Pos Malaysia tracking

Pos Malaysia tracking

As Pos Malaysia is becoming the country's leading courier delivery service, it will continue to serve its customers by building trust to connect lives and businesses for a better tomorrow.

What is Pos Malaysia?

Pos Malaysia, often referred to as Post Malaysia, is the national postal service of Malaysia. It is also the parent company of popular postal company PostLaju. Pos Malaysia is responsible for the delivery of the majority of mail within the country and is also involved in the delivery of overseas parcels from both within Malaysia as well as imported goods.

Pos Malaysia has invested a lot to improve eCommerce solutions, incorporating sustainability into its business model affecting all its operations. The company has improved its end-to-end solutions for businesses, which it says will create positive economic, environmental and social impact, with the overall aim being to deliver innovative postal solutions that generate economic growth.

What is PosLaju?

PostLaju is a postal and eCommerce solutions company which is owned by Pos Malaysia. PostLaju is predominantly involved in the delivery of local mail but also handles international parcel delivery also. PostLaju operates independently of Pos Malaysia, however many of its services can be accessed from Post Malaysia branches. PostLaju specifically takes care of the international EMS (Expedited Mail Service) services.

Is PosLaju and Pos Malaysia the same?

Although both Pos Malaysia and PostLaju operate in the same areas and often share branch offices, they operate separately and have their own structure. In 1986 PosLaju began by delivering parcels and posts under the banner of Pos Malaysia, specializing in EMS (Expedited Mail Service) postal services. Two years later, PosLaju started delivering parcels under its own name, and since then, the two companies operate independently, but Pos Malaysia still owns PosLaju.

What are the services provided by Post Malaysia?

Post Malaysia provides a variety of different services aside from their main operations, which is delivering posts within Malaysia. A list of the services provided by Pos Malaysia can be found below:

  • Standard Mail
  • Courier, Express, Parcels CEP (Same Day and Next Day delivery times, Pos Parcel, Pos Laju Prepaid Pack, Pick-up and prepaid services).
  • Bill payments, including insurance payments
  • ID card renewals, such as driving license
  • Logistics, such as warehousing, storage for stock, and forwarding
  • eCommerce

What are the standard mail options offered by Post Malaysia?

Pos Malaysia offers a number of mail service options, this includes their standard and non-standard mail services as well as Postcards, Mel Rakyat, Pos Daftar, EMS, Pos Ekspres (express), Flexipack Domestic, and general Pos logistics solutions.

These services vary in both the speed of delivery and the cost of service. However, the more premium services, such as Pos Ekspres and EMS, offer the fastest delivery times, with a higher price tag. Meanwhile, the standard mail services, particularly when sending parcels internationally, take a lot longer to be delivered but are a lot more economical. Ecommerce packages and small parcels are often sent via the more premium postal services offered, with larger shipments being sent by standard mail to save on costs.

Whichever postal service you choose to send your mail with, you can get full Pos Malaysia tracking using the third-party shipping platform, Ship24. Ship24 offers tracking on thousands of international postal services and private couriers, including Post Malaysia tracking and PosLaju tracking. It works by scanning the web for all tracking information related to your Pos Malaysia parcel and pulling it from the relevant sites to bring you the information as close to real-time as possible. This is especially important for tracking Pos Malaysia parcels that are travelling from Malaysia overseas or from overseas to Malaysia.

To track a Post Malaysia parcel coming from another country, you would usually need to begin tracking with the courier handling the parcel outside of the country. For example, if an ordered eCommerce parcel was coming from China, it would likely be handled by Cainiao or 4PX before handling was taken over by Pos Malaysia after your parcel reached Malaysia.

Equally, EMS packages sent from anywhere in the world will be handled by the national postal service in which the parcel was originally dispatched, such as China Post EMS, Correos de El Salvador, USPS, Swiss Post, before Pos Malaysia handled its final delivery. This leaves many businesses and individuals unsure how to begin tracking a Post Malaysia package at the initial stage of dispatch when outside of Malaysia. Ship24 is designed to solve this issue, by offering universal, multi-tracking capability to its users.

Ship24 tracks all major couriers, including Pos Malaysia tracking, along with other regional national postal services such as PhilPost, and international courier companies, like DHL, FedEx, and UPS. Ship24 gives senders and receivers the freedom and stress-free experience of not having to worry about who their parcel is being handled by and where to conduct their tracking, by making tracking any package worldwide possible on a single website. Head to Ship24 to try international Pos Malaysia tracking today and get the location and status information on your Pos Malaysia parcel.

How do I track a Pos Malaysia parcel?

When you purchase postal services with Pos Malaysia, you'll get a Post Malaysia tracking number. You have two options for tracking at this point. You can choose to track a Post Malaysia parcel on the official website, which can be useful where deliveries are handled end-to-end by the postal service. However, when parcels are sent internationally, Pos Malaysia tracking can be compromised as they won't necessarily be able to provide tracking for Pos Malaysia packages which are being handled by other couriers and logistics solutions companies abroad.

Ship24 has been designed to solve this issue, with the tracking platform designed to continue tracking Post Malaysia packages throughout their journey, regardless of the multiple other couriers who may be involved in its transportation, dispatch or delivery.

Ship24 is also easier to use than accessing Pos Malaysia tracking through the official website. With the Pos Malaysia website, you need to log in and enter information about your package to begin tracking, whereas, with Ship24, you don't need to log in or even provide any personal information about yourself or your package. Simply enter your Pos Malaysia tracking number in the search bar on the homepage and begin searching more than 1200 couriers, including Pos Malaysia, for tracking information.

When will I receive my Post Malaysia tracking number?

When you purchase Pos Malaysia postal services at a post office, you will receive a tracking number for Pos Malaysia with the receipt from your purchase. You may also be sent a confirmation email that will contain your Pos Malaysia tracking number.

If you make an online purchase via an e-tailer or online marketplace, you will receive your Pos Malaysia tracking number in the purchase confirmation email or on the orders section of the marketplace platform where you made the purchase. If your Pos Malaysia tracking number has been sent via either of these mediums, to avoid logging in and out to access tracking and to make sure you have international Pos Malaysia tracking capability, copy and paste the Pos Malaysia tracking code into the Ship24 website. Ship24 will remember your most recent tracking search so you will be able to select it whenever you want to check up on your Post Malaysia parcel tracking.

Alternatively, if you are a business or are looking for professional tracking which can be integrated with a system, then Ship24 also offers tracking API and webhook functionality services for enhanced Pos Malaysia tracking. For professional tracking, solutions look no further than the universal tracking platform operated by the shipping sector experts, Ship24.

What does a Pos Malaysia tracking number look like?

A Pos Malaysia tracking number format will be easy to recognize, with the number usually being a combination of letters and numbers which are unique to each package sent and vary in style depending on the service used.

The good news is you don't need to be able to understand what any of the varying characters or letters in your Pos Malaysia tracking number mean, as the Ship24 platform is designed to read and auto-detect the relevant tracking information from the code so it can find out the latest on your parcel.

How long does Pos Malaysia take to deliver?

Pos Malaysia's delivery turnaround is very competitive, boasting one of the fastest delivery timeframes in Malaysia if customers choose their premium express services.

However, delivery time mainly depends on the type of package you are sending and of course, the distance between where it is dispatched and its final destination. For the former, the weight and size of the package will determine which form of transportation is used, with deliveries made via air being considerably quicker than by land or sea, although often a combination will be used. Premium services will usually be delivered via air and prioritized for land transportation. Standard parcels, especially regarding large business-to-business orders, will usually travel by sea as it is the most cost-effective method.

How long does shipping take with Pos Malaysia to the US?

Again, the time it takes for a Pos Malaysia package to be delivered depends on a number of factors including, the type of parcel being sent and the destination where it will be delivered.

If you want to send a Pos Malaysia parcel to the US, the estimated timeframe for standard shipping is around 6 to 16 days, with most packages being delivered nearer 6. However, if some issues in the inspection process do occur, it will be nearer 16. Cheaper options that travel via sea will take longer, with postage taking up to a month in some cases.

The fastest international package delivery service is EMS. EMS packages sent to the US, which are subject to a number of size and weight restrictions, are usually delivered within 4 to 6 days. To check the restrictions, visit the EMS or Pos Malaysia page for more information.

Please note, that some countries - such as the US - have very strict rules when it comes to logistics. The rules in the US state that every packet, envelope, or document that is to be sent to the US needs customs inspections and clearance. Such inspections can cause delays of 2-3 days in some cases, as the number of packages and couriers sent in the US is in the millions. Therefore, if you are sending to the US from Malaysia, you should bear this in mind.

You can use your Pos Malaysia international tracking number on the Ship24 website to keep track of the customs clearance process and find out the latest information on the status of your package.

Are there different delivery options with Pos Malaysia?

Pos Malaysia offers different delivery options that suit your needs. They not only deliver personal posts and packages, but they also offer business shipping, such as for bulk shipments both domestically and internationally.

Both businesses and individuals alike can track Pos Malaysia parcels worldwide, no matter their size, weight, or method of transport, with Ship24. Ship24 is a comprehensive tracking platform with worldwide tracking capability, meaning that you can track a Pos Malaysia parcel end-to-end regardless of its place of dispatch or its final destination. Head to the Ship24 home page to track a Post Malaysia parcel or if you are a business, check out our Ship24 international tracking solutions on our API and Webhook solutions page.

How do I contact Pos Malaysia?

Pos Malaysia has a well-designed and user-friendly website that users can access and contact customer services through at any time regarding their Pos Malaysia parcel. Simply head to the contact us section of the website and you can ask their customer services any queries related to Pos Malaysia via the E-Feedback form.

If you want to visit them in person, you can visit also visit one of the more than 900 offices located around Malaysia.

The head office of Post Malaysia is located in the Dayabumi Complex, 50670 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur. It is open Monday to Sunday.

Alternatively, if you don't have access to the internet, you can simply call Pos Malaysia at +60 (0) 3 2267 2267.

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