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Temu tracking


Get all the latest tracking updates of your Temu orders with a universal tracking solution, Ship24. Simply enter your Temu tracking numbers on the homepage and get all the information you need for your Temu package tracking. You can track up to 10 Temu order tracking numbers simultaneously and get your results within a few seconds.

Temu  package tracking

How to Track Temu Orders

When it comes to tracking your Temu orders, there are three options that can be chosen. The options are tracking by the mobile app, tracking by the website, and tracking by a third-party universal tracking website such as Ship24. Ship24 supports order tracking to popular marketplaces such as SHEIN, Shopee, Amazon, and thousands of other marketplaces.

Temu Tracking by Mobile App

  1. Sign in to your Temu account and click on You.
  2. Click on Your Orders.
  3. Select the Temu order that you want to track.
  4. Click on Track and you should be able to see the tracking details of your orders.
  5. A Temu tracking number will also be shown if provided by the seller.

Temu Tracking by Website

  1. Log in to your Temu account and press on your username.
  2. Go to Your Orders.
  3. Select the Temu order that you wish to track and press View Order Details.
  4. Click on Track on the right side of the page.
  5. You should also see a Temu tracking number if it's provided.

Temu Tracking with Ship24

Tracking your Temu orders with Ship24 is the simplest way to get your tracking updates. To begin tracking with Ship24, all you would have to do is copy or type in the Temu tracking number on the homepage or on the search field above.

Temu tracking

Ship24 supports tracking to more than 1,200 couriers globally which means that if the seller shipped your Temu orders through China Post, DHL, or even FedEx, you can expect Ship24 to deliver you with all the tracking updates that you need.

Temu Global Tracking

To get international tracking, you will need the seller to provide a Temu tracking number. If a Temu tracking number is provided, you can just go ahead and copy the tracking number on the Ship24 homepage.

Ship24 has a courier auto-detection which means that even if your packages are being handled by other couriers such as USPS or UPS, you can guarantee that Ship24 has got your back with all the tracking information that you need. You can even track up to 10 Temu tracking numbers at the same time and get your results almost instantly.

Although, don't get confused with the tracking number and order number. Ship24 also supports giving you tracking information when the tracking number is entered and not the order number.

Temu Order Tracking Status

After successfully purchasing an item from Temu and getting a confirmation email, you will be able to track your Temu orders. Upon entering the Temu tracking numbers, you will see a list of tracking statuses on the Temu app that tells the current situation of your orders.

Temu Tracking Status Description
Shipped The seller has received your Temu order and will soon be delivered to you.
Pre-Transit The seller has included a Temu tracking number on your order and it's waiting to be scanned at the selected courier's facility.
In Transit The Temu order is on its way to be delivered to your doorstep.
Delivered The Temu package has reached its destination.

Please be mindful that these are the tracking notifications you will on the Temu app or website. You can also enter your Temu tracking numbers on a third-party tracking website like Ship24 to get a more detailed and accurate tracking update of your Temu orders.

Temu Delivery Time

Depending on the courier company that the seller has chosen to ship your Temu order, it can take up to 7 to 35 business days to deliver your orders from China to the United States. However, if express shipping was chosen, your Temu order could reach your doorstep within 1 to 7 business days, making it a quicker alternative to getting your orders.

Similarly, Temu offers its customers two types of shipping: Standard Shipping and Express Shipping.

Temu Shipping Method Delivery Time
Standard Shipping 8 to 25 business days
Express Shipping The estimated delivery time can be seen after confirming your orders.

While your Temu packages will be delivered at the estimated time of arrival, several circumstances could lead to the delay of your package. Circumstances such as flight arrangements, inclement weather, and road blockages are some circumstances that could lead to an extended delivery time.

Temu Order Shipping Cost

When you are on the checkout and payment page, you will receive two options regarding your shipping method. You can either choose Standard Shipping or go for a faster alternative, which is Express Shipping.

When you opt for Standard Shipping, Temu gives FREE delivery for almost all orders. The only downside to this is that it might take some time before you can receive your Temu packages.

On the other hand, when Express Shipping is the chosen method, the Temu orders will be delivered to you quickly. However, Express Shipping comes with a fee of $12.90 for orders below $99 but it is a FREE option when you order more than $129.

Temu Contact Information

For any questions about buying, paying, ordering, or any other related issues, you can head over to their website and check out their frequently asked questions. If you still can't find the answer you're looking for, Temu has dedicated live agents that can respond quickly and are available 24/7.

Otherwise, you can contact Temu on their social media like TikTok and Instagram.

About Temu

Temu is an online marketplace that was launched in Boston, United States in September 2022. It is a subsidiary company of one of the largest Chinese eCommerce platforms, Pinduoduo and aims to target consumers in the North American market. Pinduoduo started Temu in hopes of facing rivals such as Alibaba and JD.com.

On Temu, sellers or merchants can sell their products such as jewellery, clothing, garden and pet supplies, and home appliances at an extremely discounted price. It could be marked as a potential contender for eCommerce giants such as Amazon, eBay, and SHEIN. Not only can Temu boast its cheap and affordable pricing to its consumers but also provides them with fast and reliable shipping with free delivery to almost all items on their Standard Shipping option.

Buyers can place their orders by heading to the Temu website or by downloading the Temu app which is available on iOS and Android.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where does Temu ship from?

With the goal to cut out middlemen, Temu offers many discounted items available on the website where sellers typically ship the items from China to consumers in the United States.

The reason why Temu ships from China is to avoid middlemen and to avoid building a bunch of warehouses in the United States to continue to provide buyers with cheap but high-quality items.

Sellers in Temu can also ship their items on Ship24. Ship24 offers a fast, reliable, and affordable way of shipping from China to any part of the world.

Is Temu a legit website?

Temu is a legitimate and reliable marketplace to shop for products that are cost-friendly and high-quality. Temu is a subsidiary company of Pinduoduo, an eCommerce platform in China that caters to more than 11 million vendors globally and serves more than 900 million buyers all over the world.

While there are many reviews about the Temu website, most were positive feedback. Many users got their email confirmation right away, their Temu tracking number, and even got their orders on time. A lot of users use Ship24 to track their Temu orders due to its fast, accurate, and reliable tracking information.

When it comes to the quality of the items and services, there are many mixed reviews about it. Some were satisfied and amazed by the size, quality, and overall products they purchased while some were left dissatisfied due to wrong sizes, slow delivery, and slow customer service.

Since Temu offers free shipping to almost all orders, all we can do is be patient since free shipping usually takes some time, even to most online marketplaces.

What carrier delivers Temu packages?

Temu collaborates with major delivery companies in the United States such as China Post, USPS, LaserShip and many others, despite sourcing the majority of its products from warehouses and factories in China. They take measures to make sure that your items are transported on time, allowing you to monitor the progress via a tracking number on their app, website, or a third-party tracking website.

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