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Although its headquarters are located in Hamburg in Germany, Hermes has expanded to different parts of the world offering its logistics and trade services. Hermes is a leading company in all trade-related services, either electronic or physical, and is also the partner of a growing number of different companies operating at the international, national, and e-commerce business levels. With the Hermes shipping service, this brand has catapulted thousands of companies from Germany and the rest of the world into global markets.
Today there are more than 15,000 employees prepared and trained to provide efficient and reliable service. The Hermes Group has maintained the same objective for more than 40 years: to dedicate all its experience to satisfy the needs of all its clients.

How do I track my Hermes parcel?

Hermes, like other logistics and commercial service companies, allows its customers to track their packages. Hermes tracking is a tool that is available on the German company's website, in which you only have to enter the tracking number or even the receipt number to know the location or status of your package.
With the Hermes tracking number, you can also track your package from our website. In case you cannot enter the official company website or simply want to check the tracking from another platform, you can track your Hermes package on the Ship24 website.

Does Hermes have live tracking?

Yes, Hermes tracking can track your packages live, as long as they are not in transit to their destination. As the package passes through the various offices, it will pass through checkpoints that transmit information to the company's platform to display live information in real-time. Simply enter the company's website and check the information yourself.

Is Hermes reliable?

Hermes parcel delivery service is fully committed to providing a high-quality courier, logistics, and transportation service, carrying out different strategies to meet the needs of all its customers. This is the true purpose of Hermes, the performance, and the quality of its services. Besides, the company strives to continually improve and expand its services, ensuring that your packages are not only delivered on time but also arrive safely at their destinations.
Hermes has systems in place to rate the quality and performance of its services. Also, other external suppliers have granted different ISO quality certificates to the company, validating each of their services and operations inside and outside the company.

Can I track my Hermes parcel without a tracking number?

Hermes is one of the few companies that allow you to track your packages in ways other than with a tracking ID. Hermes package tracking allows you to track your packages by also entering the receipt number that is issued to you on the invoice when you drop off the package or even with the order number. However, tracking with any of the other numbers other than the tracking ID can only be done from the company's official site.

What do I do if the Hermes parcel is not delivered?

Hermes delivery is made directly to the address provided by the sender. In case the package is not delivered in the first instance, the courier will try to deliver the package the next day. If the package is not delivered on the second day, the courier will try again for the third and last time the next day. If the package is not delivered, a card will be left for the customer to contact the company and agree to make the delivery.
In case the package is not delivered you should contact the company as soon as possible so the package can be delivered adequately to the final recipient.

Can Hermes deliver packages after 8 pm?

The company's international working hours are Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Holidays and Sundays are non-working days. Also, Hermes delivery does not deliver after 8:00 p.m. under any circumstances.

Why has my parcel been delayed by Hermes?

Sometimes Hermes deliveries are delayed. The most common factors that can cause these delays are as follows:

  • Incomplete, misspelled, or out-of-date address. If the destination address is unclear and the delivery driver cannot find it, he will not attempt delivery again until the address is clarified and contains sufficient information for the driver to make the delivery without a problem. When this happens, the company notifies the customer that the detailed address must be sent again.
  • Failure of delivery attempts. The drivers in charge of delivering a package do not have a single package to deliver but a large number of them every day. If the recipient of the package is not at the address indicated for delivery, this attempt will be counted as unsuccessful. The driver may not be able to come back to the address the same day, and may not be able to wait long for the recipient, because he has other packages to deliver.
  • Wrong information on the order form. Whether the sender has made a mistake in the postal code, street number, city name, or even space left blank, it can result in a long delay in the Hermes delivery.

What happens if Hermes cannot deliver 3 times?

The company will attempt to deliver your packages to the same recipient up to 3 times. If in none of these three attempts the package is delivered, then the package will be returned to the origin-destination and a refund of the shipping cost will be issued upon arrival at the origin again.

Does Hermes tell you about the delivery time?

On the company's website, customers can view an estimate of the time their package will be delivered. Besides, with live tracking, you can also estimate the delivery time of a package. But to be more confident about the delivery time of a Hermes package, you can ask the staff directly when you leave the package at the office.

Does Hermes refund?

When a package is returned to its origin-destination because its delivery could not be completed, the company will issue a refund of the shipping cost to the sender. However, this refund takes two business days to be processed, as they are put through a security process to check that no prior charge has been made. You have up to 28 days from the date the order was placed to request a refund.

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