Target tracking

Target tracking


What is Target?

Target is an American e-commerce platform and the company also has real stores today that provide you a wide range of everyday products. The company was founded in 1902 (the corporation) and the first real store appeared in 1962. You can find groceries, clothes for men, women, and kids, footwear, undergarments, beauty products, cosmetics, home décor, beddings, electrical appliances, and toys at reasonable prices. You can now order your favorite products sitting at home through

The headquarters of the company are located at the following address:

Target Plaza, 1000 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, Minnesota,
United States.

Target main aim is to provide quality products at your doorstep in the USA. They have ensured their customer’s satisfaction from the very start and continue improving their services to fulfill their customer’s demands and requirements. Keeping in mind the changing lifestyle, Target online ordering enables you to order your products and track them on your provided Target tracking number. Target promises to give the best shopping experience to its guests with over 300,000 team members.

If you are one of the online shopping lovers, this platform serves to be the one with irresistible discounts. Thereby, enjoying the 2nd largest position. For today’s shoppers, it is truly a slice of paradise with high-quality goods and impeccable designs.

Shop Nationality: American
Date of creation: 1902
Area served: America
Delivery options:

  • Standard shipping
  • 2 days shipping
  • Express delivery
Target package tracking

Can Target ship internationally?

Target delivery does not work internationally. From February 2020, the company is no longer shipping to international countries via Borderfree.As a buyer, you can still use the Target online shopping services and order from anywhere around the world. But, the parcel will be delivered within the US on the address you will provide. For this, you can also use a parcel forwarding company which can receive your parcel and then deliver it to your country.

How to track your Target order?

When you order a product(s), you get a Target tracking number. Target package tracking number can be issued at the time of the order or sometimes later via email. You can check the status of your Target package by selecting the specific order or product in your order list. Tracking numbers sometimes get updated later. Moreover, you are also sent an email after you place your order which gives you all the details of your order. The email also gives you a time period in which your order is expected to be delivered. Sometimes, the order is delivered late due to the unavailability of the product or a different shipping method but that’s’ something very rare.

You can also track your target order thanks to the Ship24 website, by going on the homepage and putting your Target tracking number in the search bar. Ship24 will precise you where your Target package is and show you the next steps of the delivery.

How long does it take for Target to ship?

There are three different methods of Target shipping that can be used according to your requirements and needs:

  • The Standard shipping:

This method means that the package will be delivered within 3 to 5 business days after it has shipped. For orders above $35, one will have to bear no delivery taxes.

  • The 2-days shipping:

It is applicable to specific areas only (mainly when the delivery is to make in US). Your parcel is delivered to you within 2 business days. If you own a RedCard or purchase products above $35, you can avail Target free shipping.

  • The express delivery:

It is the fastest way of getting your order shipped. You can receive your order within 1 business day after it has been shipped. However, the express and 2-day delivery methods are applicable depending on the size, weight, quantity, and the shipping address.

What is Target Same Day delivery?

Target same-day delivery is a fast delivery option proposed by the company. This option can be availed by the following means:

  • Place your order through Shipt app or use to place your Target order.
  • Choose the same day delivery option when adding the products to your cart. This way you can also know what items can be delivered on the same day.
  • Visit the website and go to the same day delivery page. It will give you the list of all the products that can be delivered the same day.

How to get free shipping at Target?

Target wants its’ customers to stay happy and satisfied and so, it offers free shipping on the following conditions:

  • Target offers its customers its own credit and debit card. This card is recognized as RedCard which gives you the opportunity to avail free shipping on 2- day shipping. There is no specific amount to avail Target free shipping when using the RedCard. The RedCard holder also gets a cashback of 5% on every Target order.
  • Target same-day delivery is offered via Shipt. You can get your package delivered for free if you subscribe to the Shipt app and save up to $10 shipping charges on every order.
  • Order during the holiday season and avail free shipping.
  • Purchase products worth $35 or above and don’t pay the shipping charges.
  • Use promo codes and discount codes on the website
  • Another way of free shipping is Target pickup. You can select the in-store pickup option while ordering and collect your order from your nearest possible store without paying any shipping charges.

What should I do if my Target order was damaged?

If your Target order was damaged during the shipment, you will first see a notification while you track your package with a modification of status such as “damaged in transit” or “damage reported”, or “attempt - contact refused shipment” or again “contact/consignee refused shipment at pre-call”.

If the status shows that there was damage during the shipment or that the shipper has stopped the delivery, you should call Guest Services at the following number: 1-800-591-3869 to get help to return your package and/or to know more about replacement options.

If you haven’t seen any change in the status and you receive a damaged package, you should visit the following links for return or replacement.

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