Pakistan Post tracking

Pakistan Post tracking

What is Pakistan Post?

Founded in 1947, Pakistan Post is a state-owned company which operates as Pakistan's largest and most prominent postal operator. It has more than 44,000 employees and a fleet of over 5,000 vehicles that operate a number of services across its some 13,000 post offices nationwide. The national postal operator serves more than 50 million people domestically and millions more internationally through its overseas postal options.

Pakistan Post operates under the autonomous "Services Postal Administration Council", offering a full range of delivery, logistics, and fulfilment services to customers. In addition to its standard postal role, Pakistan Post also offers other services, including Postal Life Insurance and Pakistan Savings Post Banking service. It also operates services on behalf of the federal and provincial governments, acting as a collection point for tax and utility bills.

Pakistan Post Office is one of the oldest government departments in the Sub-Continent. In 1947, it began functioning as the Department of Post and Telegraph. In 1962 it was separated from the Telegraph and Telephone and started working as an independent attached department. National representation, strong brand recognition, and its extensive post offices network give a unique position for Pakistan Post to play a vital role in Pakistan's economic and social development. Furthermore, it is the lead agency for the government in the implementation of key policies.

Does Pakistan Post offer international postage?

As well as domestic parcel services, Pakistan Post also offers a range of international services. In conjunction with the Universal Postal Union strategy, which guarantees your parcel, money, or materials' safe and sound delivery at competitive prices. More recently, Pakistan Post has been investing in its technology and postal efficiency, developing its position as a major postal operator in the region. This has meant that it has acted as a 'last-mile' postal service operator for many parcels ordered from overseas with their final destination being in Pakistan.

For instance, if you were to order a package from China with a logistics company such as 4PX or Cainiao, Pakistan Post will often be used as the local courier service that receives and delivers a package to its final destination in country. Also, Pakistan Post also works with multiple international couriers for parcels travelling overseas from Pakistan. For example, if you sent a parcel from Pakistan to Europe, it would be initially handled and exported by Pakistan Post but then handled in the European destination country by a local courier, such as DHL, Royal Mail or GEODIS. Equally, if you were to send a parcel from Pakistan to the United States, it would likely be handled by FedEx or UPS.

If you choose to use PakPost EMS services, packages will be handled by the national courier of the country in which the parcel is destined for, such as Japan Post, Russia Post or La Poste in France.

How do I track a Pakistan Post parcel internationally?

The fact that Pakistan Post uses multiple couriers and logistics partners to deliver packages means that customers and businesses alike are often confused on how best to track a Pakistan Post parcel, or indeed track multiple Pakistan Parcels. Indeed, many wonder if they need to change where they can access Pakistan Post tracking as their parcel changes handlers, which can lead to further worry if they are unsure who will handle their post in the overseas destination country.

In fact, it is due to the increasing complexity of international postage services that led to the creation of Ship24, to solve the international parcel tracking problem. Ship24 consists of a group of international shipping experts who came together to create a system, alongside a team of developers, that can track parcels internationally across multiple couriers, all from one website. Ship24 started being able to track a few hundred couriers, but now boasts the capability to track thousands of courier parcels, e-tailers and marketplace orders, including - of course - parcel tracking for Pakistan Post.

Now millions of parcels are being tracked by buyers, sellers and businesses worldwide every week, all using the powerful Ship24 tracking system. Casual tracker users can use Ship24 for free, simply by heading over to the homepage with their Pakistan tracking number, or any other courier tracking number, and entering it into the search bar. Once you click enter, Ship24 will begin scouring the web to find the latest information about your package, including its location and current status. The information presented will be in as close to real-time as possible and you can search on the Ship24 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Is Pakistan Post reliable?

Thanks to its long history of operations, Pakistan Post has created an extensive network of domestic post offices, mail processing branches and mail forwarding terminals, meaning it can deliver mail fast and efficiently within Pakistan. Furthermore, its international logistics solutions and partnerships have led it to become and trusted international partner for many courier companies, especially those who deliver to or export from Pakistan.

A service provided by Pakistan Post which was proven particularly popular has been its cash on delivery offerings, which have meant more security for services users, especially those sending remittances or moving money from one country to another.
If you are trying out Pakistan Post for the first time or are delivering a package to Pakistan and want to follow the progress of your parcel while it is being handled by the postal service, then utilizing market-leading Pakistan Post tracking with Ship24. Ship24 tracks thousands of logistics services and post couriers meaning that as soon as your parcel is handed over to the postal service, you can track PakPost parcels throughout the entire time they are handled by the service.

What is the best Pakistan Post tracking method?

While PakPost does offer its own tracking options, you may be asked to provide multiple details after logging in to continue tracking your parcel, with no guarantee that parcels being handled by multiple couriers (particularly those travelling overseas) will still be able to be tracked using its in-house tracking system. On the other hand, Ship24 offers international multi-courier tracking which has the ability to track parcels not only end-to-end with PakPost but handled and dispatched by thousands of other couriers, logistics companies and online shops.

How do I track a Pakistan Parcel?

As soon as you have placed your postal order with Pakistan Post, or with a marketplace that will use PakPost as part of its delivery service, you should receive a tracking number. This will either be on the 'orders' or 'check-out' section of the marketplace or e-tailer from which you ordered or through a confirmation email or recipient from Pakistan Post directly.

The tracking number will typically be between 10 and 18 characters in length and contain either letters, numbers, or both. The individual characters within the tracking number will allude to a number of unique characteristics of a PakPost package and its journey, with letters often signifying the destination country, such as FR being France. However, you don't need to be able to decipher what your Pakistan Post tracking number means to be able to begin tracking with Ship24. Simply enter your Pakistan Post tracking number into the Ship24 search bar to get end-to-end tracking on your PakPost parcel. You don't need to register, enter any personal information or any more information about your parcel other than the PakPost tracking number.

What postal services does PakPost offer?

There are three main postal delivery options for Pakistan Post. These are the standard domestic service, the standard international service and international EMS. (Which many people know from the widely used China Post EMS).

All of the above services can be tracked with universal shipment tracking platform, Ship24, even if the courier should change as is sometimes the case with cross-border parcels.

How do I know the import VAT I will need to pay when sending a Pakistan Post package overseas?

When sending a package abroad with Pakistan Post, it's important to assess from the value of your package what Value Added Tax (VAT) you or your customer may incur upon delivery to its destination country. VAT varies from country to country around the world and the total value of the contents of your parcel could mean there is a significant charge which needs to be paid in order for the package to reach customs.

Marketplaces and online businesses who sell products should alert buyers to potential VAT prices before placing an order, as well as inform them of any processing and/or handling fees which also may be due.

How long does PakPost take to deliver parcels?

There are many delivery options depending on the urgency you have for the arrival of your package to its destination, which in turn will raise or lower the cost of sending parcels with PakPost. Please find listed below the two most popular postal options used by customers for PakPost, as well as the average delivery times associated with those delivery choices.

  • Standard domestic delivery: Domestic package delivery will take an average of 3 working days within Pakistan. When purchasing the PakPost service, it should give you an estimated time of delivery at the point of purchase. You can check on the progress of your domestic Pakistan Post package at any time on the Ship24, which offers end-to-end PakPost tracking.
  • Standard international delivery: International delivery will take an average of 5 to 6 working days, depending on the final destination of the package. Please note, extra time should be given for packages sent to particularly remote areas, such as Alaska.
  • Express Mail Service (EMS): EMS boasts same-day delivery within Pakistan, and next day international delivery to some overseas destinations.

No matter under which Pakistan Postal service you choose, you can track all packages sent both domestically and internationally with Ship24's universal shipment tracking platform. For all parcel sending methods, as long as the post is registered, you will receive a tracking number, which is all you need to be able to begin tracking your parcel worldwide, on the Ship24 website. Say goodbye to tracking on multiple different websites and not having access to information as Pakistan Post parcels change hands along their journey, and get all your tracking needs met at Ship24.

How can I contact Pakistan Post?

There are multiple communication channels to get in touch with Pakistan Post. You can do so via their dedicated customer service call centre where a trained agent will help resolve PakPost parcel queries and find a resolution. If you prefer, you can also contact PakPost via via email. It is recommended that where possible, contact is made via phone as it usually leads to faster issue resolution services due to direct contact being made between the customer and the postal service.

It is very important that you keep or make a note of your Pakistan Post tracking number because it is unique to your package and will help you identify it for tracking purposes. Also, if your Pakistan Post package should encounter an issue on its journey, you will need to provide it to PakPost or the handler in order for them to resolve your the issue.

If you have an issue with a package sent with PakPost, then you need to contact Pakistan Post directly as they are responsible for the delivery of the parcel. However, before doing so you should check the latest tracking details on the Ship24 website so you can present those to PakPost when making your enquiry. Unfortunately, Ship24 cannot deal with queries about individual parcels as we are not involved in the logistics process.

You can contact the Pakistan support centre via phone (please note that opening hours vary and international calls will have to take into account time differences) or by email, which can be found on the Pakistan Post website.

How long does Post take from Pakistan to the UK?

The delivery time it takes will depend on the Pakistan Post delivery service you choose. The fastest delivery service, and aong the most expensive, is the EMS service, which boasts next day delivery times. However, the standard services take on average around 5 days to arrive in the UK from Pakistan.

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