Turkish Post (PTT) tracking

What is PTT?

PTT is the abbreviation for Posta ve Telgraf Teşkilatı in Turkish. It is the National Postal and Telegraph Director of Turkey. It is currently known as the Turkish Post. Its history dates back to 1840 and it was the Postal Ministry from the Ottoman Empire era.
Their delivery times are good, their percentage of losses, theft of parcels or damage is very low and every time this happens Turkish Post offers apologies and even compensation. They offer varied services accessible to the pocket and their number of destinations is very wide. They also offer insurance for parcels, the Turkish Post track and trace service, and a network of offices nationwide where you can attend to any claim or inconvenience as if you were in the main office.

How do I track a package from Turkey?

A PTT tracking procedure is possible thanks to the track and trace service located on its website. You only need to have the PTT tracking number and enter it in the PTT official portal web.
It is free and unique for each PTT parcel which increases the Turkish Post office reliability and efficiency in locating your shipments and packages at all times.
The Turkish Post track and trace show the status the package is in, if it is in Turkish customs, en route, in the destination country' customs or if it had to be diverted to another place as a link and also shows the documents that have already been processed. All this to offer a transparent service, considered and recognized worldwide as one of the most demanding and punctual.
Another solution is to use the Ship24 website and put the PTT tracking number in the search bar located on the homepage. Once you put the tracking number in the search bar, you just need to click on the arrow and you will get all the information about your PPT package: its current location and the next steps of the delivery.

How long does it take to ship a package from Turkey to the US?

For PTT, worldwide parcel delivery is a matter of responsibility, ethics, and punctuality. As your Turkish Post airmail is considered one of the fastest, making a PTT track order to the United States takes approximately 4-5 days. If you compare it with another Courier company like UPS, which expresses time is 7 -10 days, then the PPT delivery times are considered as fast.
This is thanks to the PTT efficiency in maintaining order in the corresponding paperwork for customs, which is always delayed due to administrative procedures. If we take this same time at sea, a Turkish Post International shipping lasts 10-12 weeks, compared to 15-17 weeks offered by other courier companies. And both options have Turkish Post International tracking to maintain that quality, security, and speed quality that characterizes them.

Does Turkish Post use courier partners to ship?

As the main delivery company in Turkey, the Turkish Post can make shipping to other countries and continents thanks to its alliance with renowned courier companies, such as FedEx, DHL, and UPS. These companies make the deliveries for any package or document from Turkey to the rest of the world with accessible prices thanks to the partnership with Turkish Post.

What are Turkish Post shipping fees?

There are many options for shipping a document or package to its destination, with the costs and estimated time of arrival varying due to the type of service requested. Turkish Post offers a domestic delivery service, which can get your package to its destination address in Turkey. For a letter, the minimum delivery cost is 3 dollars and the delivery fee for a package will cost a minimum of 5 dollars, which will depend on the total weight and dimensions of the parcel.
When using Turkish Post International shipping, the cost will vary depending on the country's destination area, the tax policies, and the customs agency's importation. A letter or document delivery has an average cost of 10 dollars. In the case of a package, depending on its weight and dimensions, PTT shipping fees have an average minimum cost of 25 dollars, a price that can increase with the importation tax if applied.

How do I contact Turkish Post?

To contact Turkish Post you can access the official web portal from your computer and check PTT parcel status thanks to the Turkish Post track and trace service. It has its rate calculator, both nationally and internationally, so you may have an estimate of how much you will pay. You can also learn about news related to the Courier branch within Turkey, but also worldwide.
If you have some questions regarding the Turkish Post international tracking, Turkish Post airmail, or any of its products you can call its call center line which is available during working hours 5 days a week. They also have official accounts on various social networks. The reason why they can be contacted by this means is to be closer to the customers, although it is a little less formal than by its web services directly.
A couple of drawbacks would be that their main page does not have much detailed information about everything they offer so it forces you to contact them directly.
It would be an innovation in the market to create an app like PTT tracking available on multiple cellphone platforms such as Google Play Store, or Apple Itunes store, so that most of the procedures can be done this way. A business opportunity is to allow platforms such as eBay to schedule shipments directly with PTT so that when the customer accepts the transaction, a Turkish Post contact is made between both parties, and the goods are collected from the seller and transported to the buyer without the need for anyone to go to their offices. The list goes on and PTT is a company that grows and improves every day so it won't be a surprise to see these improvements in no time.

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