Pakistan Post tracking

What is Pakistan Post?

Founded in the year 1947, Pakistan Post is a state-owned company operating as Pakistan's largest and most important postal operator. It has 44,000 employees and a fleet of 5,000 vehicles that operate the traditional "at the door" service at more than 13,000 post offices across the country, serving more than 50 million people.
Pakistan Post operates under the autonomous "Services Postal Administration Council" to offer a full range of delivery, logistics, and fulfillment services to customers. In addition to its traditional role, Pakistan Post also offers services such as Postal Life Insurance and Pakistan Savings Post Bank. It also operates services on behalf of the federal and provincial governments, acting as a collection point for tax and utility bills.
Pakistan Post provides postal services to every corner of the country alongside a network of 13.000 postal offices. Pakistan Post offers delivery service to 20 million houses and companies without charging any fee.
Pakistan Post is not only limiting itself to a number of postal services. Their activities areas are extended on a larger scale. National character, strong brand recognition, and an extensive post offices network give a unique position for Pakistan Post to play a vital role in Pakistan's economic and social development. Furthermore, it is the lead agency for the government in the implementation of key policies.
Aside from its traditional function, Pakistan Post also performs agency functions for the provincial and federal government including, among others, save funds, postal insurance for life, tax gathering, and electric, water, gas, and phone bills payment service. Pakistan Post also offers an international postal service web, in conjunction with the Universal Postal Union strategy, which guarantees your parcel, money, or materials' safe and sound delivery at a good price, with the use of carriers, technology, and innovative deals.

Is Pakistan Post reliable?

Since its beginnings, Pakistan Post created a precedent of good and safe delivery service to any corner of the world, providing many guarantees and security measures to ensure that your parcel and other documents you want to send outside the country reaches its final destination.
For any money transaction or mailed to another country, Pakistan Post cash on delivery gives you an insurance service that will give you an extra layer of security when moving money from one destination to another.

How can I track my post in Pakistan Post?

When you go to a Pakistan Post agency to request a carrier service, there is certain information that you must provide in order to successfully send your package or document. Likewise, you will be provided with a Pakistan Post tracking number, which has a wide range of uses, such as keeping you updated on your parcel's current status, the estimated time of arrival, among others.
There are two main delivery options for Pakistan Post, which are the domestic service, delivering packages and documents to every corner of Pakistan, among their many agencies for delivery, or receiving them at your doorstep, depending on the Pakistan Post domestic parcel tracking information.
The other postal option is the international service, which comprises postal deliveries to every country of the world, delivering your parcel to your doorstep or an agency, according to the address information written on the Pakistan Post office parcel tracking, which will keep you updated on your mail condition.
It is very important that you keep these Pakistan Post tracking numbers with you and don't lose it, because it is the only safe way to consult about your Pakistan Post order by accessing the website. You can also contact the support center via phone or by email, using your tracking number and receive updated reports about your mail, like any possible tax that must be paid at the country of destination ́s customs agency, allowing you to provide the required information or extra payment to get your Pakistan Post parcel delivered to you.

Where does Pakistan Post ship in the World?

Over the years, Pakistan Post has integrated commercial alliances with every country of the world, except for Israel, to send any document or package to every corner of the world, categorized by areas, with different times of arrival according to the Pakistan Post delivery time chart, which is provided by the website or the support call center.

How long does Post take from Pakistan to the UK?

Depending on the delivery service you acquire, the standard time for a parcel to arrive in the United Kingdom takes an average time of 5 working days, and it can also take only 1 working day if you request the Express Mail Service; the arrival date will be specified by the Pakistan Post International parcel delivery time, located alongside the tracking number you receive after choosing the delivering method.

What are the different delivery options offered by Pakistan Post?

There are many delivery options depending on the urgency you have for the arrival of your package to its destination, affecting the Pakistan Post shipping times and rates that must be paid for each service.
There is:

  • The standard delivery, for both domestic and international parcels, will take an average of 3 working days for domestic service. The exact day will be specified by the Pakistan Post domestic tracking number. For the international service, the arrival average time can be from 5 to 6 working days, depending on the area of the country and continent.
  • There is also the Express Mail Service, also known as same-day delivery Pakistan Post, which will ensure that the package or document arrives the next working day after paying the courier service.

How can I contact Pakistan Post?

There are many communication channels to get in touch with Pakistan Post. There is a Call Center where a trained agent will answer every question you have, and guide you through the service. You can also make inquiries or make a more personalized communication via email, where you will be answered with haste, establishing a direct link between you and your parcel until it reaches its destination safely.

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