offering a system and a secure platform for users to buy and acquire all the products they want, both the mobile application and the web platform are available in different languages for different types of customers.
In addition to having an excellent operational structure for all its services, ZoodMall offers several types of payment alternatives so that its users have the best possible experience when making purchases on the mobile application.
As one of the retail companies with the most room for improvement in Switzerland, it has a good operational and legislative network to provide the best security policies that the mobile application can have. In this way, all the data offered by users are safely stored and will only be used when necessary.
Finally, sellers can offer their products without the need to register or make a weekly payment to publish their products. However, they must pay a commission of 2% to 15% for each sale they make. Millions of users can buy products ranging from clothing, electronics, beauty products, personal care products, toys, sporting goods, household products, jewelry, and many other things.

How can I track my order from ZoodMall?

Customers can use the ZoodMall tracking system through the customer service department, which deals with these types of requests by e-mail.
Once users have completed all the necessary payment procedures, they receive an email notification with the ZoodMall tracking number which is essential for tracking orders.
Users can get details such as location, estimated delivery time, order status, and delivery method. It is important to remember that within 36 hours, users will receive an email notification and the mobile application with the corresponding tracking number.
You can also track your ZoodMall package through the Ship24 website once you receive the tracking number by email.

Does ZoodMall propose free shipping?

For all products on ZoodMall, the shipping rates are integrated into the final purchase prices. In addition, the company sometimes offers promotions for certain products. These promotions are offered every year, during important seasons such as Black Friday or summer vacations. ZoodMall free shipping represents a big advantage for the customers.

Are ZoodMall shipping costs expensive?

One of the best attributes of the company is that its shipping rates are very economical when compared to other companies. While these rates are integrated into the final purchase prices, users can shop with peace of mind without worrying about spending a lot of money on fees or excessive shipping costs. As sellers are discounted between 2% to 15% commission on each sale, part of these commissions is intended to cover ZoodMall shipping fees.

Can I pay for my order after the ZoodMall delivery?

It is essential to mention that ZoodMall only functions as an intermediary between sellers and buyers. Therefore, shipping and payment terms can be determined between buyers and sellers. However, it is rare to find a scenario where customers can pay after receiving their products.
As a general rule, customers can only receive their products once they have completed all the corresponding payment procedures. To avoid problems and possible frauds, there must be fluid communication between the seller and the buyer. ZoodMall encourages this kind of interaction in all purchases.

Is ZoodMall delivery fast?

ZoodMall shipping time is usually very efficient in all available countries. Depending on the destination and type of product, delivery time may vary:

  • For Asian countries, the approximate delivery time is 5 to 7 days.
  • For Middle Eastern countries, the delivery time is approximately one to two weeks.

It should be noted that the company only works as an intermediary, so the methods of shipping and delivery are at the discretion of the seller and the customer.
Finally, it is worth mentioning that the company is known for having good commercial agreements in all the countries where it operates. This means that all the dispatches and deliveries in the customs departments are done in a fast, easy, and safe way.

Where does ZoodMall can deliver?

ZoodMall offers the opportunity for millions of users from countries such as Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Afghanistan, or Kazakhstan, among many others in Central Asia and the Middle East. 
Moreover, users can also purchase their products through local posts and delivery companies in each country. The company is also capable of managing deliveries in the most remote regions and areas of each country. In this way, users from anywhere can receive their products quickly and reliably.

How do I contact ZoodMall?

Users can access all important company contact details through the mobile application and the official website. You can access data such as phone numbers and official emails. Similarly, they can also communicate through the official social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.
All inquiries, claims, refunds, or cancellations can also be processed through ZoodMall Customer Service. Users also have the opportunity to personally attend the company's headquarters located in Switzerland and Lebanon.
The customer service is available every day at 24 hours, to attend to any request. Also, the ZoodMall customer Service is adapted for each country where the company is available. The service is not only able to offer advice to sellers and buyers but is also known for its effectiveness. Users can receive a response in less than 24 hours for each request or query they process.

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