Correos de el Salvador tracking

What is Correos de el Salvador?

Correos de el Salvador is a public organism that provides its services in the country of El Salvador, in Central America. This company is the official postal service of the country and is managed by El Salvador’s government. It is also a dependency on the ministry of governance and territorial development and provides courier and delivery services nationwide and worldwide. Besides, the government uses this company to print the Correos de el Salvador stamps, which are the official stamps of the country.
This company was founded in the year of 1847 in order to distribute all the correspondence from the capital city to the other districts of the national territory. Correos de el Salvador used to send all the letters by using weekly departures for every city. As years went by, the company started to widen its range of services, making them available for every settler of the country. Besides, on the fifth of November of each year, El Salvador celebrates the Salvadoran postal worker's day.

How do I track my parcel from Correos de el Salvador?

The Correos de el Salvador tracking process works under the common rules for track and trace services. The first step is the responsibility of the company by assigning a code to every package, which is the official Correos de el Salvador tracking number. In nature, this label serves to keep a complete record of orders and shipments, in addition to the common process of collecting all the information about the package.
After that procedure, the client receives the tracking number. The status of the order can be consulted on the official Correos de el Salvador web page. There is a section completely dedicated to providing all the information on the package. The client has to introduce the code, and this way the platform will consult its database to find the required order.
This way the client will receive all the information on his package, like the size, the weight, the estimated delivery time, the destination address, the final fees, the current location, among many others.

Does Correos de el Salvador deliver internationally?

Correos de el Salvador is the result of a huge necessity that arose during the disappearance of the Federal Republic of Central America. Before that, all the deliveries and correspondence were ruled by all the Central American governments, since the communication among these countries was so efficient and quick.  During this period, the only international deliveries were among the countries involved in that Republic.
Currently, the Company provides all kinds of delivery services. Correos de el Salvador has a huge branch network distributed in every single city of the country. Thanks to that, the company is able to broaden its services to each place of El Salvador, not to mention its efficient transportation system that works with the proper response time.
Correos de el Salvador also ensures international deliveries to any destination all over the world. They work along with many courier and postal airlines, both national and international companies. All the packages have insurance in case of accidents or loss.

How long does it take to Correos de el Salvador to deliver?

Correos de el Salvador delivery time periods can vary according to some features involved in the package. However, all the shipments are meant to arrive in the shortest time possible. Some of the characteristics that stipulate the costs are important considerations like the weight of the package, the size, the destination, the travel route, and the type of service required by the customer.
Though, national deliveries are expected to take a maximum waiting time of four working days for the standard urgency label. EMS and other quick delivery services can reduce the time to a maximum of two days. Also, the urgency signature of the package also determines the final estimation of the waiting period.
Of course, for international shipping, the delivery time arises. The main factors in this service are the destination country, custom supervisions, and the quality of the service. Shipments with Latin American destinations are expected to take a maximum time of 15 working days depending on the country. Finally, overseas deliveries can take a maximum waiting period of 21 working days.

Is Correos de el Salvador expensive?

Correos de el Salvador shipping prices are also determined by the same characteristics that have been taken into account for the delivery time calculations. Costs vary depending on the weight, the size, the distance, and the type of product. In addition, the kinds of service and urgency classes provide some additional taxes in case that the parcel has to arrive very fast.

  • National shipments are made in two classes of service, both of them based on EMS. Local EMS shipping goes from $1.65 up to $7.5 because this option only works for deliveries inside the same city. National EMS Service Documents and Packages cover all the cities inside the country so the costs are a bit more expensive. The prices for national services go from $2 and can reach $20 if the distance is too long or if the package is very urgent.
  • International costs have so many different prices that vary based on diverse factors. However, the Correos de el Salvador web page provides the user with a cost calculator that estimates a final cost depending on the weight of the Correos de el Salvador parcel and the destination country. It is important to mention that the result of that calculation can be different from the final price.  

How do I contact Correos de el Salvador?

Correos de el Salvador contact services are always open in order to provide appropriate customer service. All the contacting addresses can be found inside the Correos de el Salvador web page; from telephone numbers to email addresses.
The call center of Correos de el Salvador is open for clients to attend to concerns and doubts related to the shipment status and some other issues. The email address receives more formal messages, like suggestions, complaints, explanatory statements, and some others.

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