Hermes/Evri tracking

Hermes/Evri tracking


Hermes is a German courier company that aims to make shipping and receipts of customers are convenient as possible. They also aim to make customers experience high-quality shipping of parcels towards their front door.

Track your Hermes/Evri packages on Ship24 and get tracking information such as where it is and when they will arrive. Simply enter your Hermes/Evri tracking number and get your real-time tracking updates!

Hermes/Evri package tracking

What is Hermes/Evri?

Hermes is an international courier and logistics company that was founded in Hamburg, Germany. Today, Hermes represents market-leading logistics and trade services and has partnerships with a growing number of international logistics providers operating in the e-commerce business sector. Hermes is best known for its shipping services, which have made the brand what it is now. Its size has meant it now rivals other heavyweights in the sector, such as DHL, DPD and TNT.

Hermes is a household brand that has been operating delivery services for over 40 years and boasts more than 15,000 employees and a fleet of vehicles that facilitate parcel multinational parcel delivery.

On March 11, 2022, the Hermes Group announced that the company will be changing its name to Evri. Along with rebranding its name, it's also rebranding its logo. The rebranding of the company hopes to bring a better reputation to its employees and customers.

Are Evri and Hermes the same?

Evri is the new brand identity of Hermes. The change of name came with the change of logo across all its locations. The reason for the new brand identity is to build a better reputation for the company's employees and its consumers. Evri aims to satisfy "Evri One, Evri Where".

How do I find my Hermes/Evri tracking number?

Finding your Hermes/Evri tracking number is simple. You can find it on the shipping label, the receipt, or the parcel itself. If you are the recipient, the Hermes tracking number can be found at your email address. The tracking number consists of 16 characters long.

Use your Hermes tracking number on Ship24 to get the latest updates on your parcels. Simply copy the tracking number onto the webpage and get results in a matter of seconds. You can track up to 10 parcels at the same.

How do I track a Hermes/Evri parcel?

Hermes or Evri, like other logistics and commercial service companies, allows its customers to track their packages. Hermes tracking is a tool that is available on the German company's website. You will need to enter the Hermes/Evri tracking number or receipt number to know the location or status of your package.

However, Ship24 is offering the ultimate solution for universal tracking, by offering a one-stop-shop service where you can track all parcels travelling anywhere in the world. With Ship24, you don't need to log on to individual courier websites to keep up to date with your parcel.

How do I track my Hermes/Evri international parcel?

When tracking your Hermes or Evri international parcel, you would need your tracking number. With the tracking number, enter them on the official tracking website or use a third-party tracking website.

Ship24 is a great example of a third-party tracking website as it offers close to real-time tracking updates, all you need is to enter your Evri tracking numbers and you're good to go. You can enter up to 10 tracking numbers and get all the tracking updates you need from your international parcel.

With Ship24, you can enter tracking numbers from La Poste, PHLPost, USPS, and many others.

Does Hermes have live tracking options?

Hermes does not offer live tracking functionality on its parcels. The notifications you receive from Hermes will be the same as those you receive from Ship24. The difference between tracking the two is that Ship24 has multi-courier tracking ability. This means that if your parcel delivery is handed over to another courier, as is usually the case with international mail, then you can still track a Hermes parcel with Ship24.

Hermes tracking notifications will occur as a package passes through the various checkpoints. Those checkpoints then transmit arrival and dispatch information which can be read by Ship24 and delivered to you via the website, using just your Hermes tracking number. Simply enter your Hermes tracking number on the Ship24 and check for yourself!

Is Hermes delivery reliable?

Hermes prides itself both on the quality of its services company but also its continuing commitment to improve and expand its services. Hermes does this by putting into place systems that monitor the performance of its services. The fact that Hermes has gone from strength to strength and defined itself as one of the market leaders in international parcel delivery is a testament to the company's perceived reliability and package delivery efficiency in the eyes of its customers.

Indeed, the service is trusted by consumers and businesses alike for fast parcel delivery, and with eCommerce - one of the main drivers behind the growing need for capable package delivery companies - not set to slow down anytime soon, Hermes is likely to continue to enjoy its success.

In further recognition of its reliability, Hermes has also been granted a number of ISO certificates, which validate the reliability of numerous services and operations inside and outside the company.

Can I track a Hermes parcel without a tracking number?

You can get Hermes parcel tracking directly via the company's website, however, you will need to log in and enter various information required by the company to offer Hermes tracking for a parcel, including but not limited to the Air Way Bill (AWB) number, some of your personal details, details about the package and the Hermes tracking number.

As well as it not being as straightforward as tracking with third-party websites such as Ship24, Hermes also cannot guarantee that you can continue tracking your parcel with some partner courier companies and logistics providers that it uses to help deliver parcels to locations where it does not have its own fleet/employees or the capacity to handle the entire parcel process. This leaves many worried about how they will continue tracking a Hermes parcel if such a handover should occur, with many googling 'How do I track my Hermes parcel?' as a result.

Luckily, Ship24 was launched to provide solutions to all of the aforementioned problems with tracking directly with a single courier. Ship24 is designed to simplify the Hermes parcel tracking process, removing as many barriers as possible between you and the latest tracking information as possible.

This is why we don't ask for you to register or log in on our website, provide any personal information about yourself or your package, or complicated information such as AWB numbers. All you need to begin tracking a Hermes parcel is the Hermes tracking number. Simply enter this number into the Ship24 homepage and click search to kickstart a worldwide search for the latest information on your parcel instantly.

Ship24 will find and pull information related to your parcel not only if it is being handled by Hermes, but with 1,200 other logistics carriers, courier companies, e-tailers, and marketplace just to name a few, making sure whether your parcel is still being handled by Hermes or not, you can still get the tracking information you need.

Using Ship24 means you don't need to worry about if your parcel is passed between couriers on route to its final destination, as you can rest assured that you will still be able to track your parcel. In fact, this is why millions are choosing to track their C2C, B2C, and B2B orders and personal packages with Ship24 instead of couriers directly.

Find out what all the fuss is about and head to the one-stop shop for tracking, Ship24, and say goodbye to tracking with multiple courier websites and removing the question mark over where to get the best end-to-end tracking solutions. Ship24 offers both personal and business level tracking.

What do I do if the Hermes parcel is not delivered?

Hermes has numerous failsafe options in place should a parcel not be delivered, depending on the reason.

Some of these are listed below:

  • If a Hermes package could not be delivered because a recipient wasn't at home in the first instance, the courier will try to deliver the package the next day, usually leaving a note or trying to contact the customer to notify them of a failed delivery. The customer may also have an option to pick up the parcel at a local depot should they desire.
  • If the package is not delivered on the second day, the courier will try again for the third and last time the next day. If the package is not delivered, a card will be left for the customer to contact the company and agree to make the delivery at another time, and the package will likely remain at the local depot until the customer has made contact. After a certain period (which may vary, but is normally around 14 days), the package may be returned.
  • If the package address was not found, then the customer will be contacted via the information they provided when they purchased Hermes delivery services (usually via email). However, this is unlikely to happen as usually the delivery address is verified before sending as valid before the delivery goes ahead. If you are sending to a particular rural or unusual address, such as in Alaska or Ireland, then make sure you double-check the address when entering. Invalid addresses are usually flagged up but this is not guaranteed.
  • If there is a problem at customs regarding your Hermes package. This could occur for a number of reasons, such as that there is an outstanding tax that needs to be paid on the goods or the package containing prohibited items. To make sure you do not face customs delays, make sure when purchasing goods that you as the sender or merchant selling the goods are aware of any extra import tax which may be applied at customs and you have let the recipient know. If you are sending to a country within the EU, you can even collect VAT at the point of sale which offers multiple benefits, including the removal of any hidden fees and faster delivery. For more information about this service (known as IOSS), click on our dedicated IOSS solutions page here. This only applies to distant sellers who export goods to EU buyers. Alternatively, if you are the buyer make sure you check with the merchant before purchasing.
  • Prohibited items. Please check with your courier and the destination country prohibited items list before sending. If your item is an unusual size or shape or you believe the contents could be prohibited (such as if you are looking for the transportation of sensitive documents, biological goods, items that contain explosives, and so on) then you must check first to avoid disappointment.

If for any reason, a package is not delivered, you should contact the company as soon as possible to make alternative arrangements. However, sometimes a package may be returned or (particularly when carrying a prohibited item or outstanding tax is not paid) seized.

Can Hermes deliver packages after 8 pm?

Hermes offers delivery during the week from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and on Saturdays, deliveries are made between 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Therefore, it will not be possible to receive Hermes package delivery after 8 pm during the week or 6 pm on Saturdays. Hermes does not deliver on Sundays and some specific. Please contact Hermes or visit the website in order to find out which days it does not deliver.

Why has my parcel been delayed by Hermes?

Sometimes Hermes deliveries are delayed.

Factors that Affect Hermes Delivery

The most common factors that can cause delays are listed below:

  • Incomplete, misspelt, or out-of-date address. Suppose the destination address is unclear and the delivery driver cannot find it. In that case, he will not attempt delivery again until the address is clarified and contains sufficient information for the driver to make the delivery without a problem. When this happens, the company notifies the customer that the detailed address must be sent again.
  • Failure of delivery attempts. The drivers in charge of delivering a package do not have a single package to deliver but a large number of them every day. If the recipient of the package is not at the address indicated for delivery, this attempt will be counted as unsuccessful. The driver may not be able to come back to the address the same day and may not be able to wait long for the recipient, because he has other packages to deliver.
  • Wrong information on the order form. Whether the sender has made a mistake in the postal code, street number, city name, or even space left blank, it can result in a long delay in the Hermes delivery.

What happens if Hermes cannot deliver 3 times?

The company will attempt to deliver your packages to the same recipient up to 3 times. If in none of these three attempts the package is delivered, then the package will be returned to the original destination and a refund of the shipping cost will be issued upon arrival at the origin again.

Does Hermes tell you about the delivery time?

On the company's website, customers can view an estimate of the time their package will be delivered. However, this is not always accurate. The best way to get an up-to-date estimate of the date your package will be delivered would be to track your parcel's progress through the Ship24 website. Ship24 provides 100 per cent of Hermes parcel delivery notifications as they happen, meaning you can keep on top of the progress of your delivery.

This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so Ship24 is always ready when you need it to keep you in the know. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, rest assured that with Ship24 you can access the latest location and status information about your package, with comprehensive Hermes tracking from the shipping experts.

Does Hermes offer refunds?

When a package is returned to its original destination because its delivery could not be completed, the company will issue a refund of the shipping cost to the sender. However, this refund takes two business days to be processed, as they are put through a security process to check that no prior charge has been made. You have up to 28 days from the date the order was placed to request a refund.

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