MarkaVIP tracking

MarkaVIP tracking

We’ll learn here about the shipping conditions and policies that MarkaVIP the Middle East has. It is a marketplace that was born to focus on the latest fashion trends but has recently diversified into other products and whose target audience are the Middle East countries, having a large number of clients every year.
It’s a reliable website since it ensures with great quality controls that its clients obtain the best products. So it could be something that affects your delivery times. In the same way, this and much more we will know below.

What is MarkaVIP?

It’s one of the leading companies when it comes to fashion trade in the Middle East since 2011. And it has kept up with the expectations and requirements of its more than 5 million users per year. Since it provides fashion at affordable prices, but with good quality. In addition to products that are limited editions and selected by the store in fairly careful quality controls.
In this way, the MarkaVIP app has more than 100,000 products online. Not counting the new products that are added every week from the best commercial brands. Like high-end and designer products, they’re always available in this renowned fashion Marketplace. But you will not only find clothes on this website.
They also carry a wide range of top-quality tech, home and kids’ products. So they not only satisfy the fashion needs of their customers but also other more basic requirements with their wide range of categories. Also facilitating several secure payment options, multilingual customer service and fast delivery.

How can I track my MarkaVIP parcel?

The MarkaVIP track order process is quite easy and safe. First of all, the website should send you an email or message with the tracking number and shipping method, as well as the information you need about the shipping company you have selected. Likewise, you can check all this in your personal MarkaVIP account.
The first thing you have to do is log into your account as usual and select the Account All Orders option. There you’ll look for the order or the package you want to track and select the Order Tracking option. You will then see that the tracking number appears, as well as the contact of the selected shipping company.
Also, don’t hesitate to contact the shipping company to find out more information about your package. Like the estimated delivery time, costs, among other things.

Where does MarkaVIP can deliver?

MarkaVIP focuses on the trendy market in the Middle East. Therefore, its shipments are mainly made to the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. That is, it’s not available internationally for other countries than those already mentioned.
However, this is a limitation that you can overcome. If you want a MarkaVIP product and you have someone who lives in some of the countries where this page ships, you can easily ship to their address. Then this person will be in charge of making the shipment with an international logistics company. You’ll just have to cover the additional costs of all this.

How long does MarkaVIP take to deliver?

This depends on many factors. Remember that MarkaVIP makes all its products go through fairly strict quality control. In this way, they ensure that you will get a high-quality product. Therefore, shipping times are often delayed due to this process, in addition to other factors.
In this way, the preparation time for the product can take between 1 to 4 business days with exceptions. While the MarkaVIP shipping time on average takes between 5 to 7 business days. However, also remember that each country has a different estimated shipping time. So you should check the specific shipping time that your country has.
Likewise, orders made from the global warehouse will be delivered between 9 to 18 days for your MarkaVIP international shipping.

Are MarkaVIP shipping fees expensive?

The shipping costs depend on the company you have selected, in addition to the destination of the package and the price of your purchase. For example:

  • Shipments to Saudi Arabia over SAR 76.00 with an express shipping method are free. While lower value packages have a specific shipping rate. This applies to products that come directly from Saudi.
  • For products that come from other parts of the world and are destined for Saudi Arabia, there will be MarkaVIP free shipping if the purchase exceeds SAR 372.00. Otherwise, the shipping price will be 56.36 SAR.
  • On the other hand, shipments made to Kuwait are free if they exceed 188 SAR. Otherwise, the cost of SAR 37 will have to be paid
  • Shipments to Qatar are free if they exceed SAR 297, if not, the customer must pay a shipping fee of SAR 56.
    Lastly, for purchases and shipments in the United Arab Emirates, all packages over 226 SAR have free shipping. While those under this cost have to pay a fee of 37 SAR for shipping to this specific country.

How to contact MarkaVIP customer service?

You can enter the FAQs section of MarkaVIP to know some questions already answered. Among which you may find an answer to what you were wondering. On the other hand, if you require more personal attention, you can contact them through their live chat 24 hours a day. And so you can know what you were wondering so much about the services of this website.
Likewise, if you need to make a claim or ask a more specific question that requires attaching a document about your order, you can send them an email. Hereby they promise you to care 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

In another way, there’s no MarkaVIP contact number for the moment. Finally, you can also access their social networks or their weekly newsletter if you are interested in knowing their offers or promotions. As well as other information that may be interesting to you about this web page. In these ways, you can contact MarkaVIP customer service, so don’t hesitate to use all these means of contact.

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