Overstock tracking

Overstock tracking

The increase in the popularity of the Internet has changed the way we live and the way we shop for many years already. Tons of e-commerce websites have made shopping extremely easy, all you got is to open an online shopping store and everything is a couple of clicks away to get your needed product. Overstock is one of these websites providing all types of products online to people.

What is Overstock?

Overstock is a tech-driven retail store online that provides different categories of products to its customers. The store specializes in offering premium quality furniture (bedding, home decor,... ) to help people create their dream homes. Along with furniture, you will find many other products, including beauty products, clothing, electronic appliances, fitness gear, pet supplies, and more. Overstock was founded in 1999, and since its foundation, the website has earned millions of satisfied customers worldwide.

Overstock does not have any physical stores. It is an online retailer that has earned its name by providing its customers with brand-name goods at discounted prices. Overstock stocks its shelves with liquidated inventory from other retailers, and this is the reason why this online store provides discounted prices on designer items. Overstock ships throughout the world to its customers, and with Overstock tracking, you get to know the location of your package at every step of the way, the delivery status of your package and the courier used to ship it.

Where is Overstock located?

There are no Overstock outlets, everything is sold by Overstock on their website. The headquarters from where all the operations are controlled is located in Midvale, Utah, near Salt Lake City in the United-States. So, if you have any queries, you can either contact Overstock customer service or visit their headquarters. But if you want to buy something, you will have to purchase it through their website.

Overstock is one of the biggest e-commerce stores in the US, with $1.459 Billion revenue in 2019. The reason why millions of people buy from this online store is because Overstock shipping times, Overstock tracking method and Overstock customer service are of quality.

How do I track my Overstock order?

Overstock tracking services will keep you updated about the status and location of your Overstock parcel at every step. Overstock track order will work by using the tracking number sent to you via email after your order was dispatched. To track your order on Overstock website, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Log into My Account.
  • Enter the Order number you wish to track.
  • Enter the Overstock tracking number for the item you wish to track. You will get all the information about your Overstock package.

Another solution to track your Overstock order is from the Ship24 website. All you have to do is enter your tracking number in the search bar on the homepage. You will get a report of your Overstock package's current location, precisions about the delivery status and about the courier used for your Overstock shipment.

What does order processing mean on Overstock?

When you are placing an Overstock order, the package passes through different statuses until it is delivered to your doorstep. Order processing is one of the different order statuses for your Overstock order. It means that your order is under preparation at the warehouse. You will find below all the different statuses you can find for your Overstock order:

  • Submitted:

This means that you have successfully submitted your order. After this, the order will go through a brief review and then will be sent to the warehouse for processing.

  • Processing:

This is the status where your order is under preparation in the warehouse. Once it is prepared, it will be shipped to your address.

  • Shipped:

Your Overstock order has been dispatched and now Overstock tracking services can be used as you will receive a tracking number for your package.

  • Delivered:

This means that the delivery man has made the delivery. Use Overstock tracking to check where the order has been delivered.

  • Canceled:

There are a few reasons which can cause your Overstock order to cancel: your payment was not processed successfully; you canceled your order; due to unforeseen conditions, the Overstock order was not processed.

  • Return Initiated:

A return for the order is set up by Overstock upon your request.

  • Return Complete:

An Overstock warehouse received the order.

How long does Overstock take to ship?

Overstock orders are usually shipped within 1-2 business days. Once your order is shipped, you can use Overstock tracking to know the location of your parcel. The shipping fee and estimated delivery time frame will be given to you at the time of check out. However, some items take longer to ship than usual, and these items are listed on the Overstock delivery exception chart.

The standard Overstock shipping method is ground shipping. All the orders are shipped through the prominent mail carriers, including UPS, FedEx, and the United States Postal Service for US residents. At this moment, Overstock does not provide you the option to choose the mail carrier of your choice.

How much does Overstock charge for shipping?

If you are living in the US, then you will be pleased to know that there is no Overstock Shipping fee for deliveries to the lower 48 states. The Overstock free shipping offer excludes Alaska and Hawaii and all the international orders.

International shipping rates depend on the item being shipped and the destination it is being shipped to. Whenever you place an order, Overstock will let you know the total shipping cost in the currency you select, and you will have to pay no additional charges than the mentioned ones.

Does Overstock offer free returns?

If you are returning your parcel due to the product's poor quality or because of Overstock error, the company will refund the full cost of the item and original shipping charges. However, if you return a product that was opened and gives an impression of being worn/used, then a partial refund minus the original shipping charges and return shipping fee will be issued to you.

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