MassGenie tracking

MassGenie tracking

Shopping through MassGenie takes on a new meaning. On this online shopping and sales platform, customers have access to a new experience; inspired by them and driven by this company with the aim of making shopping fun and memorable.

What is MassGenie?

It is an e-commerce platform that succeeds with its unique social model, offering customers a unique experience with great advantages when making their purchases.
With MassGenie, the client will always come first, by devising an innovative system known within this platform as Power Deal, in which a group of buyers will be able to make collective purchases, with the sole objective of obtaining better prices.
The MassGenie coupon known as "Power Deals" opens the possibility for buyers to get better prices through collective purchases that are driven by social networks. In this sense, sellers make their efforts to offer customers better and higher discounts.
Power Deals are short-term promotional discounts on items for which large discounts can be obtained. They can be initiated by both a buyer and a seller. The success of a Power Deal is measured by the union of a seller and several buyers who achieve a minimum quantity.
The more buyers participate, the higher the bids on the items can be. This dynamic has allowed MassGenie to advance its vision by redefining the online marketplace experience through the promotion and strengthening of social shopping.
This platform offers to all its wide community of clients more than 1.7 million varied and excellent products of great quality; managing to group more than 20,000 brands.

Is MassGenie safe?

MassGenie offers its users total security and privacy. Their site is Norton Secured, which is under the supervision of Security Metrics. In addition, MassGenie offers all its users the possibility of sharing their social shopping experience online, through Trustpilot. There, you can find all the references that can clarify any doubts regarding the operation of this e-commerce platform.
As for payment systems, MassGenie makes it clear on its site that it accepts payments by credit cards, which include Visa, American Express, Discover, JCB and Diners Club. They clarify that all orders placed by credit cards are subject to credit verification and approval.
At MassGenie, every customer can be assured that every transaction is protected. No hidden or unauthorized charges to your credit card. MassGenie guarantees a safe experience.

Where is MassGenie located?

MassGenie is located in Costa Mesa, California, where it maintains its headquarters.

How do I track my MassGenie order?

As soon as a sale has been made, the seller will be responsible for uploading the information related to shipping and tracking. In other words, the seller will provide you with a MassGenie tracking number so that you can effectively realize your MassGenie track order.
Another effective way to track my MassGenie order and stay informed about your order is to use the courier system provided by the seller to send the tracking messages.

Is MassGenie delivery fast?

It is important that any customer or user wishing to participate in the MassGenie experience knows that MassGenie delivery times are agreed upon and depend directly on each vendor.
MassGenie is the means of contact for the promotion of the thousands of brands and articles, but as far as the subject of shipping is concerned: couriers, costs and shipping time will depend on each seller. This in no way means that MassGenie cannot intervene in case of any irregularity or unjustified delay.
The vast majority of vendors who are part of the large MassGenie community send their orders within 2 working days after purchase. Please note that the MassGenie shipping times will depend largely on the courier chosen during the payment.
To give you an estimate of the delivery times, we show you the following information that will be very helpful:

  • The Standard delivery for the United States takes 4-14 business days after shipment; however, it may take up to 21 business days.
  • The Fast Delivery for the United States: 2 to 6 business days after shipment.
  • The Two-Day U.S. Delivery: 2 business days after shipment.
  • The Express delivery in the United States: 1 business day after shipment.

MassGenie will always provide customers with the seller's overall historical shipping performance on all their sold items so that customers have a fairly accurate and approximate estimate.  In this regard, it is important to clarify that the estimated shipping time does not in any way record the transit time from the seller's facility to the customer's facility.

Where does MassGenie can deliver?

MassGenie shipping takes place throughout the United States, where it will take some time depending on the zones or states to which the shipment is to be made. MassGenie vendors generally take weekends off, so it should not be included in the wait calculation.
Unfortunately, international delivery is not currently available, but this does not mean that it is not being worked on hard to provide it in the future.

Is MassGenie shipping expensive?

Sellers are responsible for setting their own shipping rates. For example, when MassGenie presents a calculation on the price of a Power Deal, both the price of the product and the shipping rate enters into that total price.
The purchase of several products could generate several MassGenie shipping costs; so each customer should consult directly with the seller about the options or consult the shipping policy to go a little deeper into the issue of shipping prices.

How do I contact MassGenie?

For any questions about your purchase or to clarify your doubts regarding a Power Buy, please write to where you will receive all the orientation of the MassGenie customer service.  The customer service team will always be happy to help you with any issue where you require additional information or guidance.
For more information on MassGenie code or MassGenie coupon promotions, please go to to become part of this community where social shopping takes on new importance.

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