Gun Auction tracking

What is Gun Auction?

Gun Auction is an American company that offers firearms auction services throughout the country. It does so through an online platform, where users can process all their transactions quickly and easily. Currently, Online Gun Auction has millions of registered users who participate in firearms auctions daily.
The company offers auctions, where users from different regions and areas of the United States can obtain different types of firearms, from pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, and even explosives. It is important to mention that the company has the support and consulting of professionals from the United States armed and security forces, who have more than 40 years of experience.
Gun Auction only has the contribution of qualified personnel and is academically prepared to offer services where only good quality weapons are auctioned. On the other hand, they are also trained to comply with all legislation and regulations required by the U.S. government for this kind of business and transactions.
From the legal point of view, Gun Auction has all the necessary resources with the required laws and at the same time offers the necessary advice to all users participating in the auction.
It is important to mention, that the platform and auction system is not only available for the United States, since the Gun Auction in Canada is also available, which not only offer the same services that are available in the United States, but are also designed to comply with the laws and regulations of Canada.
Currently, the company offers a wide range of firearms and different brands. Users can purchase traditional firearms, firearms of pure U.S. origin, or firearms from other countries.
Depending on the interests and needs of the users, people from different parts of the country can acquire the firearms they want and are always in compliance with the strict conditions and laws of the United States and Canadian governments regarding the purchase, sale, and carrying of firearms.

Is sending guns legal?

Gun Auction has been responsible for creating a safe and reliable system where millions of users can send and acquire firearms legally. All transactions not only comply with the strict federal laws of the United States and Canadian governments, but users can also receive all the legal advice necessary to participate in the auctions and acquire the weapons of their choice.
All users who are going to participate in the auctions must have a legal license from the FFL, which allows them to carry firearms and send them through the Gun Auction platform. In this sense, all Gun Auction shippings comply with all corresponding legal frameworks.

What is a reserve auction on Gun Auction?

Once the buyer offers a certain product, he has the opportunity to set a reserve price for that product. The reserve price is the lowest sales price that the seller is willing to accept. That said, the reserve price is always kept secret from buyers so as not to affect the natural development of auctions when setting a fair price.
All auctions start with a bid, which may equal or exceed the reserve price. When this happens, the seller is notified. Similarly, if the final bid does not exceed the reserve price, the seller also receives a notification, and a posting is made on the platform. On the other hand, sellers also decide not to publish a product with a reserve auction.

Can I track my package from Gun Auction?

To use the Gun Auction Tracking system, the user must be correctly registered in the online platform. Once the users' data has been verified, they can participate in the auctions and then follow and track their products.
Users can track their products via email and by contacting the vendors. They can request a "track my Gun Auction order" once they have completed all the necessary paperwork.

Do I have to pay for the shipping on Gun Auction?

All shipping costs are to be considered by the buyer and seller. Once they both contact each other, they can determine the shipping costs and determine who is responsible for the cost. The company is not responsible for shipping costs and fees.

Where does Gun Auction can deliver?

At this time, Gun Auction can only ship and deliver firearms in Canada. To avoid any legal inconvenience with governments of other countries, the company does not handle firearms shipments and deliveries to other countries. However, users from other countries can participate in the auctions, as long as they comply with all applicable legal conditions.

How long does it take to receive my Gun Auction package?

Delivery time may vary according to several factors. Once the buyer contacts the seller, all the corresponding payment and variation processes must be processed. These processes can take between 3 to 7 days approximately.
Afterward, sellers can manage the shipping of the products. Gun Auction uses transportation providers such as UPS, therefore, delivery time can take approximately one week, regardless of the region of the United States or Canada.

How do I contact the seller of an auction on Gun Auction?

Users can get in touch through different alternatives. Mainly they can contact the Gun Auction customer Service through the company's official telephone numbers. Similarly, they can also contact through the phone numbers that are only available on the official website of Gun Auction.
Users may also request and receive legal advice regarding firearms transactions and shipments. The company has a legal team trained to solve any kind of inconvenience from users. These consultations can be requested in the United States, as well as in Canada. The idea is that users can participate in auctions safely and reliably, without the need to break any law or government regulation. 
Depending on the type of request and service that users are going to request, they can use different types of email or phone numbers. Customer service only works from Monday to Saturday, from 8 AM to 5 PM. While your response time may take approximately 2 days, it is advisable to be patient when using Gun Auction customer service.

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