Fedex Shipping

Fedex Shipping


What is FedEx shipping?

FedEx shipping refers to the delivery services offered by the US based international private courier service. FedEx shipping encompasses multiple services, including and package transportation, freight forwarding, last-mile delivery, express mail delivery and more.

FedEx Express shipping prides itself on connecting people and possibilities, which means business, providing customers with the world's largest air express network and expansive worldwide road network which is responsible for connecting over 220 countries and territories worldwide. FedEx shipping began in 1973 and has since grown from strength to strength, becoming a leader in the parcel shipping industry. Most people are aware of FedEx shipping and many trust that FedEx shipments will arrive on time and undamaged, in a true testament to the companies trustworthiness, due to its long and rich history.

FedEx main global competitors include DHL, UPS, GEODIS, DPD, 4PX and more. However, FedEx also works in partnership with many other couriers and firms which it uses to help it deliver goods to areas where (although few and far between) it does not have a presence. This is why tracking with a third-party shipping tool like Ship24 can be so useful for those who use FedEx shipping or any other of the thousands of couriers covered by our tracking system. If you want more information, scroll down our home page and check out our listed couriers which we cover. You will find all of the major couriers, as well as national postal services such as the China Post as well as marketplaces and e-talers, all trackable from one place, here at Ship24. Get more from your FedEx shipping tracking, with Ship24.

Fedex Shipping package tracking

How big is FedEx shipping?

The FedEx operation is one of the largest of any courier in the world, with truly global reach spanning more than 220 countries.
in Europe alone, FedEx boasts nearly 50,000 team members, serving 74 airports and making deliveries with a vehicle fleet of more than 25,000 vans and shuttles. It also includes within its fleet trucks and trailers which number in excess of 6,500.

FedEx shipping also has around 70 inhouse aircraft at its disposal. All in all, this amounts to a major logistics operation and this only detail one continent on which FedEx operates. Also, thanks to its partnerships with other logistics firms and couriers, including TNT, it continues to offer one of the most global, choice rich parcel delivery services worldwide. Its main European depots and centres which it conducts FedEx shipping from are located in Roissy-Charles de Gaulle of France, Cologne of Germany and Liège of Belgium.

What is FedEx shipping tracking information?

If you are tracking FedEx shipping then you will receive certain tracking updates, known as event updates, which are usually as easy to understand as possible. To give you some examples of FedEx shipping event updates, you may receive some that say in transit, checked in at depot or parcel delivered. These will mean that the package is being transported from one place to another, it has been received by a FedEx processing centre and is being processed before the next dispatch or the FedEx package was delivered successfully to the recipient. Alternatively, you may receive a notification which reads attempted delivery, which will mean that there was an issue with the delivery.

Using Ship24 to track your FedEx parcel shipping is the best way to keep up to date with the movement of your parcel and allow you to act if there is an issue, such as a failed delivery as explained above. Make sure to check in with Ship24 regularly to make sure your parcel is transitting smoothly along its journey and keep yourself informed if there is a problem. Knowing the latest status and location of your parcel, and any issues that may have arose, will help you resolve the situation with FedEx shipping customer services directly.

Where is my FedEx shipping tracking number?

A FedEx shipping tracking code or number is usually between 8 and 15 characters long, consisting of numbers, letters, or both. It should be sent to you via confirmation email or if you have dropped a package in person, on the recipt. If you have ordered an item from a marketplace which is using FedEx to deliver the order, then you should check with the seller or platform directly. The number should be instantly recognizable. Please note that if a seller needs to ship the parcel personally, there may be a delay while they organize shipping before you receive your FedEx shipping tracking number. Once you receive you FedEx shipment traking code, head to Ship24 and begin your end-to-end tracking all in one place. Get more, with Ship24.

How do I track FedEx shipping?

You can track FedEx shipments directly using either Ship24 or FedEx. The reason why so many people are converting their shipping tracking to Ship24 is because of the numerous benefits which are offered over the traditional, direct method of shipping.

Firstly, Ship24 is a multicarrier site, which means that you can continue to track your FedEx shipping even if at some periods of its journey it is handed over to third-party logistics firms (such as when packages do not travel with the FedEx shipping fleet or aircraft, and are temporarily handled by another transporter instead). Also, you won't need to switch how or where you track your parcel along its route. In fact, you won't even need to log in! Simply enter your tracking information into the search bar on the Ship24 website and we will instantly begin searching for all the relevant information available on your FedEx shipment. To do this, please follow the steps below. Remember, you will need your FedEx shipping code, also called a FedEx tracking number, in order to search for your parcel (we don't need any information about the parcel itself or your details, just the shipping number! ).

  • Enter your FedEx tracking number in the Ship24 search bar.
  • Click to begin tracking your parcel instantly.
  • In just a few seconds, Ship24 will search all our covered couriers for the latest FedEx shipping information available.
  • Success! You will receive the latest info on your parcel, including its current status and location as well as its journey so far.

If you have any issues with your parcel, please contact FedEx directly.

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