Empost - Emirates Post tracking

Empost - Emirates Post tracking

United Arab Emirates - بريد الامارات

What is Empost?

Empost Courier service is the official postal company of the United Arab Emirates. The Empost company is also a subsidiary of the Emirates Post Group, a holding company which was established in 2007 after the formation of several postal operators in the country. Empost is main postal service operating in the UAE and is the most popular postal service for citizens. It is also increasingly used for the delivery of overseas eCommerce orders, facilitating both the export and import of goods and their delivery.

Emirates Post was originally founded in the year 1909. In the beginning, it was owned and operated by the Courier Services Office of India. However, after the United Arab Emirates' gained independence, Empost started to work under the direction of the UAE's Ministry of Communications. Finally, the company became a part of the Emirates Post Group, and its operations stopped being regulated by the UAE government. Today Empost is a regional heavyweight in the shipping industry, alongside such private services as Aramex as well as international couriers like DHL, UPS, GEODIS and so on. It also offers EMS services in partnership with lots of other national postal services, including USPS and La Poste.

Empost - Emirates Post package tracking

Where is Empost Located?

The headquarters of Empost are located in Deira, Dubai. From there, Emirates Post manages the flow of all shipments and deliveries, working in partnership with Emirates SkyCargo, and Emirate airlines, both also owned by the Emirates Group.

While Empost is based in the central city of the UAE, Dubai, shipments and deliveries are spread across the multiple airports and processing centres built across the country and therefore packages sent and received from Empost may not pass through Dubai. In fact, dispatch for packages leaving the UAE and imports entering the country are not guaranteed to travel via any particular processing point or Empost facility. If you want to know the route your package has taken and kept up-dated on the progress and route it takes you can do so with the powerful tracking platform from Ship24. Tracking an Empost parcel is easy with Ship24; all you need is your Empost tracking number in order to begin. Once you enter your Empost tracking number on to the Ship24 website, its powerful tracking system will start scouring the web for Empost parcel tracking information. This is useful for a number of different reasons:

  • Multiple courier tracking: Due to the fact that Ship24 scans thousands of different couriers, logistics companies, e-tailers and marketplaces for Empost tracking information, means that if your parcel has changed hands during the progress of its journey (perhaps if it has been handed to a local courier in its destination country) then you can still access Empost tracking information on Ship24.
  • No log-in required: With Ship24 you don't need to login to check the latest information on your Empost parcel. In fact, you don't need to sign-up or provide any personal details about yourself, your business or the parcel to track an Empost parcel. All you need to do is enter your Empost tracking number into the homepage of Ship24 and click go and you'll get the latest information about the location and status of your parcel. Also, Ship24 will remember your previous searches so you don't even have to reenter your Empost tracking number when revisiting the page!

How do I track my shipment from Empost?

When a product is first received by Empost, it is processed and assigned an Empost tracking number that will allow the buyer, seller and Empost themselves to monitor the journey of a parcel. This is the same information that is used by Ship24, but instead of only being able to provide Empost parcel tracking information, it scans thousands of different couriers, making Ship24 a one-stop shop for universal tracking.

Please note, that the identity of the sender and receiver, the travel route, departure time, and estimated arrival time are some of the information which is captured within an Empost tracking number. However, while Ship24 can read this information, it will not take or hold any personal information about the sender or receiver, meaning it is 100 percent safe to track your package with Ship24. Your tracking number will also not be shared with any other third party, so you can rest assured that not only will you have full multi-courier tracking information at your disposal, but it is a safe platform on which to conduct tracking.

Does Empost offer international delivery?

The Emirates Post delivery service covers more than 200 destinations all over the world. International Empost shipments are predominantly delivered via the airline arm of their parent company, Emirates airline, as well as Emirates SkyCargo. The latter usually deals with heavier orders and business to business bulk purchases.

Please note that Emirates have temporarily suspended postal services in the past, one of the reasons behind one suspension/reduction was the global pandemic in 2020, which saw reduced capacity for delivery to some countries, including several in Europe.

Empost also set some conditions for packages, such as that the maximum parcel dimensions should not exceed 1.5 metres, the length must be under 3 meters, and the total weight must not exceed 30 kg. Therefore, it is always best to check directly with the airline before sending a parcel to see what potential restrictions are placed on packages travelling with Empost. In general, it is also always advised to check that the dimensions and weight of your parcel will be accepted by the destination country when sending parcels internationally. Finally, no sent item should contain goods prohibited by either Empost or the destination country. Check with Empost and the customs website of the destination country before sending.

How long does it take for the Emirates Post to deliver?

Empost offers diverse range of delivery options that vary in costs and delivery time. These are designed to meet the needs of the various different customers and businesses which use Empost services. Please find the three core options listed below:

  • The Premium service
  • The express service
  • The standard service.

For domestic shipments, the delivery time can range from same day options, available with purchasing of the premium class of service, to up to three working days using the standard service.

International deliveries take longer to arrive at their destination and may be subject to unexpected delays, for reasons such as customs processing issues in other countries or shipping lane blockages due to bad weather. However, the premium class delivery promises to deliver within 3 business days, while the standard service promises delivery of a parcel within 21 days.

One bonus when sending mail with Empost is that unlike other courier companies, they guarantee delivery time within a certain time frame regardless of the size and weight of the package. This means they are a preferred option for businesses shipping large orders who want to ensure that goods/orders arrive within a certain timeframe for their own business needs. Businesses who need to keep track of various orders and bulk purchases can get international Empost tracking functionality with Ship24. The powerful Ship24 platform can integrate with businesses directly, to make sure every tracking event update for their Empost parcels are available whenever they need them, courtesy of its universal tracking API. In fact, businesses are tracking millions of parcels each month using an integrated Ship24 tracking API so they can keep track of the flow of goods worldwide. Find out about our competitive pricing plans and flexible payment options on our solutions page, which you can find at the top of the screen. Alternatively, discover more on our tracking API and webhook pages.

Is Emirates Post expensive?

The cost of Empost postal services will vary depending on multiple different factors including the size and weight of a parcel, its final destination and so on. Although these conditions don't determine the delivery time, they do affect the price of shipping. Emirates Post calculates the prices of the deliveries according to the characteristics of the parcel. They consider things like the weight, the size, the circumference, the class of the article.

The kind of Empost delivery service used is an important factor that determines the final price the customer will pay. Premium services ensure a faster delivery time but come at a higher price, while the standard service is cheaper, but packages take more time to arrive at the final destination.

Another factor to consider is the distance which the parcel needs to cover. For national deliveries, the costs are much lower than for international shipments due to the UAE being relatively small.

If you want to find out specific prices for the cost of sending a parcel with Empost, the website has a package calculator that provides an estimated cost for national and international deliveries, which allow the user to change different variables in order to see cost differentials.

To use the package calculator, the user must enter the dimensions and weight of their package, in addition to the final destination. After that, the calculator gives an estimated result for the Empost economy, standard, express services.

How do I contact Empost?

The Empost website provides all the contact details of the company should you wish to make an inquiry about either their services or a parcel. You can contact Empost via email, or the dedicated customer services call centre, although opening times may vary and international callers should take into account differing time zones.

Empost has built a reputation for excellent customer service and users have found them to be especially responsive, according to online reviews. If you are calling up about an issue with your Empost parcel, make sure that you get the latest Empost tracking information by searching on Ship24. Finding out the current location and status of your Empost parcel can help when making an inquiry about a package. For example, if you contact Empost to ask about a potential delay, it may take them a while to figure out why. If you search for the latest Empost tracking information on the Ship24 website, you could find that it is currently at customs which could signify why there is a delay with the parcel. Being able to provide this information when calling or emailing Empost can help them resolve issues faster as well as keeping you in the know about your Empost package.

Does Empost offer door-to-door delivery?

Empost is a leading parcel delivery service and much like other global private sector couriers, offers complete end-to-end parcel delivery, whether that is from your door or warehouse to the receiver's address or a business. However, although this service is offered, it does not mean that Empost will handle your parcel for the entire journey and in fact, when parcels leave the UAE they are usually transported by multiple logistics companies before being delivered in their destination country by a local courier.

This can become a worry for some, especially businesses, who need to ensure they have full end-to-end tracking. This is where Ship24 steps in to save the day, offering global Empost tracking which continues to track any Empost parcel across multiple handlers. It offers this service twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, so you can rest assured that you can access your Empost tracking wherever it is heading too or coming from, worldwide.

What is the best way to track Empost?

The best way to track Empost packages is with Ship24. Where Empost can only track Empost packages and may still face difficulty tracking packages on journeys where Empost parcels are part handled by third-party couriers along the way, Ship24 ensures full end-to-end universal tracking capability in one place. Ship24 also can not only track an Empost parcel but offers tracking for thousands of different companies involved in logistics solutions companies as well as national postal services. That's why many companies and individuals are deciding to put an end to switching tracking with different website and doing all their shipment tracking from one place: the Ship24 website. Ship24 offers free tracking for casual users who want to track a few parcels with different couriers, as well as offering comprehensive professional tracking solutions for businesses who need to keep track of hundreds of parcels worldwide at any moment. As a company that offers cross border VAT solutions through our IOSS services, logistics solutions for shipping from China and professional and personal tracking, Ship24 represents a team with in-depth expertise in the sector. Join the hundreds of businesses that track millions of parcels every month with the experts and put your tracking woes behind you.

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