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Auspost tracking

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What is AusPost tracking?

AusPost is a government-owned logistics provider in Australia. AusPost, also known as Australia Post, is the national postal service for the country and has been operational for over 200 years. Today, it represents one of the biggest logistics services in the region, offering not only domestic and international delivery options for Australian citizens but last-mile delivery and logistics for international deliveries, particularly regarding eCommerce from China.

As with any major logistics operator, it offers tracking on all registered parcels sent. This gives both merchants who sell orders and post with AusPost and individuals who use it for private mail, the ability to track parcels from dispatch to delivery. Tracking has become an industry-standard feature on all package delivery and AusPost is no different. AusPost main partners and competitors in the region and the world include PhilPost, Japan Post, China Post, DHL, UPS, USPS, and so on.

Auspost package tracking

What does an AusPost tracking number look like?

An AusPost tracking number will usually follow a certain formula, being made up of a set of unique characters which will be unique to each parcel. An example of the common collection of letters and numbers which will make up an AusPost tracking number can be seen below:

Tracking number format (the common one): EE 999 123 999 AU

The good news is, when you are using your tracking number on Ship24, you don't need to specify which courier your parcel is being sent with as Ship24 has an inbuilt autodetection system that can recognize the courier needs to track just from the tracking number. This makes the process much simpler for people wishing to track any parcels, including those with AusPost. In fact, you can track multiple parcels with multiple couriers at the same time using our platform. This is because we can offer tracking on over 1,000 different couriers and logistics companies through our dynamic platform, which is why thousands of people are choosing to conduct their tracking on Ship24. Rather than have to log in to individual courier websites to keep tracking your parcel, conduct all your tracking from one website, and utilize the next generation of shipment tracking with the one-stop shop, Ship24.
What are AusPost postal services?

AusPost offers a number of different services, including AusPost standard parcel, the AusPost express package shipping, the AusPost tracking application, the AusPost online shop, and so on. It also continues to offer Australian wide coverage as well as international delivery options and last leg logistics for eCommerce deliveries from places like China to Australia.

How long does AusPost shipping take?

Standard AusPost domestic shipping takes between 2 to 6 days, with international deliveries taking around10 to 14 days. Express delivery can be done within as little as 24 hours in Australia, however, times will vary for overseas deliveries.

Although you will get an estimated time of delivery when you purchase Australian Post, this could be subject to change for a number of reasons, such as delays in the delivery line, unforeseen circumstances (such as weather), holidays periods where couriers are particularly stretched or delays at customs (if parcels contain prohibited items or there is outstanding tax which must be paid before a parcel can be released).

Where is my AusPost tracking number?

You will receive your AusPost tracking number through a variety of means, depending on the way you have purchased your AusPost services. For your convenience, please find these listed below:

  • Direct AusPost purchase: If you physically go to an AusPost post center in Australia, you will receive a receipt with your Australia Post tracking number on it. Enter this into the Ship24 website to begin tracking your package instantly.
  • Online AusPost service: If you have purchased AusPost services online or opted for package pickup (where it is available), you should get your AusPost tracking number in a confirmation email
  • Marketplace or merchant purchase: You will either be given your tracking number on the marketplace platform you are using at the check-out point (when the purchase has been made) or in a confirmation email. Alternatively, if you purchase from a merchant directly, they may handle postage themselves and send you the AusPost tracking number once they have sent the parcel. In this case, you will need to wait for the seller to post the parcel before they can give you the AusPost tracking number. Make sure the seller gives you an estimate of when they will send the parcel so you can begin tracking an AusPost parcel as soon as possible.

To find your AusPost tracking number, please check with the relevant party mentioned above, which your purchased AusPost services. If you still cannot find your tracking number, then you need to contact the seller, marketplace, or AusPost directly.
The number for the Auspost customer care center is13POST(13 76 78). You can also contact them online for general queries. Please note, response times vary.

How do I track my AusPost parcel?

There are two options used to track AusPost packages and parcels. Please find these outlined below:
The traditional method: Since AusPost tracking and AusPost tracking numbers were introduced by the postal operator, most people have tracked with them directly. However, this can be problematic. AusPost does not handle end-to-end tracking on some parcel deliveries, especially international, where other couriers and logistics handlers are subcontracted to handle delivery in other countries where AusPost doesn't have the capacity. This is common practice with international deliveries but does leave people wondering how to track their parcels worldwide, which is where Ship24 has stepped in.

The new tracking method: Millions of people, tired of switching websites to get tracking for various couriers are turning to the new tracking method; multicarrier tracking websites which specialize in global parcel tracking, such as Ship24.

Ship24 has an inbuilt autorecognition system with means it can identify which courier your tracking number is traveling with and find the latest information on your parcel, even if the package has changed hands. For instance, if you enter an AusPost tracking number into the website, it will immediately know that it is dealing with a request for tracking an AusPost parcel and search the relevant sites on the web accordingly to get the latest information on the location and status of your parcel. Ship24 has been a game-changer both for individuals and businesses alike, who are utilizing powerful, global tracking capability all in one place. Try it out for free today and revolutionize your tracking experience!

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