MPT tracking

MPT tracking

Who is MPT?

These are the initials of Myanma Post and Telecommunications, a state-owned company in Myanmar, which is under the financing and supervision of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. MPT operates the country's postal system with the Myanma Post delivery service. It has almost 1,300 post offices nationwide.
MPT was also the only telecommunications operator in the country until 2013 and has national coverage of 95% of the country. They have more than 130 years in the market and offer the best of both worlds: correspondence, transport, and parcel delivery, as well as telecommunications and internet services.
MPT offers courier and transport services, focused on the territory of Myanma, although they also have a Myanma Post international shipping service. The restrictions that may apply are similar to those established in international trade agreements: tobacco and substitutes, jewelry, currency, traveler's checks, antiques, ceramic objects, among others.
About receiving or sending documentation: in many countries the sending or receiving of legal documents is prohibited, these vary from country to country, with Myanmar being a country that recently abandoned the sanctioned list by the United States, so its status as a destination for packages and parcels It is still under restoration.
An adequate way to send and receive cargo and documents in this country is to consult the list of sanctions on the product to be sent, whether it is legal or not, to avoid it remaining in customs for a long time and we even have to pay a fine for it.
Another way to do it, if you are sending it to Myanmar, is by consulting the country's consulate (if available) or your country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs offices. You may have to carry out certain bureaucratic procedures such as legalizing, apostilling, and sending the document under certain parameters. Titles of all kinds must also go through this administrative process to be shipped outside of Myanmar or into the country

How do I track my Myanma Post package?

MPT Has almost 1300 post offices throughout Myanmar, if you need the Myanma Post delivery service, just go to one of the post offices and acquire their services.
Anytime you use this service, along with your Myanma post order you will receive a MPT tracker, a single code that you can trace online. You can download the Myanma post tracking app or use the browser to access the Myanma International Post tracking website section. Now you can know where your package is anytime and their delivery status.

How do I buy a package from MPT?

Do you need to use the Myanma post-delivery? If you need to move some packages outside the country or import some goods, then use the Myanma Post Delivery. It is important to know the width length and weight of your packages, which should not exceed 30kg and Length + Height + Width = 3 m maximum. This is important to any Myanma post order you make.
If you forget or exceed these measures it may result in a package that cannot be sent, making you lose time and money (some companies do not have repayment services for poorly packed merchandise) take this advice into consideration.
The prices may vary according to the season. But it is an estimate close to the Myanma Post shipping fees. There are differences here, both in size and volume as well as whether the destination is within Myanmar or outside.
If you are going to use the Myanma Post parcel service, it has a minimum weight of 20 grams, which costs 500 kyats (0.40US$), up to the maximum weight of 30 kg in 10,000 kyats (about 8 US$) within the territory of Myanmar.

How long does it take for MPT to deliver?

When you use MPT Shipping inside the country it depends on the location where you send it, for example, if you are going to make a shipment from Bagan to Mandalay it will take between 3 to 4 days. And you can choose whether to look for it in the MPT post office of your choice or if you want home delivery, which increases the cost a little.
You can also use an EMS (Express Mail Service) available in all MPT post offices to decrease the waiting time. Remember, you always will get an MPT tracker with the post order to know the status of your parcel at any time.

Where does Myanma Post deliver?

Does your package come or go further than Myanmar? Then use MPT shipping. They are in charge of sending or bringing your goods from more than 100 countries (USA, Spain, Germany, Japan, China, Australia, South Africa, among others) working with the 5 continents. And manage the documentation you need to place your orders and deliveries.
They also include Myanmar international post tracking. The same system that we have already mentioned but now with a global reach. Do you need to know where your package is at all times? Then you have this system at your service to keep an eye on your precious goods.

How can I contact MPT?

If you need to contact the MPT services you can go to any of its offices around the country. All offer the same services, although it may take a little longer due to the remoteness of the destination one thing is for sure: MPT work is safe, responsible, being the oldest company which has been working since the 18th century.
They have a call center and web portal designated to check the status of your shipment or order, through the MPT Tracker, that number acts as a unique serial to be consulted at any time
Their offices work Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm and Sunday is their day off, every time you have to request their services keep this in mind. This way you will save yourself hassles in case you urgently need something and you send it on a Friday, for example. This jumps one day to your shipping estimate.
They are positioned among the most popular companies nationwide with worldwide renown and prestige. What could we expect from them? A very personalized, friendly service, focused on delivering on time and safely.

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