Trade Me tracking

Trade Me tracking

What is Trade Me?

It is an internet auction website, becoming one of the most popular among New Zealand’s population. Sam Morgan founded this website in 1999, but with the passing of the years, he sold it in 2006 to a bigger company called Fairfax for a big amount of money.
In 2019, another company bought Trade me, this time Apax Partners, that operates many other similar websites. On this website, you will be able to buy and sell everything you can imagine, from little dolls to cars and houses. They offer many payment methods so you can always get what you want. However, if you want to sell things on this platform, you will need a New Zealand’s bank account, even if you are a foreigner, this is to avoid frauds.
This auction website has many features that you can find in another related website, you have the “buy now” and “auto-bidding” options to get all you want.
Another feature is that the verified auctioneers have more advantages over the not verified ones. To become an authenticated member, you will need to prove your actual address and your bank account or credit card information.
Another thing remarkable about this website is that all the accounts last forever. Even if you deactivate them, you can always reach them out to activate it again. One natural person can only have one account on this website which constantly works to offer all their buyers the security they deserve.

Is Trade Me safe?

Yes, ship my Trade Me is really safe. In addition, Trade Me is a safe website and they count with many features that will keep your information secured. One of the principal things is that they count on the two-factor authentication, so the scammers will not be playing as you on the website. For this, if you believe your password is vulnerable you can activate this feature and when you enter the website, they will send you a verification code to your registered mobile number. Without that code, you will not be able to log in.
They also count with a secure payment method called Ping, a platform hosted by them that will allow you to buy and sell easier, without any extra fees. This feature will have your money secured until you receive your package and you see that it is real and has all the features that were offered on the website. Once you confirm that you are satisfied with the product, they will free the money to the seller. It also counts with a vast database that can verify if the credit or debit cards used are real avoiding frauds.

How do I track a package from Trade Me?

Once you have bought something in Trade Me, you will be able to do your Trade Me track order. All the things bought in this place are sent using the services of the NZ Post. They will attribute a tracking number to your order that will be transmitted to the NZ Post Company. You can type this number in the tracking bar here on our website and you will see all the information available instantaneously.
If you want to know how to track Trade Me shipping, we offer you the solution. Get all the information related to your Trade Me packages in real-time and know exactly when they will arrive at your doors thanks to Ship24.

How long does Trade Me shipping take?

Trade Me delivery services are usually fast, it takes from 1 to 2 business days to get your packages at your front door. However, they work from Monday to Friday, so if you get an item on the weekend you will need to wait for it to arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday.
To send a package in Trade Me it will need to have some specific features, a maximum length of 150 cm, a maximum weight of 25 kg, and a volume of only 0.125 m3. If your package does not have these features, the courier will not send it.

What does “in trade” mean on Trade Me?

If you see an “in trade” mark on a seller, that means that he or she has adhered to legal obligations when they are trying to sell their items to the Trade Me customers. Therefore, it is a way to give their clients security, because the law will protect them if something goes wrong with a product. Being a “in trade” seller brings more security to the customers that are more willing to buy your products.

Can you drop ship on Trade Me?

Dropshipping is the method when sellers sell things but they do not own it. Instead, they arrange the items to be shipped from the supplier directly to their client. Trade Me allows dropshipping on their website but you need to apply as a verified and experienced seller, so after they approve it, you can do it legally.

What are Trade Me shipping fees?

Trade Me shipping costs are affordable to everyone in New Zealand. They start from 2.89 NZD, which is something like $1.90 USD and then vary according to the Trade Me delivery services. Indeed, this price is for tiny packages, because the company’s shipping fees will increase depending on the size and weight parcel. However, the distance is another factor that plays a major role; if you want to ship to a rural zone, they will charge you more money.

How do I contact Trade Me?

If you have a problem with anything related to the Trade Me website or one of your orders, you can reach the Trade Me team through the official website in the online chat 24/7. There, they will answer all your questions and solve any issue you could have. You can also add a ticket on this page so they will provide all the information that you are requesting.
They are not offering the Trade Me customer service through phone, just sometimes regarding the security of your account, for these issues, you can call the security team site using the following number, 0800 334 332. This is valid only if you are inside New Zealand.

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