Jordan Post tracking

Jordan Post tracking

What is Jordan Post?

Jordan Post is the main postal company of Jordan and is the property of Jordan's government. Jordan Post is handled by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.
Postal services were one of the first institutional services established in Jordan.
In 1921, Jordan's government opened the first postal service. It was called "The Board of Administrators" and it had 8 offices. These facilities were all connected by a telephone system. It all was in order to communicate important messages and information. Besides, these telephones were also equipped with telegraphs that used the Morse code.
Later on, the Postal Administration started to expand its horizons by opening new offices. Of course, they all were connected through the same telephone network. Throughout the following years, more offices were added to the service. Nowadays, Jordan Post has around 277 offices across the country, where they offer the Jordan Post office tracking service. They also provide different services related to finances, telecommunications, and others.

How do I track my Jordan Post parcel?

Jordan Post deliveries any kind of packages, machines, products, goods, or any other kind of content that can be legally shipped. The Jordan Post delivery is made to the post offices of the country. So, the customers must go to a post office to send or collect a package.
Jordan Post tracking service ensures the integrity of every single Jordan Post order. This way the customer can send or receive any package without worries. First of all, there is a bill of lading that the sender must fill. It must contain all the whole information about the parcel. Besides, the bill has to include the personal data of the sender and the receiver, like full name, e-mail address, telephone number, and geographic address.
It works with a tracking barcode. Such code, called the Jordan Post tracking number, is assigned to the package before leaving. Then, the sender and receiver get such numbers to follow the whole status of the package.
You can also track your Jordan Post parcel on the Ship24 website.

Does Jordan Post ship internationally?

In the early days of this service, Jordan Post only used to ship packages and orders inside the country. Since it is a small territory, all the deliveries were done in a short time. Moreover, during those days, the packages delivered were for government and institutional purposes only. It should be remembered that this company started to work just as Jordan was liberated from British rule. As a result, economic and institutional activities were somewhat reduced. This may also be a result of Jordan's small population.
During the next years, Jordan and its national activities started to arise. Hence, the company had to start expanding their borders. There were so many shipments that had to be received in other countries. Besides, people from Jordan started to use Jordan Post to send common deliveries non-related to government affairs. Thus, the company started to establish the Jordan Post company tracking and other services. Currently, Jordan Post works with shipments to all over the world.

How long does it take to Jordan Post to deliver?

The Jordan Post shipping time can vary depending on the distance from the sender to the receiver, the weight, and other elements. The company's transportation system is operated by different employees. They always try to do the shipping service as quickly as they can.
Many users through the internet describe the Jordan Post shipping as mainly good. They say that their packages are treated with care and delicacy. Jordan Post packages are always packed with special materials and boxes that ensure the product against any threat.
For national shipments, the delivery time of Jordan Post goes from 24 hours to 7 days. However, for international deliveries, Jordan Post can take time from seven days to more than one month. When tracking Jordan Post orders, the customer can get all the shipment information. Of course, it includes an estimated time of arrival of the product. Besides, the company is not responsible for delays with the shipment for detentions made by the authorities of each country.

How much does it cost to send a parcel with Jordan Post?

Jordan Post shipping fees depend on many different elements. More detailed information can be found at Jordan Post web page. In general, Jordan Post calculates the shipping costs by analyzing diverse data of the package. There are many different categories of products influencing the final cost. Besides, the receiving country and the distance between it and Jordan also determine the costs.
For example, packages labeled as EMS are meant to arrive quickly, different from a non-priority small package. The EMS increases the cost. Also, the weight of the package is a very important element. The lower the weight, the lower the cost.
Jordan Post web page offers a section called "Postal Tariff". It is a calculator that gives an estimated cost of delivery. However, it is not completely exact since shipping fees may vary depending on each country's customs policies.

Does Jordan Post have a customer care service?

When it comes to national and international shipments, many things might go wrong. Since Jordan Post is a government institution, they have different ways of contacting. Jordan Post has a call center that is available 24 hours and all 7 days of the week to attend customer's calls and concerns. The operators are always looking to solve the user's problems. Besides, Jordan Post provides an email address for customers to send letters expressing complaints, suggestions and other messages.
That's not everything. Jordan Post is also on social media. Throughout their profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, they post information of interest about the company and its services.
Jordan Post belongs to the government. They work with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. The social profiles of government and Ministry also provide contact ways. It regards those shipment services. The Jordan Post staff is always prepared to solve any problem with shipments and packages.

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