Iran Post tracking

Iran Post tracking

What is Iran Post?

Iran Post is a government corporation responsible for providing postal services in Iran. It has parcel, packages, envelopes and correspondence services, as well as a tracking Iran Post tool. They have their own electronic marketplace where they provide products such as clothing, cosmetics and canned and preserved food, with its respective delivery service.

How can I track my Iran Post parcel?

Tracking Post Iran is easy. When you need to keep your package monitored, then Iran Post track and trace is the perfect app for you. 
Each package has an Iran Post tracking number that you can track on the Iran Post main page or on the Android app that you can find in the Google Play Store or on the official Iran post page. 
This Iran Post tracking number is a unique serial code that acts like an Id for your package so is very important for you to keep it in case you need to make a claim for a return or inquire about its status if the online platform fails.
You can also use the Ship24 website.

Where does Iran Post ship?

Making an international IRI Post delivery is difficult due to sanctions issued by the United States to the Islamic Republic of Iran, these include an economic embargo and cancellation of shipments as well as the prohibition on receiving parcels from this country. 
Most countries politically allied to the United States support these sanctions, so countries such as Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, The UK are countries that do not accept Iran Post international deliveries. 
Taking the political context aside is a pretty serious setback for those companies that still have a business relationship with the United States and its business allies in Europe. Iran exports petroleum products and this embargo hurt the local economy and production. This added to the thousands of jobs that are affected by this situation plus their own internal state of social uncertainty.
Other countries like Sudan, South Africa, Myanmar (recently released from the sanctioned group) China and Russia, are countries that accept commercial deals and allow the exchange of mail and goods. This somewhat solves the problem of exporting products to small and medium-sized enterprises in the Islamic Republic of Iran but increases transportation costs, which decreases their profits.
A delicate matter in every respect because a country cannot survive without foreign trade or production and being an oil producer mainly is useless to do trade with its neighbors Iraq, Kuwait Libya, and some oil-rich states in Africa. China is a fixed customer and at least they keep these business deals intact. But it is a short-term solution that many entrepreneurs have taken to respond to the needs of their companies, employees, and business partners.

Does Iran Post work with courier partners?

Currently, the Islamic Republic of Iran is under a trade blockade imposed by the United States. So many courier companies keep a distance from getting involved. At least franchise companies like FedEx, UPS. There are other minors who work independently in Iran but do not work together with Iran Post.
This decision was made unanimously by Iran Post and the Islamic government of Iran to respond to what they consider to be a violation of international trade agreements, which hinders trade inside and outside the country that is already under these measures.

Does DHL deliver to Iran? 

The German company DHL, one of the best in the world in terms of parcels and cargoes logistics and transportation, has decided to stop its commercial treatment and delivery services to Iran. The reason is a business decision.
It could be an educated justification for not getting involved in the issue of economic sanctions imposed by the United States on the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is logical being this country is its largest consumer of services. It would be a very big waste of money to lose a client of such magnitude. The issue is that it is not making deliveries yet it still makes deliveries to other countries sanctioned by the United States such as North Korea and Libya.

How long does Iran Post take to ship?

Putting aside the issue of sanctions, Iran Post international deliveries via air can take between 10 and 15 working days. While the cargo is processed in Iran, the exit permit is sealed, the exit taxes and duties are canceled, and the same procedure is made in the destination country.
In addition to this, the Courier service via ship has the same procedure, and it takes around 15-18 weeks, taking into account that scales must be made between countries that are not sanctioned, which lengthens the delivery time of the shipment a few more weeks depending on the intermediary.
If you really need to take an Iran Post Parcel to the United States, Germany, France, or some country that imposed sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran this is the most viable solution. Use the service to link it to a country that is not on the list, and from there connect to a courier company that ships to those countries.
For legal documentation, titles, birth certificates, and other paperwork, it is better to consult the embassy of the destination country if it exists in Iran, and verify the requirements they request to allow the sending and reception of these documents.

 How can I contact Iran Post?

Iran post has its own website where you can contact them and also Track Iran Post downloading the Iran Post track and trace app. This allows you to know the status of your Iran Post Order at all times. 
They offer Courier services throughout the country as well as an online bazaar where you can find electronic equipment, processed food, clothing, jewelry, and software. With its respective scheduled Iran Post delivery service.
The closure of other courier companies such as UPS, DHL, and FedEx because of the sanctions, makes it difficult to transport goods purchased from portals like Amazon or eBay. Their solution is to have this online bazaar service to keep their citizens supplied with goods that would hardly enter the country.
Allies such as China and Russia have not closed their borders or commercial deals with them, this is good news for the Iran Post shipping services, but they do not offer such a variety of brands.

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