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Outlet PC is the ideal space where you can find what you need for your PC, accessories, spare parts and everything that can help you customize your equipment according to your requirements. It is an online platform that is able to respond to your needs and take your shipments anywhere.

What is OutletPC?

OutletPC is an e-commerce platform, dedicated to the sale of computer systems and products. In OutletPC you will find the spare parts and pieces that will help you to optimize the operation of your equipment.
Since 2001, OutletPC has been dedicated to offering its customers the best equipment, tablets, cell phones, hardware, among others to bring them to their doorstep.
OutletPC focuses its efforts on offering its clients high-quality products at the most accessible prices and creating a space where the client finds excellent attention and accompaniment in each of its processes. OutletPC knows the importance of building a solid business relationship between its vendors and customers. In order to achieve this, they offer the best customer service.
Likewise, they offer promotions and offers such as the OutletPC discount code with which you can access incredible offers.  These codes according to OutletPC policy have a limit of 1 per household or family group.
OutletPC maintains its warehouse near the Valley Auto Mall area in Henderson. Georgia, USA

Is OutletPC reliable?

In addition to offering secure payment methods that guarantee the protection of its customers' bank details; OutletPC verifies all orders, to offer additional protection to the customer with each purchase. To do so, the company will contact you to verify firsthand the information provided and linked to the order. Among OutletPC payment methods you will find:
Bank transfers
Redsys Platform: Provides all the security and convenience of paying with your credit card without commissions or surcharges.

How can I track my order from OutletPC?

As soon as OutletPC sends your order, the customer will receive an email with the shipping confirmation, on the "Order Status" page. From there, the customer can check all the progress related to the process.
In case you have not received the email, please write to OutletPC to receive the information that will allow you to perform the OutletPC tracking.

Does OutletPC have free shipping?

This service is available for all orders to the lower states of the continental US. How can I access this service? You only need to load your shopping cart with the items you want to take and click on the OutletPC free shipping option.
As referred to on their website, free shipping is possible thanks to the intervention of all the courier companies they use. The weight, the destination of the shipment and the number of articles are also evaluated.

How long does OutletPC take to deliver?

OutletPC shipping time is limited both by the shipping method chosen by the customer and by the characteristics of the article. OutletPC has been characterized for years by offering an almost instantaneous delivery on the products they keep in stock; it is possible for the customer to have the item within 24 to 48 hours, provided the order is placed well before the deadline.
When the order involves special assembly and customization, they take a little longer, so delivery can take place within 72 hours after the shipping request. Please note that only business days will be considered for deliveries.
In cases where the product is not available, the customer will be informed who to express dissatisfaction; or inability to wait for the product to arrive can opt for OutletPC cancel order option.
The messengers with whom OutletPC works, always thinking of providing the client with the best options for savings in shipping are the following:

  • FedEx
  • Ground UPS
  • Ontrac
  • UPS First Class Mail
  • UPS Priority Mail

Does OutletPC deliver internationally?

OutletPC international shipping is available for more than 65 countries worldwide. For optimal compliance with this method of delivery, OutletPC usually makes a selection from its team of couriers and even chooses another one, to ensure that delivery outside the U.S. is made correctly and without incidents that could delay or prevent the shipment in the worst case.
OutletPC shipping is available for: Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, all-Canadian provinces, Quebec, provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and the following countries:

  • Saudi Arabia
  • Chile
  • Barbados
  • Spain
  • Egypt
  • Poland
  • Costa Rica
  • United Kingdom
  • Mexico
  • Taiwan
  • Canada, among many others.

In order to provide its customers with a quality service, OutletPC offers them the possibility to communicate with their OutletPC customer service before placing an order; so that they can get all the advice and information needed to make the best decision.

What are OutletPC shipping costs?

The shipping costs can be verified through the OutletPC page with the use of the shipping calculator integrated into the shopping cart page. This tool will help you calculate the national shipping and the OutletPC international shipping.
The use is quite simple and you only need to go to the shopping cart page and from there enter the zip code to verify the cost over certain areas. The procedure is valid for international orders.
For the specific cases of shipments to the USA and OutletPCCanada, the customer must be very attentive and enter the state or province to which the shipment will be directed. As for the rest of the list, it will be enough to indicate the country so that the budget becomes effective.
The client must also be aware that any additional charges for customs duties will be borne by the client. In fact, in these cases, the shipment will always be registered in the customer's name, never in OutletPC name.
To qualify for the OutletPC return policy, the customer must have all the documents and the original accessories in their packaging. Similarly, all returns must be made within 30 days after the date of invoicing of the purchase. If any piece or item is damaged, does not have a UPC code and does not come with the sales box, it will not apply to return. Shipping charges are not refundable.
On the other hand, in some cases, special orders may not qualify to return, depending on their terms.

How can I contact OutletPC?

For OutletPC the most important thing is to give excellent attention to its customers. In this sense, OutletPC has arranged for them an OutletPC customer service ready to assist you every time you require it through the mail: sales@outletpc.com.
Likewise, OutletPC phone number 702 2627968 is available for you to call from Monday to Friday between 10:30 am and 4:30 pm.
For any shipment, please send it to the following address: 7485 Commercial Way Suite 160. Henderson, NV 89011

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