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More than 14 years ago two Australian brothers had the vision and initiative to change the way people shopped in online stores. It was at that time that these brothers developed the Group, a website where people can buy all kinds of products without having to go to a store. In addition, thanks to shipping, all buyers can receive their purchases at their doorstep. This great group has simplified and improved life for thousands of Australians.

What is Catch AU ? is an online platform that brings together hundreds of buyers and sellers from all over the country to satisfy the search for the best products from the most recognized brands worldwide. In this way, it is guaranteed that all the clients of the group find what they want and need without having to leave their homes.
At you can find all kinds of product categories: Fashion and Beauty, Sports, Groceries, Health and Lifestyle, Household items, and much more. You can actually find hundreds of different products in one category, and with the lowest prices in the market. In addition, is supported and supplied by several nationwide retailers such as Bunnings & Officeworks, Kmart, and more.  

Is legit?

After more than 10 years serving the country as the best way to shop online, has made it clear that it is a totally legitimate and reliable site. It also has the testimony of millions of sellers and buyers who have used its services for many years.
In addition, the platform has security, privacy, and legal policies that also prove that they are a totally legal site. Feel free to buy or sell through , as long as you respect its policies.

How do I track my order from

Thanks to tracking all buyers can check the location or status of their packages wherever they are in the country. To do this they can track in two ways.
The first way to do the tracking is by going to the section "Track your order" and entering your email address in the search field. Once you click on search you will be shown the status, location, and all information related to the purchase and shipment of your package.
The other method of tracking your package is by logging into your Catch account and clicking on the My Account section. You will then be able to view all purchases and orders you have previously made and to view a specific order, select the "Show Order Details" option.
A new section will open where you will find all the information about your order, as well as a bar that will indicate the status and current location of the order in terms of delivery. This bar only indicates the status until the item leaves the warehouse. In order to continue tracking, you must click on the Tracking link while the Courier in charge delivers to the final destination.

How long does Catch take to ship?

Catch is characterized by meeting delivery deadlines in record time, it is thanks to the shipping time that the website has become so famous. All the sellers on the site are signed up to make deliveries in 24 hour periods after the purchase order. This ensures that orders leave the warehouse within 1 or 2 days after the order. However, some shipping time may vary depending on regions and types of shipping.
Standard shipping may take between:

  • 2-5 business days to be delivered to the metropolitan areas
  • 2-7 working days at the regional level
  • 3-10 days in rural and remote areas

On the other hand, express shipping is offered, which takes:

  • 1-3 days in metropolitan and regional areas
  • 2-4 days to rural and remote areas.

In case you want the express shipping you must specify it at the time of purchase. These times of delivery are fulfilled thanks to agreements with Australia Post and other independent carriers, with whom you can contact directly to obtain a budget.

Where does ship from?

Most of the products offered by Catch are found in department stores in the metropolitan areas of the country. From there, the different transport routes are established to take and distribute orders throughout the country.

How do you get free shipping on Catch? free shipping is an option that is available on a wide variety of products. Many of them can be events that offer free shipping or products from the same Marketplace that also offer free shipping.
However, Club Catch members can opt for free shipping on any item they wish if it costs $45 or more. All items that qualify for free shipping have a logo that indicates it. Similarly, you can check the different shipping costs on each item available on the platform.

Does internationally?

Currently, only delivers within the entire Australian national territory. However, the group has set up a Catch branch in New Zealand, and some products are being shipped to that country. The web address for New Zealand customers is, and this has a warehouse in Melbourne with stock available for delivery anywhere in New Zealand. As in Australia, the shipments have terms and conditions that must be respected.

How do I contact customer service is another reason Australians use the platform. The simplest and fastest way to contact the group is through an online form or email. However, you can also contact us through the phone line directly at 1300222824.
For Catch Club members there is a private line; 1300551996. Whether you are a regular customer or a club member you can call customer service Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and on weekends from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Customer service is not available on holidays such as Christmas, New Year, Anzac, etc.
You could say that is like the Australian Amazon, where thousands of sellers and buyers from all over the country meet and interact, and soon to be international.

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