Fedex Tracking Number

Fedex Tracking Number


What is a FedEx tracking number?

A FedEx tracking number is a combination of numbers and letters which are generated for each parcel which is handled by FedEx. Each number will be unique, and the various characters will not only be indicators to the various FedEx processing depots, forwarding centers, and delivery drivers but will also allow users to track their FedEx parcel along the entire route of its journey. Your FedEx tracking number is very important and you should receive it either on your receipt if you have dropped off your parcel directly, in a confirmation email from FedEx, or via the seller or marketplace you have purchased an item (if they are using FedEx to deliver the order). Once you have got your FedEx tracking number, head to Ship24 and paste it into the search bar to begin universal package tracking all from one place. No registration or login is required, we make package tracking as simple as possible. Try the next level of FedEx tracking today.

Tracking numbers were initially invented by FedEx, for the sole purpose of allowing them as a company to track the flow of parcels. It was then quickly realized that customers would also appreciate and benefit a tracking service also, which is when FedEx tracking numbers began to be given out. This development has since become an industry standard and the ability to track packages, especially for businesses, has become extremely important. At Ship24, we have taken this to the next level by creating a one-stop shop for tracking, meaning you can track with all your favorite international couriers and marketplaces all in one place. This is because we are offering to track thousands of logistics firms, transporters, couriers, e-tailers, distance sellers, and more, meaning you don't need to switch tracks every time you switch companies responsible for delivering your package. If you want an all-encompassing solution to your global tracking, choose the experts, Ship24.

Fedex Tracking Number package tracking

Which FedEx services come with a FedEx tracking number?

All of the FedEx services which come with a FedEx tracking number can be followed on the Ship24 website. For reference, a list of these services has been added below.

  • FedEx Priority (US)

Coverage: In the United States, regional restrictions apply
Delivered daily (except Sundays)
Delivered within 24 hours or 'overnight'

  • FedEx International Priority

Delivered Monday to Friday. Saturday service available in some countries
Delivery Times: Usually are delivered within 1-3 business days, with deliveries within or near the US typically being overnight whereas deliveries to major cities in Europe being within 2 business days.
Delivery Area: More than 220 countries and territories
Package Size: Ship any package up to 68 kg. (150lbs. )

  • FedEx Home Delivery

Coverage: Worldwide
Delivered on Saturdays
Delivered within 5 days

  • FedEx 2 days Delivery

Delivered daily (except Sundays before 4.30 pm)
Delivery time: 2 days
Coverage: In the United States, territorial restrictions apply

Please note, all of the above services will include a FedEx tracking number and therefore can be tracked using Ship24. Use your FedEx tracking number on Ship24 today to see the difference tracking with us makes!

Can I get a business tracking API for FedEx tracking numbers?

Yes! Ship24 has developed special tracking API and webhook functionalities for businesses that are looking to optimize their global tracking. Our comprehensive API system comes with a number of advantages, including rapid integration and ultra-competitive pricing which can be adjusted to the needs of your business, all supported by our international team of shipping sector experts! Check out our API and webhook solutions page at the top of the website or chat with one of our team today and find out how we can take your tracking capability to the next level. Our tracking API is universal, multicarrier (tracking over one thousand different entities), and trusted by thousands of businesses to track millions of parcels each year!

FedEx's main courier rivals, which are also covered by Ship24 tracking services, are DHL, DPD, TNT, French Post, UPS, and more.

Does the weight and size of my parcel affect my FedEx tracking number?

Once you have purchased FedEx parcel delivery services, you will receive a FedEx tracking number. What this FedEx tracking number will look like will depend on the dimensions and weight of your parcel and its destination. Each FedEx tracking code is made up of numbers that indicate these aforementioned factors and your FedEx consignment number will reflect these.

As each tracking number is unique, it is impossible to go through and explain all the different combinations. However, the good news is you don't need to know what the various letters and numbers of your FedEx tracking number mean, you just need to be able to identify it as your tracking number so you can copy and paste it into Ship24! When you paste your FedEx tracking number into Ship24, our powerful tracking system will read and interpret all of the characters entered and pull the latest information related to your FedEx shipment right away. You don't need to enter any other information besides your FedEx tracking number, such as your name, the destination address, or otherwise. Simply enter the FedEx tracking number on the homepage and get instant results on the latest location and status of your package.

For reference and information important to know prior to purchasing FedEx shipping, please check the weight and dimension guidelines as shown below:

  • FedEx Express - packages 150 lbs or less. Dimensions can be up to 119 inches in length and 165 inches in girth.
  • FedEx Express international - packages 150 lbs or less. Dimensions up to 108" in length and 130 inches in girth.
  • FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery - packages 150 lbs or less. Dimensions up to 108 inches in length, and 165 inches in girth.
  • FedEx Express Freight - Individual skids of 150 lbs or more.

Please note that skids weighing more than 2,200 lbs and which are over 70 inches in height, 119 inches in length, or 80 inches in width will need to be approved by FedEx directly before flying.

Remember, all of the weights and dimensions are shown above can be tracked with Ship24. Revolutionize the way you track all your shipments today by using your next FedEx tracking number on our website and discover a whole new level of tracking.

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