Turkish Post (PTT) tracking

Turkish Post (PTT) tracking

Turkish Post is the international name for Posta ve Telgraf Teşkilatı ( PTT) which is the company in charge of postal services in Turkey. Founded in 1840, the company is headquartered in Ankara and was initially named Posta Telegraf Telefon. The company has kept the acronym PTT despite the name modification.

What is PTT?

PTT is an abbreviation for Posta ve Telgraf Teşkilatı and it is the national postal and telegraph service of Turkey. It is known more internationally as PTT or within turkey and nearby countries as the Turkish Post.

PTT was originally founded as a Postal Ministry in the Ottoman Empire era back in 1840, however, it has since grown to become a major postal service in the region, offering domestic and international delivery options for posts worldwide, often in partnership with other international courier services.

The scope, depth, and operational capacity of the PTT are now quite considerable, especially in the eastern European/West Asian region in which they are based, meaning they have become a recognized and reputable player in the logistics sector. This, on top of a varied and wide range of international services aside from their main postal operations, has seen the company grow considerably. This has meant that the postal service has begun to compete with other regional heavyweights, including DHL, GEODIS, TNT as well as other national posts, such as La Poste.

Although it does compete with private couriers on some levels, it also works with international partners to offer international delivery options for its customers in Turkey, as well as last-mile delivery of products ordered by Turkish buyers from outside the country that is being imported. Therefore, the best way to track a PPT parcel internationally, and ensure end-to-end PTT tracking capability whether you are a buyer or a seller, is with Ship24.

Ship24 tracks thousands of different couriers at the same time meaning that if your PTT package is exchanged multiple times between a number of different carriers and postal services, you can still keep tracking your parcel in one place.

Finally, PTT also has a good presence domestically, with a wide network of offices servicing residents in cities and local communities across Turkey. It also operates the popular money order service, which allows people to send and receive money.

How long does PTT shipping take from Turkey to the US?

A package or parcel sent with PTT from Turkey to the United States will take approximately 4-5 days to arrive, if it is sent with the premium PTT international delivery service.

Other competitors who offer premium delivery services between the two countries, such as FedEx and UPS, offer delivery within 5-10 days, meaning that PTT is among the fastest couriers for this type of journey.

Premium delivery is usually done by air, however, PTT standard shipping options are usually done by sea, which takes considerably longer. PTT parcel delivery from Turkey to the USA via sea can take up to 10 weeks, depending on the size and weight of the parcel.

In both circumstances, the last part of a parcel's journey, which is often referred to as the final leg, will likely be handled by a local courier in the United States. This could be the USPS or another local and private courier, depending on the final destination within the USA. To ensure you have end-to-end PTT tracking on parcels destined for the US, make sure you track your PTT package on Ship24. Ship24 offers PTT tracking both when it is being handled by PTT through to when it is handed over to another courier in its destination country, all from the one place.

With Ship24, you don't need to change the website on which you track a PTT parcel if it changes hands, or create an account with Ship24, you simply need to enter your PTT tracking number to get full visibility over the journey of your parcel.

Does Turkish Post use other courier partners when shipping?

Yes. Although PTT largely offers end-to-end delivery services within Turkey, most of the international delivery options it offers will involve other carriers and handlers in order for them to be delivered. These will include other logistics solutions companies who often handle travel and transportation of parcels and destination country couriers to handle the so-called last-mile part of a PTT package's journey.

The fact that multiple couriers are used by PTT has left many wondering what the best way of obtaining true dispatch is to deliver PTT tracking if they are sending a parcel overseas. The answer is Ship24, which offers truly global PTT tracking due to the fact they cover thousands of marketplaces, handlers, and logistics companies worldwide, making sure our users have access to the PTT tracking information they need.

How much do PTT shipping fees cost?

PTT offers a range of shipping options and prices to meet the needs of customers. The most basic services offered by the PTT cost around 3 USD for the delivery of a letter and around 6 USD for the delivery of a small parcel (usually under 2kg and not exceeding the dimensions stated on the PTT website).

When using PTT International shipping, the cost will vary depending on the country's destination area, the tax policies, and the customs of the destination country of importation.

How do I contact Turkish Post?

To contact Turkish Post, you can access the official website from your computer and access various services, including information on your parcel, pricing, customer services and offers depending on the time of access.

Another useful feature of the PTT website is the parcels price rate calculator, which includes price calculations for parcels being delivered both domestically and internationally, so you can find out how much a PTT package will cost before sending. You can also learn about news related to branches located within Turkey and worldwide.

If you have some questions regarding PTT tracking, Turkish Post airmail, or any of its products you can call its call centre line which is available during working hours 5 days a week (please note the time difference if calling from outside of Turkey). They also have official PTT accounts on various social networks which can be contacted. This has proven a more popular method of reaching out to postal companies, due to the quick responses provided by social media accounts of major postal services.

However, buyers and sellers should note that if they are contacting the Turkish Post about PTT tracking, they should first check the latest status and location of their parcel using the Ship24 website. By using Ship24 to get the most up-to-date information on their parcel, it will likely help fast-track your query to the relevant department to resolve your query or issue.

Also, Ship24 gives numerous useful updates as part of its comprehensive tracking capability, such as if a parcel is stuck at customs or has been held up at a depot on route to its final destination. This can help allude to the issue with your parcel in order for you or PTT to find the right solution to the PPT parcel you a tracking moving again.

Does PTT offer EMS services?

PTT offers fast-track international EMS delivery services for customers as part of its operations.

The EMS, or Express Mail Service, is an international fast-track service that has seen a joint partnership created between more than 190 countries, whose national postal services work together to offer rapid delivery times which compete with international private couriers.

In order to send a parcel with the PTT EMS service, parcels must weigh and measure at a certain size. Also, when sending any parcel internationally, you must also consider the import restrictions on

PPT offers multiple domestic and international parcel delivery services for both customers within Turkey as well as logistics solutions for external buyers and importers.

How can I track my Turkish Post parcel?

To track your Turkish Post parcel, you can head over to their website or use a third-party tracking system. If you are using their website, you can track up to 5 parcels at the same but if you use a universal tracking system such as Ship24, you can track up to 10 parcels at the same time and get accurate results. You will receive information such as the status of the delivery and the estimated time of arrival in front of your doorstep.

What can I use to track my PTT parcel?

Tracking PTT post packages couldn't be easier with the universal Ship24 tracking platform. Once you have your PTT tracking number, just visit the Ship24 website and enter it into the search bar to begin utilizing one of the most comprehensive tracking platforms available and get the latest status and location updates straight away.

Is tracking a small PTT package easier than tracking a large package?

Tracking small PTT parcels is the same process as tracking large PTT parcels, with the only major difference in the level of visibility

Small PTT package sending options are most commonly used for B2C eCommerce mail, such as from marketplaces like eBay and Etsy, as well as by individual customers. Items typically found in this type of mail are lightweight and can be sent by air. These packages will typically contain beauty products, gadgets, electricals, mobile phones, garments, homeware, sports equipment, accessories, and so on.

Please note, that parcels will be transported depending on the urgency of the shipment and the price point. Packages or parcels which travel by air will have the fastest turnaround, whereas parcels transported by sea, land, or railway will take longer. However, a variety of methods may be used, again depending on the urgency of the delivery, as set by the customer.

Remember, any parcel posted with PTT can be tracked if it is registered. If it is not registered, it will either only be able to be tracked within Turkey or possibly not at all. Unregistered parcels are often either not assigned a PTT tracking number or the depots and handling centres do not register them as arriving or being dispatched, meaning no tracking information is available.

You can make sure that your service includes PTT tracking at the point of purchase on the PTT website, in order to ensure that you will be able to track your parcel along its journey.

Please note, that PTT tracking may not cover all international destinations, and/or if another courier is used as part of the delivery, then PTT tracking may not be available. You can, however, use Ship24 to continue tracking a PTT parcel end-to-end worldwide.

Large packages sent with PTT are typically for B2B sales, and businesses wishing to use this service should contact PTT directly to get the most accurate pricing and delivery time frames available from the Turkish Post. Whether you are sending a small PTT parcel to a family member or are a business selling a large number of items to an overseas buyer, you can track all PTT packages on the Ship24 website.

Ship24 offers 24 hours, 7 days a week PTT tracking for all registered mail sent with PTT and its partners. If you just wish to track a few parcels, you can use the Ship24 website for free without having to log in, by simply visiting the homepage and entering your tracking number. For more advanced PTT tracking needs, such as for B2B business tracking options, please see our comprehensive webhook tracking and API services which come with a range of pricing plans to suit your needs.

What are some PTT package tracking statuses I may receive?

When your PTT package is in transit, you may receive a number of tracking notifications as it progresses along its journey. Some of these can be found listed below, with an explanation for your convenience.

PTT Package Tracking Statuses

  • Parcel handed over: This means your parcel has been handed over from one carrier to another.
  • Parcel dispatched: Your package has been dispatched from a depot either to begin its journey, as part of its journey or for final delivery.
  • At customs: Your PTT parcel has reached customs
  • Reached destination country: Your PTT parcel has arrived in the country where it will be delivered
  • Processing: Your parcel is in a sorting centre
  • Awaiting pick-up: Your parcel has been processed and is waiting to be picked up

Please note that when a parcel is handed over to another courier company or carrier, such as an airline or ship as part of its journey, PTT tracking information may not be available when a parcel travels cross-border. However, you can still track your parcel with Ship24, a multi-carrier tracking platform that scans the web for the latest tracking and status information on your parcel using just the PTT tracking number.

Users of Ship24 are not required to log in or give any personal information and can start tracking PTT parcels for free with just their PTT tracking number.

Find out why more and more people are taking their tracking needs to international tracking platforms, such as the one offered by Ship24, due to the superior PTT tracking capability that they provide and say goodbye to worrying about whether you can track a PTT parcel internationally.

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