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Some of your questions

Which is the best shipping service from China to Australia?

One of the most cost-effective and convenient shipping options from China to Australia is with Ship24's Ship from China service. It offers the complete parcel delivery service, including package pick up in over 120 cities across China as standard as well as some of the quickest delivery times and lowest prices on parcels weighing 2 kilograms and under.

Indeed, the Ship from China service delivers to more than 40 countries worldwide and is especially popular because of its fixed price plans which are determined by simply the weight of your parcel, not the pick-up point or destination. Currently, this service is only available for those ordering from mainland China.

Here you can find all the information you need about shipping your parcel from China to Australia. Information will include the ordering and pick-up process, restrictions and prohibited items, and how to contact us in the unlikely event of an issue occurring with your package.

If you would like information about any of the above on the other countries our service delivers to, you can find them on the main Ship from China page, where there is a list of countries which you can click on to find out specific information for that delivery destination.

What do I need to consider when shipping from China to Australia?

Ship24 recommends considering the following 4 key points if you want to ship a package from China to Australia.

  • Will the value of the package exceeds the accepted value limit? The value limit of your parcel when shipping from China to Australia should be no more than 1,000 Australian Dollars (AUD). If the value of your parcel exceeds this amount, then you will have to pay added import tax fees upon arrival in Australia. Also, if you value your parcel at less than the evaluation given by the Australian customs authorities when the receive it, you may be liable to pay further fees.
  • Does my parcel weigh 2 kilograms or less? The weight of your package will determine the cost of shipping your parcel from China to Australia. The maximum weight the Ship24 service covers 2 kilograms so you will need to make sure that your items, packaging, and labeling together weigh 2000 grams or less.
  • Do my packaging dimensions adhere to Australian packaging rules? For each country, there are different packaging dimension which can be accepted by customs. For Australia, the longest side of your parcel should not exceed 105 cm and the volume should not exceed 0.25m3.
  • Are there prohibited items in my package? Each country has its own list of prohibited items that cannot pass through customs. To get the most up-to-date information on these, check with the country where you which to ship your package to.

How do I ship from China to Australia?

While for some specific shipping needs you may need to find couriers who offer a wider range of shipping services, Ship24 still boasts one of the cheapest and fastest shipping from China to Australia services, for packages under 2 kilograms.

Ship24 is an extremely safe and cost-effective way to ship from China to Australia, with the Ship from China service specialized in making small to medium packages convenient and speedy. Indeed, from our parcel pick-up solutions to universal tracking needs, Ship24 has you covered. With only a few clicks, you can get going with your shipping from China to Australia, with the following steps:

  • Visit our website, the Ship24 homepage.
  • Click on "Ship from China" in the top menu. (You can also use this page to either find general information on the Ship from China service or pick from the list of countries to find more specific information on a different destination. )
  • Click on "send parcel now"
  • Fill in the short form to let us know all the necessary information to get your parcel shipped. (This will include details such as your name, your Chinese ID card number or passport number, your email address, etc)
  • Fill in all relevant information about the recipient so they can receive the parcel.
  • Pay
  • Wait for the pick-up partner to call you by phone to schedule (in Chinese) a convenient pick-up time.
    If you come across any difficulties during the procedure regarding the shipping of your parcel via the Ship24 website, you may always get in touch with the company for fast and efficient assistance via the contact page.

How will I be contacted regarding pick up for my shipment?

After your payment is confirmed, you will receive both a confirmation email and a call from our pick up partner (which will be in Chinese). The latter will arrange a time which is suitable for them to collect your parcel from your given address. Once the parcel has been dispatched, begin tracking straight away with the tracking number sent in the confirmation email.

How long does shipping from China to Australia take?

Package delivery from China to Australia will depend on a number of factors, namely your chosen shipping service, the shipping method and whether the parcel is unhindered on its journey.

Regarding the former, private couriers offer various services, such as standard, and express shipping, which will dictate which shipping method is used. If your package requires urgent delivery, some private couriers will offer express shipping for a certain size and weight items. These will typically be flown by air as it is the fastest shipping method, however, they are the most expensive and are still vulnerable to unforeseen circumstances - such as adverse weather conditions or customs delays - when being delivered. Delivery time for Express without any delays usually takes 24 to 48 hours.

The longest shipping method is by sea, which can take anywhere from 20 days to 3 months. This is usually used for business-to-business shipments, where large volumes are ordered which cannot be transported via air, or they are trying to cut costs.

The 'meet in the middle' solution for small to medium packages (and thus, most eCommerce and regular shipping from China to Australia customers) is the Ship from China service. Ship from China delivers in 8 days on average, with some deliveries to Australia from China previously having taken only 5 days. This 8-day average is not only competitive as far as with other international couriers, but its low prices mean it's becoming the go-to option for individuals and merchants wanted to ship from China to Australia in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

For more information, as ever, you can always get in touch on the contact us page.

How much does it cost to ship from China to Australia?

Shipping costs from China to Australia will vary according to different factors such as the courier and the delivery service you choose, the size and weight, and so on. This can make finding the true cost of shipping from China to Australia difficult when you are searching for different couriers. However, the advantage of using Ship24 is that the company has fixed prices which are just based on the weight of your parcel. This means as long as the parcel meets all of the requirements stated before shipping (correct valuation, correct weight, etc) we guarantee there will be no more hidden fees. We do not charge for our package pick-up service or for free tracking on your parcel throughout its journey.

It means that the shipping cost from China to Australia for your package will be one of the following prices:

Ship from China prices begin at just 99 RMB for 500g from China to Australia and then increase by 50 RMB per 500g (149 RMB for 1 kilogram, 199 RMB for 1.5 kilograms, and 259 RMB for up to 2 kilograms for 259 RMB. )

Is there an import tax on shipments from China to Australia?

When you want to ship from China to Australia, you must not forget about the import tax. It is the tax that must be paid to the Australian customs authorities for importing products from China that are over the allowed tax threshold of 1,000 AUD import. If the total value of your parcel is less than 1000 AUD, you will not have to pay any import tax.

This is one of the highest tax thresholds of the countries covered by Ship24 which gives means you can save lots of money shipping big-ticket items cheaply to Australia with Ship24.

However, you should be careful when declaring the value of your parcel, because if this is incorrectly declared - even if it is under the tax thresholds - fees will be incurred.

How do I track my package from China to Australia?

As well as our Ship from China service, which offers shipping from China to Australia and more than 40 other international destinations, we also offer second-to-none tracking services for individuals and businesses. If you are an individual looking to track one or two parcels, the service is free and all you will need is your tracking number (which will be sent to you at the point of purchase). Whether you are shipping with our own Ship from China service, or with another logistics company, we still offer free global tracking on our website. Once you have your tracking number, complete the following steps to begin tracking:

  • Go on the Ship24 homepage
  • Type or paste your tracking number into the search bar
  • Press enter (or click the search button)
  • You will be instantly met with all the tracking information on your parcel, including location, current status, and previous tracking events (if your parcel has already progressed enough of the way to have previous tracking events).

Tracking information sometimes takes 1 or 2 after the parcel has been picked up for information to be available. This is not because of Ship24 but is due to processing and procedures with the logistics partners. Although you can contact us at any time if you have a query about your package, customers are advised to check back in one or two days before reaching out to allow this processing to take place.

Our tracking services have helped millions of users track their shipments globally every month. We scan thousands of logistics companies and shops to ensure we can let you know where you parcel is at all times, whether shipped with our Ship from China service or another courier.

When it comes to tracking, whether you need universal tracking for individual needs or to set up API or webhook for your business, look no further than Ship24.

Are there items I can't send from China to Australia?

Below is a list of some of the items that Ship24 is not able to ship from China to Australia:

  • Batteries and any electronic products with batteries (MP4, mobile phones, computers, etc)
  • Powder, liquid, and paste (cosmetics with liquid, capsule drugs, toothpaste etc)
  • Weapons (hand weapons, imitation, and ammunition, etc)
  • Magnetic goods (speakers, or any products with strong magnetic fields, etc - please check with your product to be sure about this)
  • Perishable products (food, plants, etc)
  • Documents (currencies, publications, imitation cards or adult/offensive material, etc)
  • Hazardous goods (compressed gas products, flammable, toxic chemicals, and gases)
  • Some categories of products (drones, electronic cigarettes, etc)

For a full list of items, check on the Ship from China main page.

Lists of prohibited items can vary from courier to courier and country to country. Therefore, we advise you carefully check the list of prohibited items to avoid any unwanted issues.

All parcels are scanned before being sent. If any prohibited item present in the previous list is detected, your parcel will be refused, and then returned to you at your own expense.

When is it better to use the Ship from China service to ship from China to Australia?

Using the "Ship from China" service to ship from China to Australia is better for customers who:

  • Want to find a compromise between a fast delivery service and an affordable price.
  • Want low cost, clear, and fixed prices.
  • Want to ship parcel's under 2kg (with the packaging and the labels included)
  • Want packages picked up from your address at a time convenient for you.
  • Want universal end-to-end parcel tracking during the delivery process.
  • Are conscious of the environmental issues present in today's world and would like to use a courier company that creates the smallest carbon footprint during its delivery journey.
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