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What is the Ship from China to the UK service?

Ship from China is an easy-to-use parcel delivery service from Ship24, which can pick up your parcel and deliver it to the UK typically within 8 days.

Our fixed pricing is split into 4 options depending on the weight of your parcel. You can ship up to 500g to the UK for only 99 RMB. 1 kilogram for 149 RMB. 1.5 kilogram for 199 RMB and up to 2 kilograms for 259 RMB. We pick up from over 120 areas around China, including most major cities, for free and deliver to over 40+ countries worldwide, including, of course, the UK.

Use this page to get all the info you need on shipping your parcel from China to the UK, such as pick-up locations we cover, parcel restrictions, prohibited goods, and how our service works.

What's the best way to ship from China to the UK?

If you need to ship a light parcel (under 2kg including labels and packaging) at an affordable rate, within a competitive standard shipping timeframe, then Ship24's Ship from China offers the perfect solution. We deliver your parcel usually within 8 days and offer free pick-up and shipment tracking as part of our service. To see how easy it is to ship a parcel from China to the UK, you just need to follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Ship24 homepage
  • Click on "Ship from China", at the top of the page.
  • Click on "send parcel now"
  • Fill out your details: Name, your Chinese ID card number or your passport number, your email address, and anything else relevant to the picking-up of your package.
  • Fill in the recipient information (double-check the delivery address to make sure there are no complications with delivery! )
  • Pay securely by card (with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, or JCB) via the American online payment system Stripe. Or with WeChat or AliPay if you hold a Chinese national ID card.
  • Wait for the pick-up partner to call you by phone to schedule a convenient pick-up time (please note that the phone call will be in Chinese)
  • Have your parcel picked up from your given address
  • Begin tracking your parcel globally with the Ship24 tracking platform, also located on the website, and see your parcel move in as close to real-time as possible to your destination!

What do I need to know before shipping from China to the UK?

If you haven't shipped a package from China to the UK before, don't worry, Ship24 makes shipping to the UK easy. You can ship your package to the UK with Ship24 as long as you know the following:

  • The size: The size of your package will change the cost of delivery to the UK from China. You can ship packages weighing up to 2 kilograms with Ship24.
  • Dimensions: There are restrictions on the dimensions of packages to the UK. Only square-shaped parcels are accepted, and package dimensions should not exceed 46cm x 46cm x 61cm.
  • Timeframe: Ship24 packages usually take around 8 days to arrive. Therefore, you should allow adequate time for parcel delivery.
  • Restricted items: There are a number of prohibited items can not be sent to the UK.
  • Budget: If you need to ship from China to the UK regularly, it may be preferable to compare the different services of logistics companies, in order to gain some insight into the average shipping costs from China to the UK. However, Ship24 Ship from China service is one of the cheapest shipping options available for customers in China.

How long does shipping take from China to the UK?

Our Ship from China service provides one of the fastest standard shipping services from China to the UK. In fact, every one of the more than 40 countries Ship24 delivers too offers a delivery time of approximately 8 days. While other couriers can take 8-12 days, or even longer, Ship24 offers one of the fastest delivery options when shipping from China to the UK.

In many cases, people opt for big international courier companies, thinking they will be the fastest shipping option. However, the only advantage to choosing these companies is the express options that they offer, which are considerably more expensive than Ship24. If you are looking for the best standard shipping options, the Ship from China service is actually comparatively better than the other private couriers.

If you need to ship your package from China to the UK within the shortest delivery timeframe, and at an affordable price, look no further than Ship24. The service is easier to use and the delivery process is smooth and fast.

Although no delivery service is invulnerable to delays, which can include border/customs hold-us, bad weather or international crises, the Ship from China service will not arrive any later than any other courier services subject to the same delays.

How much does shipping from China to the UK cost?

One of the advantages of shipping with Ship24 is that you will never have any surprise fees because there are four fixed prices to choose from which depend solely on the weight of your parcel, not the value inside, the pick-up point or the destination. For this reason, Ship from China is one of the most affordable shipping from China to the UK services.

All parcels within a weight range of 0-500g, up to a maximum of 2kg, can be shipped with the Ship from China service. The prices as follows: 500g for only 99 RMB. 1 kilogram for only 149 RMB. 1.5 kilogram for only 199 RMB and up to 2 kilograms for only 259 RMB.

Please note that the company does not ship packages exceedingly more than 2kg (which includes the weight of packaging and labels).

Does the price of shipping to the UK include DDU?

All parcels are sent Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) which means that you should receive no further import tax fees as long as the value of your parcel does not exceed the parcel value you stated when being sent. If upon arrival, your parcel's value is found to exceed that the sender will incur any relevant import tax fees or face their parcel being rejected.

The Ship24 fixed prices are designed to cover the tax threshold of destination countries so that the receiver will not pay any delivery duty tax/import tax. For exceptions, please check with your parcel's destination country as Ship24 is not responsible for wrongly valued parcel valuations resulting in import tax fees.

What happens if I enter the UK destination address wrong?

A wrongly entered address may result in the parcel not being able to be delivered upon arrival. If you realise you have entered the wrong address, you can contact Ship24 within 6 hours to change the address. There will be a fee of 50 RMB to change your address at this point. Once a parcel has left China, it is unlikely it can be changed. However, if it can be changed, Ship24 will charge 100 RMB.

If Ship24 cannot make the change at this point, you may be able to contact the handler to change the address, although this is out of control of Ship24 and therefore cannot be guaranteed. Ship24 is not responsible for failure to deliver on parcels that do not have the correct address.

How many kilos can I send from China to the United Kingdom?

Ship24 specialises in light and fast shipments, offering services for parcels that weigh 2kg and below. For shipping from China to the UK, the sender will also need to follow the accepted parcel dimensions for parcels shipped to the UK.
For the United Kingdom, the dimensions of your parcel must not exceed 46cm x 46 cm x 61 cm and must be square-shaped (they cannot be cylinder-shaped, for instance).

Can I schedule the pick-up for my parcel being sent from China to the UK?

Ship24, unlike many of the other private couriers and logistics companies, offers free parcel pick-up from over 120 cities in China. This is one of the main advantages of using Ship24 for shipping from China to the UK. You don't need to go to any post office or drop-off point, but instead wait for your parcel to be picked up from your location at a time agreed between you and the parcel pick-up partners.

Upon purchasing the service, one of our partners will call you on your phone (in Chinese) to schedule a convenient pick-up time. You then decide with the agent what time suits you best and they will be there to pick-up your parcel and you can begin tracking it on its journey to the UK destination.
What happens after I purchase Ship from China delivery?

Once you have purchased your delivery, you will receive an email confirming the purchase and then a call from our partners to organize the pick-up of your parcel. Once you have organized a time and your parcel is picked up, you can begin tracking on the Ship24 instantly, worldwide.

How do I track my parcel from China to the UK?

Using the tracking number provided in the purchase email, tracking your parcel from China to the UK with Ship24 is simple. You need to go to the homepage of the website and put into the search bar the tracking number you received.

Thanks to the intelligent AI-driven algorithms and big data utilized by the Ship24 tracking system, you will receive all the relevant tracking information regarding your package instantly. This includes its current location, the transporter, and the delivery events (which means any change in location or status your package has been through).

If you enter your tracking number and are met with a message of "not found", double-check your email to verify that you have entered the whole package tracking number and not the order number (which will be in the same e-mail and can sometimes look familiar).

Alternatively, it may be because the system needs a few days after the parcel has been sent to be updated and the tracking details be available.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us on our website via the contact page on the website, or by google searching Ship24 contact us.

Are there any item limitations with packages shipped from China to the UK?

If you ship with Ship24 from China to the UK, there are some items that are prohibited such as:

  • Batteries or any types of electronic products with batteries
  • Magnetic objects (speakers, any item containing strong magnets, etc)
  • Certain liquids, powders, or pastes
  • Perishable products
  • Weapons (knife, imitation guns, ammunition, explosives)
  • Hazardous goods
  • Documents (including currencies, prohibited documents)
  • Some categories of product (such as drone, electronic cigarettes)

If you are unsure whether an item you wish to send is prohibited, check with UK customs or the Ship24 prohibited items page for more details, to ensure your parcel is not rejected. Every parcel picked up by our partners is scanned to make sure it does not contain any of the aforementioned.

What are the customs duties when I ship from China to the UK?

You will only have to pay customs charges to the UK customs authorities if the declared value of your parcel exceeds 15 GBP. This is the maximum value a parcel can be before being subject to import tax.

To avoid any hidden fees, it is best to ensure that you do not incorrectly declare the value of your parcel because if the agents at the customs check your delivery and find that contents of your package exceeds the stated price, your parcel will be held at customs until the additional tax is paid on the item. The cost of the import tax will be the responsibility of the sender.

Is DHL faster or cheaper than Ship from China for UK deliveries?

Shipping from China to the UK with DHL's standard shipping service takes generally the same amount of time as Ship24's. However, DHL - along with other shipping services - charge for parcel pick-up, whereas Ship from China includes complimentary pick-up of your parcel at your address after scheduling the most convenient pick-up time with you by phone.

Ship24 also offers one of the cheapest shipping from China to the UK services, with the fixed pricing and ease of use meaning it is being chosen over many other competitors in the market.

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