Chunghwa Post tracking

Chunghwa Post tracking

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From which country does Chunghwa Post come from?

Chunghwa Post is Taiwan's (or the Republic of China) official postal company. Since 2003, the government took this company and has been working for them until now.
The company counts an enormous number of offices in all the national territory with 23 large offices and over 1300 smaller ones. They will help you with the shipping of letters, packages and express mail in Taiwan and worldwide.
The story behind this company is interesting; they were one of the first ones to offer the airmail service as they signed some contracts with China's airways to help them ship all the mail and packages to other countries. They have also suffered some name changes over the time because of all the war history in the country.
With over two centuries in the market, the Chunghwa Post has become the principal post service in the country. Offering letters and packages shipping services with functional tracking service for your tranquility.

Chunghwa Post package tracking

How can I track a package sent with Chunghwa Post?

Chunghwa Post tracking is easy to achieve with our tracking tools here in Ship24. To track correctly your mail or parcels you will only need to type your Chunghwa Post track package number in the search bar, with all their elements and click in the blue arrow at the right side.
Once you have done this, all the information about your mails or parcels will appear instantaneously on your screen. The information that it will show you is the location of your goods. It will also show how much time you will need to wait for it to arrive at your location, or to the person you send them. The Chunghwa Post international tracking system works great to know exactly where all your goods are at any time.

How long does it take to receive a package from Taiwan?

The delivery time depends on the service contracted. It is the distance that the mail or parcel must travel to arrive at its destination, and some external factors.
The Chunghwa Post delivery will arrive at its destination the next business day in Taiwan's national territory. The international post order will last a bit more depending on the distance of the country to arrive. For mails and parcels sent to any country in Asia it can last for at least 10 days; however, you can always pay the express service for a shorter time. For other continents, it can take 2 weeks for Europe and Africa and almost 3 weeks to arrive in America.

The wonderful thing is that you count on the Chunghwa Post tracking service to know how much time it will take to arrive at your country and when it will be available for you to take it from your local post office.

Is Chunghwa Post fast?

This postal company has some services that can help you out if you need any letter or parcel to arrive faster to its destiny. You can contract the express service with any Chunghwa Post parcel to get it faster.
If you make a contract with them using their express system, the waiting time mentioned above will reduce to its half sometimes. They count with a tremendous amount of clients that trust in them to send all their urgent mails and packages around the world.
The tracking system will tell you anything you need to know about the timing and how fast your packages will come to your door.

What are Chunghwa Post shipping costs?

All Chunghwa Post shipping fees will depend on the parcel that you are sending, its size and weight are important as well as its destination. Chunghwa Post offers many shipping services you must select the one that suits your necessities better.
A package shipping fee in Taiwan's national territory will cost you less than international shipping. However, the cheapest price for a letter with a weight of a maximum of 20 g. inside the country will start in the order of NT$:8 which Is something like $0.27 USD.
However, if you want to send the same letter of 20 grams to any other country, for example, a country of Europe or Africa, you will pay NT$:31 which is the same as $1.05 USD. These prices are affordable to all the population in Taiwan, which makes them the leading postal office in the country.
The express service prices will also vary; they are higher because the parcels will arrive in less time. They count with the Chunghwa Post parcel tracking service to see at any moment where they are. For example, the same letter of 20 grams mentioned above if you want to send it with the express service in the national territory, you will need to pay NT$:80 or $2.71 USD.
In this sense, the prices for the parcels will be higher because as we mentioned above the prices will depend on the size and weight of the package. One example price of a parcel sent with this company would be a parcel of 1 kilogram; to send it in the national territory you will have to pay NT$:70, which is something like $2.37 USD. However, if you want to send it to another nation, for example in the European Union, you will have to pay NT$:560 that is the equivalent of $19 USD.

How do I contact Chunghwa Post?

For people who may have a problem with their Chunghwa Post shipping or tracking service, you can always contact their customer service hotline 0800-700-365 if you are in Taiwan or to the +886-2-2321-4311 if you are in another country. There they will help you out with any issue that can bother you about the shipping or tracking of your parcels.
If you have a major issue, you can always go to their principal office located in the No.55, Jinshan S. Rd, in the District of Da-an in Taipei city, Taiwan. Their workers will do everything to help you out with your issues.

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