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How do I ship a parcel from China to the USA with Ship24?

Ship24 offers a quick and affordable shipping service with four fixed price plans and parcel-pick up included. All you need to know is the size and weight of your parcel and ensure that your address is within the 120+ cities we cover, in order to send your parcel from China!

Head on over to the Ship24 website and begin by following the three easy steps to send your package from China to the USA. Please note that this service is only for those who are already in China and package shipping cannot be booked from outside China.

How long does shipping from China to the USA take?

Although times will vary depending on the location and size of your parcel, the delivery time to ship a parcel from China to the USA with Ship24's service takes around 8 days.

This is around the same time as courier companies such as DHL or UPS. However, the latter is much more expensive, meaning Ship24 offers one of the cheapest and most efficient universal parcel delivery services from China.

While the 8-day delivery quoted is an average delivery tie, shipping from China to the US may take longer due to the nature of restrictions and border controls that your package may be subject to once it arrives in the US.

The delivery time may also be delayed when unpredictable events occur such as weather-related issues, roadblocks, pandemics or otherwise. It can also occur during holiday periods where the number of deliveries increases by a considerable amount. However, you can always keep up to date on the progress of your parcel by using the Ship24 universal tracking tool also found on the website. Ship24 tracking offers location and status updates for every stage of your parcel, 365 days a year.

If there is a complication with your parcel, however, buyers are encouraged to contact the handler directly to help with your query. Ship24 does not handle the shipping process, which is done by our logistics partners.

How much does it cost to ship a package from China to the US?

The cost of shipping from China to the USA can vary between private couriers, however, with Ship24 the prices are fixed depending on the weight of your parcel. Ship24 has four different pricing options according to the weight of your parcel. The pricing list is as follows:

  • 500g for 99 RMB
  • 1 kilogram for 149 RMB.
  • 1.5 kilograms for 199 RMB
  • Up to 2 kilograms for 259 RMB.

Please note that the above-accepted parcel weights will include the packaging and the labels. Senders are encouraged to take this into account in order for their parcel to be sent. If you send a parcel weighing more than was stated at the delivery purchase point, you may incur a fee, or the package could be rejected.

These prices are fixed to the USA and the more than 40 other countries the Ship from China service ships too.

Which payment methods do Ship from China accept?

Ship24 uses the American online payment processing system Stripe to accept payments. Stripe is both a reliable and secure payment system that specializes in making eCommerce payments swift and easy. We also accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, JCB, and Diners Club cards.

We can accept WeChat and Alipay for those with valid Chinese ID cards.

What is the best way to ship from China to the US?

Ship24's Ship from China service is chosen by many because of its reliability, handy package pick-up service which covers over 120 regions within China, and its fixed-rate payments.
If you are located within China in one of the many areas which we cover, then check out our competitive shipment pricing plans and enjoy delivery speeds that rival any other private courier operating within China.

Please note that the parcel price will depend on a number of different factors such as your parcel's weight and size, as well as the price you are willing to pay to ship your package, which will often correspond with how quickly it will arrive at its destination.

Ship24's team will see to it that the delivery of your parcel is done promptly. The shipping service will take charge of your package from China to the US at a cheaper rate than a traditional courier.

How can I reduce shipping costs from China to the USA?

There are several hacks when it comes to shipping from China to the USA which will help reduce the price of the delivery.

The first step before shipping your parcel from China to the US is to make sure it is the lowest possible weight that it can be. This can be done by removing unnecessary packaging or weight from inside the parcel, sending only the essential items that are needed inside. For instance, if you have a toy you would like to send, remove the outer box and replace it with a soft, light filling to protect the toy instead. This could mean that your package goes from weighing just above 500 grams to just below, which would save you 50 RMB when sending with Ship24.

Secondly, when sending your parcel, you should try to send it as soon as possible to ensure you have the most amount of time available for the delivery to take place. If you need an urgent delivery, you will need to choose an express option which will typically cost more than regular delivery. For instance, if you want to send a parcel to the USA from China for Chinese New Year or Christmas, placing your order early in December will make it not only cheaper but more likely to arrive before the holiday. Whereas, if you send a parcel just a few days before Christmas, you will need an express service to ensure it is delivered on time and maybe even then, because of higher volumes of deliveries being made during that time, your package may even not make it in time.

Ship24 boasts an average 8 day delivery for parcels, which is around the same time as other private couriers when it comes to standard delivery.

One of the advantages of shipping your parcel from China to the USA (or any other of the more than 40 countries we offer to ship to) is that with Ship24 the prices are fixed prices. No matter when you decide to send your parcel from China to the US and from which region in China which we cover, the prices will always be the same, without any hidden costs or other unwanted surprises pertaining to shipment services.

Do I have to pay customs for packages sent from China to the USA?

The Ship24 shipping from China to the USA service includes the customs duty or import tax as part of the payment. When you ship a package from China to the US, the minimum threshold for import tax is $800. This means that you will need to pay an import tax if the total declared value of your parcel is in excess of $800. This is not the case for every country, as some are exempt from import tax due to international trade agreements already in place.

Senders should be careful when they are evaluating their package worth, as if the items within a package are worth more than the value declared upon arrival, your parcel may be blocked when arriving in the US and the receiver of the package will have to pay the necessary import tax or face the package being stuck or returned.

Ship24 sends your parcel with DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid), so if your package exceeds $800, as mentioned the receiver will have to bear the cost of the import tax.

Undeclared value is your own responsibility and Ship24 is not responsible for any taxes that may arise, or if the US customs decide that the parcel is subject to duty fees. That is why it is of the utmost importance to properly evaluate your parcel contents before sending to avoid any delays and extra fees upon arrival.

How can I track my parcel from China to the USA?

To track your parcel from China to the United States, you can enter the tracking number you previously received by email in the search bar located on the Ship24 homepage. Once you have entered that tracking number into Ship24, you can begin tracking your shipment from China to the USA. You will see all the information related to your parcel's status, including each step of the delivery process so far as well as its current location and status.

Ship24 gives you the ability to check your parcel's shipping status 24 hours a day with its powerful tracking tool, keeping you in the loop with the progress of your parcel at each stage of its journey between China and the USA.

Please note, if upon entering your tracking number on the Ship24 homepage the results say "not found", it could be possible that you copied and pasted the order number instead of the tracking number of your parcel. Please make sure to use the tracking number present in the email.

What are the restrictions when shipping from China to the USA?

If you use Ship24's service for your international shipping from China to the USA, there are a number of restrictions you should take into account. These are as follows:

  • Your parcel must not exceed 2kilos (this includes packing and labels).
  • The shape and dimensions of your parcel must adhere to the sizing standards set in the US, namely that the longest side shouldn't exceed 68 cm, the parcel size should be at least 15 by 10 by 2 cm.
  • The sum of the length of any two sides should not exceed 43 cm. The longest side plus 2 times the product on the other sides should not exceed 195cm. (L + 2 * (w + h) 195cm ).
  • Only square-shaped packages are accepted, and that cylinders and other shapes will not be accepted.
  • The total declared value of your parcel should not exceed the maximum of 800 USD for delivery into the US. If your parcel is valued at higher than this amount, you will need to pay for the import tax on top of the shipping fee. As a reminder, the declared value of your parcel is the total value of the items inside your parcel.
  • Prohibited items cannot be sent, this includes batteries, explosives, some liquids, powders and pastes, hazardous goods, some magnetic objects, some perishables, documents or articles prohibited from importation or circulation, or items which are against the national laws or affect customs officer's safety. For more details, check the US prohibited items list on their customs page.

Please note, Ship24 does not send deliver packages from China to PO Box or Military addresses in the USA, or in remote areas such as Alaska, Puerto Rico, Guam, and Hawaii.

Why is Ship24 better than DHL, UPS, and other couriers when shipping from China to the US?

Ship24's fast, convenient and affordable shipping service has proven both faster and cheaper than other large private companies, whilst also offering comprehensive multi-courier parcel tracking as part of the service. Below, you can find the advantages of using Ship24's shipping services for your package compared to other companies such as 4PX, TNT, DHL, or FedEx:

What Ship from China using DHL, FedEx or UPS, or another courier offers:

  • Approximately 8 days delivery service
  • Expensive price
  • Pick-up parcel service comes with additional costs

What shipping from China to the US using Ship24 offers:

  • 8-day delivery service
  • The cheapest price on the market
  • Free package pick-up at your address
  • Complimentary guide through the entire shipping process
  • Powerful, multi-courier tracking included as standard, 365 days a year.

Ship24 is focused on making it both easy and affordable to send your parcels from China across borders, with effective parcel tracking as standard. Join the thousands who send parcels with us and millions who track them today and enjoy premium package delivery services from China to the United States.

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