Syria Post tracking

Syria Post tracking

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Is Syria Post reliable?

Syria Post is a state-owned company that was founded on October 7, 1975, to contribute and improve the country's social, economic, and scientific development. By the year 2017, President Dr. Bashar Al-Assad approved new legislation that automatically made the company responsible for all postal and correspondence services in the country.
This change seeks to encourage healthy competition in the postal market between public and private companies, in order to improve the country's economic sector. Since the change in its responsibilities, the company has received excellent criticism regarding the reliability and quality of its services. The Syria Post delivery time, for example, is one of the company's best attributes as a reflection that shows the quality of its services.
Understandably, as any company, since 2017 it has received criticism and divided opinions regarding its reliability, but most of the opinions about the company's services are positive. Currently, even though the country is going through a very complicated situation in terms of economic, social and political issues, as well as problems caused by the war, Syria Post has made an effort to ensure the best quality of its services. The punctuality of the Syria Post orders and correspondence delivery is usually very good, and the quality of its customer service also.

Syria Post package tracking

Is it possible to track a package from Syria Post?

Currently, the company's official website does not have an automated and electronic service where users can track and obtain detailed information about the status of their packages or correspondence. Through the website, users can obtain the Syria Post official telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.
Through these data, users can request the tracking of their orders. When the Syria Post tracking service is enabled, users acquire the information of their correspondence and packages in a safe and detailed way, even though they must request the service through emails or phone calls.
It is important to mention that users will not be able to request the tracking of their Syria Post packages if they do not have the package tracking number or ID. The tracking number can only be obtained once all the delivery procedures have been completed and all the corresponding expenses have been paid.
Finally, it is important to mention that due to the problems the country is experiencing, many times the company disables its postal services, so users cannot enjoy Syria Post postal services, including the tracking service during these moments.
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Does Syria Post do only domestic delivery?

Due to the problems the country is experiencing, Syria Post can only guarantee postal deliveries to certain areas at a national level. However, sometimes the Syria government allows sending parcels to international destinations.
When this happens, Syria Post enables all its international services, allowing millions of users to send packages and mail to almost any country in the world. Logistically, Syria Post can send almost any kind of packages and correspondence to more than 192 countries around the world. Besides, Syria Post has the opportunity to have direct contact with all the countries that belong to the Universal Postal Union, known as the UPU.
Although the company has the infrastructure and logistics to send packages to more than 192 countries, including the United States, Israel and the United Kingdom, international postal services are not available most of the time due to the social and political problems the country is experiencing. It is worth noting that, when enabled, the Syria Post shipping service is usually one of the best in the region.

How long does it take to Syria Post to deliver?

Syria's well-known problems have brought the country into the world's spotlight. Due to these problems, the delivery time of the postal services is quite uncertain. Even services like the track Syrian Post are often unreliable, and the response time is often inefficient.
However, on a national level, the Syria Post delivery time is excellent, especially due to the circumstances in the country. The company guarantees that the estimated delivery time for packages and correspondence is from 2 to 4 working days.
The company makes a great effort to guarantee fast and reliable delivery times in all its national postal services. Syria Post wants to offer the best quality of service to millions of users as well as to other companies that require these postal services.
Finally, it is important to mention that in a great effort that Syria Post makes to provide the best possible postal services, the company offers users to send packages nationwide of up to 50 kg. The company does this intending to compete commercially in the country's postal market.

What are Syria Post prices?

Syria Post shipping fees can change due to several factors. On the company's official website, users can access a variety of prices set for national and international services. For the national postal service, the average price for sending and distributing packages or correspondence is 4 dollars. With the EMS postal service, delivery times are faster and more efficient. However, the payment amount is higher, which is usually about 6 dollars.
As for international services, when these services are enabled, payment prices change concerning the country of destination. The highest payment price is 65 dollars. However, the average price that users pay for their shipments is 15 dollars.

Does Syria Post have customer service?

Syria Post contact details can be found on the company's official website. Syria Post makes a great effort to guarantee excellent quality and reliability in its customer service. On the company's official website, users will have access to the company's official emails and telephone numbers.
Besides, Syria Post through the website offers a complete list of all the offices and branches that are available in the country. Finally, the website has an electronic form where users can contact Syria Post customer service. Due to the social and political problems the country is experiencing, these are the best options for users to contact the company's customer service.

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