Qatar Post tracking

Qatar Post tracking

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What is Qatar Post?

Qatar Post or Q-Post is the Qatar Postal Office. This company is based on providing services of mailings, PO Box, money transfer, and more. This company has the mission of connecting Qatar’s population with the world through the Qatar Post delivery services, thereby representing the country by the creation of relationships with consumers and partners in pursuit of Qatar’s 2030 national vision.
Qatar Post was born in 1950, starting as a small and not well-known industry that sent only three direct mailings to other countries. But thanks to the great ambition and support of the people, it now has more than a hundred direct shipments that surround the entire planet, installing more than 130 mailboxes throughout the country where mail is collected day by day.
This company today represents an immense part of the country and its people's history, due to its social impact in the field of communication and technological development during all the years of service provided to the whole nation.

Qatar Post package tracking

How can I track my post in Qatar?

In order to make a Qatar Post tracking process, the client can use the tool offered by the official Qatar Post website, specifically in the first section that appears, where the customer can enter the tracking number of the package and in this way the data will be supplied. This number is the main requirement to obtain information about the status of the post.
Another way to achieve the tracking on the post is by using the company’s “track packages” online tool, which also helps with the Qatar Post EMS tracking service, parcel, support, and more. Likewise, our tracking platform is also available, which is another method that offers to track information from multiple post companies around the world. All the client must do is to enter the tracking number to obtain the tracking information on national and international packages.
However, the customer has the option to subscribe to the tracking results page so that the system can notify them when the package from Qatar Post is finally delivered as soon as the client has updated the current status of the package.

Does Qatar Post deliver internationally? 

Yes, Qatar Post has many delivery requests for many places in the world, depending on the selection or option the client selects to adapt to his Qatar Post order.
Among these options is Global Standard, which is a service for international mailing or packages that take more than a month, but can reach more than 160 countries around the world. In addition to this alternative, Global Express Mail is made to respond to any fast shipment to more than 190 countries. For this service, the company provides the Qatar Post global tracking tool, so that customers have detailed information about the packages at any time.
Finally, “Connected” is the electronic commerce service, which allows international shipping with secure shopping options and delivery of items to online stores in the USA, Asia and the United Kingdom at prices in a competitive position.

How long does it take the Qatar Post to deliver?

Qatar Post is a company that due to having a great variety of destinations, its speed in delivery time varies for each country, depending on its route and type of post.
In the case of shipments to the interior of the country, shipments of packages or letters can be delivered in 1-2 business days with Qatar Standards. On the other hand, for Qatar Express, the customer will be able to receive his parcel in only 1 day.
For Turkey, it usually takes 7-10 business days for the package to arrive from the time the payment is made. The customer will be notified by email that the package left from the base of the Qatar Post department to Turkey.
For the rest of the countries that use Global Express Mail, the Qatar Post delivery time to the order is between 7-10 days, considering the route and destination where the package will arrive. For Global Standards, it consists of 2-10 business days to have the order safe and sound in the comfort of home.  

Is Qatar Post expensive?

In order to obtain the prices for a Qatar Post parcel, it is necessary to enter the web page, specifically the section of the price calculator offered by the system, where the client can select the shipping options depending on the characteristics that the service requires.
From the type of shipment to the weight and the city where it is going, it will determine the Qatar Post shipping fees, and in this way, the client will get a clearer vision of what dimensions of the package represent for their monetary evaluation.
An advantage of Qatar Post is that sometimes it offers discounts for different countries, in which the client can save a certain percentage of the money for the shipment. This is a perfect way to enjoy this initiative much more.

How do I contact Qatar Post?

There are many ways to contact the company; one is by email and another one is through the Qatar Post contact number displayed on the website, which is +974 4446 4000 or +974 4480 7041.
Having an excellent customer service system, through the Qatar Post website, the client will be able to find Frequently Asked Question options, where he will have a variety of questions already solved by the staff trained in each one of the topics.
In the footer, the company leaves the direct email, so the customer feels free to send a message with its comments, questions, opinions, or also complaints about the company. In addition, the client has the option to call the hotline 104, for faster and more specific communication.
For the consumption of daily contact, fast and interactive, the brand makes each of its social networks available to the customers, from which the client can communicate with the experiences of others, learn about fresh or breaking news about the company, and monitor the brand.

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