FedEx Tracking Customer Service

FedEx Tracking Customer Service


While FedEx tracking is designed to provide real-time updates on your packages, there may be instances when you require additional support or have specific inquiries. This is where having access to reliable customer service contact information becomes invaluable. Whether you need assistance with tracking delays, delivery concerns, or general inquiries, reaching out to FedEx's customer service team ensures that your concerns are promptly addressed.

To make your experience as seamless as possible, FedEx offers multiple avenues for contacting their customer service representatives. Whether you prefer to communicate over the phone, through email, or even via live chat, FedEx strives to provide a variety of options to cater to your specific needs.

Throughout this guide, we will explore these various methods and provide you with comprehensive instructions on how to utilize them effectively. Additionally, we will introduce an alternative tracking method, Ship24, which can enhance your tracking experience and provide valuable insights into your FedEx shipments.

FedEx Tracking Customer Service package tracking

Contacting FedEx Tracking Customer Service via Phone

If you require immediate assistance or have complex tracking inquiries, contacting FedEx customer service by phone is an excellent option. By speaking directly with a knowledgeable representative, you can address your concerns promptly and receive personalized support.

To reach FedEx customer service via phone, find the needed information you need below:

North America

Customer Service Contact Information
U.S. Customer Service 1-800-463-3339
U.S. International Customer Service 1.800-247-4747
U.S. FedEx Express Freight Services
(shipments over 150 lbs.)


Country Contact Information
Austria 0800 123 800
Belgium 02 752 75 75
Bulgaria 35970070010
Cyprus 0035722606100
Czech Republic 800 1 33339
Denmark 70 233 332
Estonia 8002345
Finland 010800515
France 0825 886 887 (0.15 EUR TTC/mc)
Germany 01806 111 800 (20 cents per minute from a German landline. Mobile rate max. 60 cents per call.)
Greece 00302108905900
Hungary 36 80 980 980
Ireland 1800 535 800
Israel 0097277226850
Italy +39 02-
Latvia 800005300
Lithuania 8800 20200
Luxemborg 8002 35 55
Netherlands 0800 0222 333
Norway 63 94 03 00
Poland 801 002 800 or 22 211 80 00 (for mobile phones)
Portugal 00351707100869
Romania 40213034567
Slovakia 00421248275868
Slovenia 0038615878333
Spain 902 100 871
Sweden 0200 252 252
Switzerland 0848 1 33339 (0.08 CHF./min from a Swiss landline; mobile charges depend on provider)
Turkey 444939
United Kingdom 03456 07 08 09

You can find the contact phone number of other European countries on the FedEx homepage.

Middle East/India

Country Contact Information
Bahrain 80004314
India 1 800-22-6161
Israel 1-700-700-339
Kuwait 22069135(Its not a toll free number)
Oman 80070112
Saudi Arabia 800 8501520
UAE 8000150001

You can find the contact phone number of other Middle Eastern countries on the FedEx homepage.


Country Contact Information
South Africa 08000 33339

You can find the contact phone number of other African countries on the FedEx homepage.


Country Contact Information International Contact Information
Australia 13-26-10 +61-2-8117-5885
New Zealand 0800.733.339 +64-9-256-5382
Indonesia 1500342 N/A
Papua New Guinea 675-325-2411 N/A
Fiji 679-672-3412 N/A
New Caledonia 36-67-17 687-36-67-17
Vanuatu 23991 678-23991, 678-5541210
French Polynesia 40-45-365 689-40-45-3645
American Samoa 699-48 684-699-4800
Cook Islands 233-62 682-23362
Hong Kong +852-2730-3333 N/A
Macau N/A +853-2870-3333
China For mobile users: 400-886-1888
For telephone users: 800-988-1888
Malaysia +603-7721-1388 1800-88-6363
Singapore 1800-743-2626 (Toll-free) +65-6743-2626
Thailand 1782 +662-491-2000
Cambodia +855 23 923 339 N/A
Vietnam 028-3948-0370, 1-800-58-58-35 (Toll-free) N/A
Myanmar Service to Myanmar/Burma has been suspended until further notice. N/A
Japan Toll-free: 0120-003200
Calls from within Japan: 043-298-1919
Korea 1588-0588 +82-2-1588-0588

PLDT, Sun, Smart Subscribers: 1-800-10-46-33339

For Globe Subscribers: 1-800-8-46-33339

Other Network Subscribers: +63-45-4993900

Taiwan 0800-075-075 +886-2-2181-1973

You can find the contact phone number of other Asian countries on the FedEx homepage.

Latin America

Country Contact Information
Argentina 011-5411-4630-0300
Brazil/Sao Paulo 0800 703 3339
Chile 011-562-361-6111
Dominican Republic 1-809-565-3636
Jamaica 1-876-960-9192
Mexico 011-525-55-228-9904
Panama 1-507-271-3838
Puerto Rico 1-787-793-9300

Uruguay 011-598-2-628-0100
Venezuela 011-58-212-205-3333

You can find the contact phone number of other Latin American countries on the FedEx homepage.

Contacting FedEx Tracking Customer Service via Email Support

If you prefer written communication or have non-urgent tracking inquiries, contacting FedEx customer service via email allows you to explain your concerns in detail and receive a written response.

To contact FedEx tracking customer service via email, follow these steps:

  1. Compose a new email and leave the subject line blank.
  2. Write your FedEx tracking number. You can enter up to 30 tracking numbers, separated by a comma, or one tracking number per line.
  3. Send your email to the appropriate FedEx customer service email address, which is

Contacting FedEx Customer Service via Live Chat

For immediate assistance without the need for a phone call, FedEx offers a convenient live chat option. Engaging in a real-time conversation with a customer service representative can help you quickly address your tracking inquiries and receive timely resolutions.

To access FedEx live chat support, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the FedEx website and navigate to the customer support section.
  2. Look for the live chat support option and click on it to initiate a chat session.
  3. Provide your tracking details and briefly explain your tracking inquiry or issue.
  4. Engage in a live chat conversation with the customer service representative, who will assist you in resolving your concerns.

Introducing Ship24 as an Alternative Way to Track FedEx Packages

Ship24 is an innovative and reliable third-party tracking service that provides an alternative solution for tracking FedEx packages. With its enhanced tracking capabilities, Ship24 offers a convenient and efficient way to monitor your shipments.

The steps for tracking with Ship24 are as follows:

  1. Enter your FedEx tracking number on the homepage or the search field above.
  2. Click on the arrow button or hit enter button.
  3. Wait for a few seconds for your tracking results to show.
FedEx tracking customer service

Tracking FedEx packages using Ship24 is a convenient and reliable solution. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily utilize Ship24's tracking features. Stay in control of your shipments with Ship24 and enjoy a hassle-free tracking experience.

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