Correos de el Salvador tracking

Correos de el Salvador tracking

What is Correos de El Salvador?

Correos de el Salvador is the national postal service of El Salvador, in Central America. The company was founded in 1847 after the need for a national distribution service for post from and to the capital city was needed, along with other districts. The daily operations of the national postal service are dictated by the ministry of governance and territorial development, which provide courier and delivery services both domestically and internationally.

On the fifth of November of each year, El Salvador celebrates the Salvadoran postal worker's day, which pays special tribute to Correos de El Salvador and the services it has provided for its citizens since the 1800s.

Where is Correos de El Salvador located?

The main office of the Correos de El Salvador is located in the country's capital city, San Salvador. However, the postal service has postal offices, parcel forwarding centres and distributions points nationwide, meaning that parcels may not necessarily be dispatched or even pass through the central office on route to their final destination. However, as the only airport currently in El Salvador is located in the capital city, it is likely that international mail either leaving the country of coming into the country will pass through the central office.

If you want to track the route of your Correos de El Salvador parcel as it progresses along its journey, either domestically or internationally, you can track your parcel with Ship24. The Ship24 universal tracking platform allows both individuals and businesses to track parcels anywhere in the world for free, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. Ship24 can not only track Correos de El Salvador parcels, but packages with over 1,000 other couriers, logistics and postal operators. This is particularly important when it comes to international postage, where a number of handlers will be used to deliver your Correos de El Salvador package. For example, if you post a parcel with Correos de El Salvador from San Salvador to the US, responsibility for the final leg of delivery in the United States will be handled by a local courier, such as UPS, FedEx or if sent via EMS, the USPS.

If it is sent to Europe, it will likely be handled by DHL, TNT or a national postal service, such as La Poste

Therefore, to avoid having to potentially switch your tracking between different courier websites or not knowing how to continue tracking your parcel when it arrives in its destination country, head to Ship24 to get true end-to-end tracking services. Wherever your parcel is going to or coming from, make sure your Correos de El Salvador tracking is covered, with Ship24.

How reliable is Correas de El Salvador?

Correos de El Salvador has built an extensive postal network with El Salvador and consequently, is used by many international postal companies as a logistics solution for international deliveries, especially for cross-border packages travelling to or from the country. As the most prominent postal service within the country, and its strong popularity amongst its population, has meant Correos de El Salvador has a good reputation for the safe delivery of parcels, especially domestically.

Also, Correos de El Salvador offers multiple shipping options which offer different levels of service, including registered and insured mail options which boost user confidence in the service. If you are worried about the progress your parcel is making under Correos de El Salvador, remember that you can track a Correos de El Salvador parcel along its entire journey with Ship24. This includes step-by-step updates on the parcel's movement as well as status updates as it passes through different checkpoints both domestically and internationally (such as at the customs of a destination country, or when it reaches El Salvador). Join the businesses and individuals tracking millions of parcels worldwide on the Ship24 website and start utilizing the one-stop shop for tracking, with Ship24.

What is a Correos de El Salvador tracking number and how do I use it?

Correos de El Salvador tracking numbers are usually made up of a number of characters, between 8 and 18, which will contain letters and numbers that indicate specifics about the parcel and its journey. Go to the Ship24 homepage and enter your tracking number to begin tracking your Correos de El Salvador parcel instantly.

How do I track a Correos de El Salvador parcel?

There are a number of different ways to track a Correos de El Salvador parcel, which vary in effectiveness and time. The first method is direct tracking through the Correos de El Salvador website. This will provide Correos de El Salvador parcel tracking information, including the estimated delivery time, details of the package and its current location. However, it requires users to log in to the website, and if the parcel is travelling to or from overseas, it will likely be handled by another logistics company or carrier which the Correos de El Salvador website may not have tracking for. Due to the unreliability of this first method, which is not a problem just when it comes to tracking a Correos de El Salvador parcel but tracking any parcel which is being delivered using several couriers, many have turned to specialist tracking websites in order to ensure they have end-to-end tracking capability. This is exactly what Ship24 specialises in, end-to-end tracking of parcels worldwide, so you can continue tracking a Correos de El Salvador parcel no matter where it is going or coming from worldwide.

Does Correos de El Salvador deliver internationally?

Yes, Correos de El Salvador provide multiple delivery services, including international delivery. Domestically, Correos de El Salvador uses its huge network of domestic branches and considerable in-house transportation fleet to provide postal services which cover all of El Salvador. Internationally, Correos de El Salvador also offers worldwide deliveries through its logistical partnerships with many global and local couriers and postal airlines.

How long does it take to Correos de el Salvador to deliver?

Correos de El Salvador delivery time periods vary according to the package and the service chosen by the customer. Some of the characteristics that determine the speed of the delivery are the weight of the package, the size, the destination, the travel route, and the type of service required by the customer.
However, on average, national deliveries are expected to take a maximum of four working days to be delivered. Other premium services reduce that time to a maximum of two days.

Other international shipping services, such as the EMS, can take between 5 and 15 days, depending again on the aforementioned conditions of the package sent with Correos de El Salvador. However, other factors can also affect the time it takes international packages to be delivered, such as the remoteness of the destination country, its custom processing capacity and the quality of the service by other handlers who will help Correos de El Salvador deliver international packages.

On average, Correos de El Salvador shipments within Latin American destinations are expected to take a maximum time of 15 working days to be delivered. Overseas deliveries outside of Latin can take a maximum waiting period of 21 working days.

Is Correos de El Salvador expensive?

Correos de El Salvador shipping prices are determined by the same particularities that were taken into account for the delivery time calculations, with costs varying depending on the weight, the size, the distance (domestic or international especially), and in some cases the type of product. In addition, the kinds of service and urgency in which the delivery needs to be made will also determine the price of delivery. Finally, the contents can also mean that additional taxes are required and should be prepaid where possible in order to ensure that the customs processing time is minimal, and packages can pass through quickly.
Below is a breakdown of the Correos de El Salvador parcel costs. Please note, this is subject to change and to get a true indication of the price of your individual parcel, contact the Correos de El Salvador website directly.

  • National shipments are made in two classes of service, both of them based on EMS. Local EMS shipping starts from 1.65 USD and can reach 7.5 USD and sometimes more, because this option only works for deliveries inside the same city. National EMS Service Documents and Packages cover all the cities inside the country (nationwide) so the costs are a bit more expensive. The prices for national services range from 2 USD and can reach up to 20 USD depending on the distance, the remoteness of the destination and how long the journey will take.
  • International costs have so many different prices that vary based on many factors. However, the Correos de El Salvador web page provides the user with a cost calculator that estimates a final cost depending on the weight of the Correos de El Salvador parcel and the destination country. It is important to mention that the result of that calculation can be different from the final price paid, but it is the best indicator for an estimated cost.

How do I contact Correos de El Salvador?

You can contact Correos de el Salvador via their website, by email or on the phone numbers provided on their websites. Please note that opening times may vary and international callers should note the time difference before calling.

The call centre of Correos de El Salvador is open for customers and deals with all general inquiries, including those related to shipments. The email address receives more formal messages, like suggestions, complaints, explanatory statements, and so on. If you have a problem with your Correos de El Salvador parcel, make sure to get the latest tracking information from Ship24 before you call so you can know the latest status and location of your Correos de El Salvador package.

Is my Correos de El Salvador parcel lost?

If at any point you stop getting tracking information for a Correos de El Salvador parcel, then it could be for several reasons, which are briefly explained below:

  • Initial pick up the processing time: When the Correos de El Salvador first receives your parcel, it may take up to 24 hours (or in some cases longer) for the package to be processed and any tracking information to be available for it. Therefore, senders are advised to wait at least 24 hours after submitting a package before looking for Correos de El Salvador tracking information.
  • Alternative carrier: International parcels are often handled by other international couriers in their destination country (or before arriving in El Salvador, if an order originated from outside the country). Therefore, Correos de El Salvador may not be able to offer to track information on the parcel for that part of its journey.
  • Issue at customs: There could be an issue at customs that requires solving (such as unpaid tax duty on the order), which will need to be resolved before it can process to its final delivery point. This information should be available when tracking Correos de El Salvador packages.
  • Prohibited items: Always make sure before ordering or sending a package with Correos de El Salvador that it does not contain any prohibited items. You need to check with the origin, the destination country and any couriers used to make sure they will handle your parcel. A list of prohibited items can be found on the relevant courier website or customs websites of the countries where your parcel will be shipped too.
    If you need the latest tracking information on a Correos de El Salvador package, you can find the most up to date location and status of a parcel anytime at Ship24. It is free to use and you can track Correos de El Salvador packages instantly.

If you are a business, either based in El Salvador or elsewhere in the world, you can utilize Ship24's universal shipping application for professional use with our advanced webhook and tracking API system functions. We offer blazing fast integration times, along with full support from our team of experts when using our products. If you want to give your customers the reassurance of international package tracking services which covers thousands of different international couriers and eCommerce company, then find out more about our tracking API and tracking webhook options on our dedicated pages and let us help solve your tracking related issues. This is just another one of the multiple logistics, shipping and customs tax (IOSS) solutions we provide. That's why businesses, buyers and sellers alike are turning to Ship24 for their shipping solutions.

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