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Can Ship24 help me with shipping from China to France?

Ship24 has a shipping service called Ship from China which offers fixed price shipping from China to France on packages below 2 kilograms. The service is one of the cheapest ways to send parcels from China and includes free pick-up from some 120 different locations in China

Ship from China also delivers to over 40 other countries across the globe and end-to-end tracking for parcels is available for any parcel sent with us, as well as for hundreds of other couriers and logistics forwarding companies. Check further down this page for more specific information on shipping from China to France, such as how to send your parcel, our fixed cost pricing, prohibited goods, and so on.

Buyers should bear in mind that the Ship from China service is only available for customers within China and cannot be booked by a customer outside China. If you are outside of China and use another courier company for your order, you can still track your parcel with Ship24 universal tracking, by entering your tracking number into the Ship24 homepage.

If you would like to find out more information about shipping from China to other countries, check out the list of countries which we deliver to at the top of the page or alternatively, contact us directly through our contact page and we will get back to you you as soon as possible.

How can I ship from China to France with Ship24?

Shipping from China to France with Ship24 is a very easy process, achievable in just a few short steps. Firstly, head over to the Ship24 homepage and you will see Ship from China located at the top right. Once you have clicked on this icon, you will be brought to the Ship from China main page and be greeted with our fixed price list, countries which we Ship to, locations which we pick up from, and lots more information about our service.

Once you are happy to proceed, click "send parcel now" and you will be taken through 3 easy steps where we will get the necessary information about yourself, your parcel, and your recipient to be able to get your package shipped!

This information will include you and the recipient's address, passport or Chinese ID card, phone number and some other relevant information, and will only be used by ourselves and the parcel company to pick up and deliver your order.

Once you have paid, you just need to wait for a confirmation email (which will contain your tracking number) and a call from our local pick-up partner (where you can confirm a convenient pick-up time for your parcel, then a handler will dispatch someone to collect your parcel.

Finally, once your parcel has been received, you can use your tracking number from the purchase confirmation email to begin tracking on the Ship24 homepage.

Please note that packages must weigh 2 kilograms or less, which includes packaging, labels, and filling (as well as your item/s). All payments are fully secured on our platform and we have a variety of payment methods to suit you.

How long does shipping from China to France take?

With Ship24, shipping from China to France generally takes 5 to 13 days, with the average being 8 days for delivery. This is an impressive turnaround, which rivals and even beats most other competitors for standard shipping turnaround.

If shipping from China to France takes more than 8 days, it could be due to a number of complications or freak events that could affect any courier, and Ship24 is no more or less likely to be affected by these events than other logistics companies. Such events could include adverse weather, where floods or storms slow or prevent transportation. Other events could include national or public holidays within the origin or destination country, which can increase orders significantly or see some logistics companies operating at lower staff levels.

The best way to ship from China to France is by allowing as much time as possible for parcel delivery and is ideal for those who are happy to wait around a week to receive their parcel. For those that need a faster service, there are other express options that could be considered when shipping from China to France.

What is the price to ship to France from China?

Ship24 proposes highly competitive shipping costs from China to France, which are among some of the cheapest on offer. The 4 different price bands are worked out according to the weight of your parcel, and you do not need to pay more for pick-up or tracking.

  • Up to 500g, the shipping price from China to France is 99 RMB
  • Up to 1kg, you will have to pay 149 RMB for Shipping from China to France
  • Up to 1,5kg, shipping from China to France's price is 199 RMB
  • Up to 2kg, the shipping rate from China to France is 249 RMB

Please note that the longest side of any parcel shipped from China to France must not be larger than 90cm. Also, the sum of all sides' lengths should not exceed 90cm. Only square-shaped parcels are accepted, other shapes are not accepted by France.

Furthermore, Ship24 does not ship to the following addresses from China:

Paris Entreprise addresses, PO. Box (Boîte postale), CEDEX and Armed Forces locations. Also, only addresses in mainland France are allowed, therefore it is not possible to ship from China to DOM, TAFF, Corsica, Monaco, or offshore/remote French territories and islands.

What payment method can I use to purchase parcel delivery to China from France?

Ship24 has a range of different methods of payment available for customer convenience.

Firstly, Chinese nationals who hold a Chinese ID card can opt to use Alipay and WeChat for their delivery orders.

Those wanting to use a card do not need a Chinese ID card, just a valid passport number. The cards we currently accept are:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discovers
  • Diners Club
  • JCB

All card payments are processed through Stripe, a secure American payment processing company.

Ship24 does not provide insurance for parcels currently, however, we do provide end-to-end tracking so you can keep up with your parcel as it progresses to its final destination.

How do I track my shipment from China to France?

It doesn't matter which courier company is being used for your shipment from China to France, or if you have purchased your shipment order with Ship24 or any other courier company, you can still track your package on the Ship24 website using just the tracking number. However, for ultimate ease, purchase both your shipping and use the free universal parcel tracking all in one place, on Ship24.

To begin tracking, find, copy and then paste a shipment tracking number in the search bar present on the Ship24 homepage.

Make sure to copy-paste the tracking number not the order number, as sometimes they can look similar, but both will be noted as different in your purchase confirmation email.

Sometimes there can be a delay while the parcel is being processed. However, if after 2 days you are still not able to track your parcel, you can contact Ship24 through the contact page, an agent will help you to solve the issue as quickly as possible.

What happens if my parcel shows as undeliverable?

Sometimes a local delivery company will not be able to deliver to an address because the address is incomplete or does not exist within the country of destination. You may be able to change the parcel delivery address by contacting the local courier if you realize there is a mistake, however, Ship24 cannot guarantee this is possible and is not responsible for wrong addresses being on parcels.

Can I change my Ship from China delivery address?

If within 6 hours of sending your parcel you notice that the recipient address is wrong, you may be able to correct it by contacting Ship24. This will cost 50 RMB to rectify.

If you notice the address is wrong when the package has already reached its destination country, you may be able to change it still, although it is less likely, and the local courier may have to be contacted. Address changes able to be done by Ship24 will cost 100 RMB.

Are my parcels import tax covered when shipping from China to France?

This will depend on the contents of your package and also whether you have correctly declared the value of the items within your parcel. Import tax applies to any item which is over 22 euros. This is the same for all European Union member countries.

Parcels sent with Ship24 are sent with delivered duty unpaid which means if there are any outstanding import tax to pay, it is the responsibility of the recipient. You need to check the value of your parcel before sending to make sure it is less than the maximum import value allowed by the destination country.

If you wrongly valued your parcel, you may also incur a fine as you will be expected to pay extra for the added value of the parcel.

Which items are prohibited from being shipped from China to France?

You cannot send any of the following items with Ship24 from China to France:

  • Batteries (including rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries (lead-acid, lithium, ni-cd, ni-mh, in any kind of device or product)
  • Liquid, Paste or Powder (including loose liquid or in containers, cosmetics product with liquid, powder, or paste-like items (including capsule drugs)
  • Niche products (including electronic cigarettes or Vapes, adult products or material, medicines or medical supplies, TV's, Walkie-talkies, Drones, Bluetooth devices, etc)
  • Hazardous goods (such as articles harmful to public health or any other type of hazardous goods)
  • Weapons
  • Magnetic objects(including any product with a strong magnetic field)
  • Perishables
  • Documents (including currencies (money), articles prohibited from importation or circulation, printed products of a seditious and immoral nature etc)

How does the pick-up service work when I send a parcel from China to France?

When shipping to France from China, Ship24 offers free collection of your parcel at your address when you order with the Ship from China service. This is why we will need your pick-up address at the check-out stage when you purchase your order.

Once you have securely paid on the platform, you will receive a confirmation email and shortly after, an agent will call you by phone to schedule a suitable pick-up time for you at your location.

The convenient and free collection service sets Ship24 apart from rivals and offers customers peace of mind to know they are in control of when their shipment is dispatched. They can then keep up to date with their order progress on the Ship24 website.

What are the advantages of using Ship from China when shipping from China to France?

There are multiple benefits when using Ship24 for shipping from China to France:

  • The Pick-up service
    Ship24 offers a free collection service that all part of the fixed shipment price. Customers no longer need to organize delivering their parcels to remote warehouse locations which they are not familiar with or queuing in post offices or logistics company outlets just to post their parcel, they simaply need to organize a time that suits them at their given address and enjoy the luxury of having their parcel picked up and the rest organized by the handler.
  • The Price
    Ship24's fixed prices are affordable for everyone, being among the cheapest shipping from China prices on the market. There are no surprise fees involved and as soon as you know the exact weight of your parcel, you will know the price for of shipping.
  • One of the fastest delivery records.
    Delivery with Ship24 usually takes 8 days or less. This is thanks both to the speedy pick-up service and streamlined shipping operation Ship24 and its partners can deliver.
  • Free universal tracking
    Ship24 offers free end-to-end tracking when shipping from China to France or any of the other more than 40 countries that Ship24 delivers to.
  • Customer service
    You can contact Ship24 at any point and with a query about any of our services on the contact us page on our website. We have experts on hand to help understand any questions and solve any issues you may have, anytime!
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