Micronesia Post tracking

Micronesia Post tracking

Do you live in Micronesia? Do you need to send a package to another country? Well, you should know that you just have to go to Micronesia Post, the official postal and package delivery service of the country. And if you do not know how to use their services, or you do not have much information about them, no problem. Because below you will see everything you need to know about the Micronesia Post tracking services.
From their postal services, Micronesia Post tracking online system, how to send a package without problems, and even the rates they currently handle. Everything you may need, you will find below, so do not stop reading, because the following information may seem very valuable if you live in this nation.

What is the Micronesia Post?

Micronesia Post is the postal, delivery, and collection service of the Federated States of Micronesia. It was born as a part of the United States Postal Service, because this nation is considered part of the USA, so you will notice both services have a lot in common.
Currently, they have offices in Pohnpei, Palikir, Chuuk, among other places in Micronesia. Besides, it works with USPS prices, in addition to its conditions and services for international shipments. Therefore, you can find a lot of similarities in both parcel shipping offices, as they belong to the same nation, technically.
However, you have not come here to find a review on Micronesia Post, but to find out details about its products and services. So keep reading below, so you know everything you need to know about this government company, even about the Micronesia Post tracking online service.

Is it possible to track a package sent with Micronesia Post?

Of course, like any other postal and courier service, Micronesia Post has its own tracking numbers. However, at the moment they do not have a specific page to do Micronesia Post tracking online, but this is not an impediment, you will see why. Since Micronesia is considered part of the United States, its postal system is also part of that nation.
This means that you can use any tracking page to find your packages shipped with Micronesia Post, such as the USPS. Just have the Micronesia Post tracking number handy, place it on the web page, and select the search button to start the tracking of the parcel. In a short time, you will see all the information you need about your package appear on the screen.
And be careful, this does not mean Micronesia Post has poor services but works in conjunction with the US Postal Service. So you can understand they run tracking systems in common, something that makes it much easier for Micronesians to find their packages with the Micronesia Post tracking number.
The other solution to track your package from the Micronesia Post is to use a universal tracking tool like Ship24, much easier and faster.

How long does it take for the FSM Postal service to deliver?

As for FSM postal service shipping time, this depends on many factors, just like any other courier service. First of all, shipping services within Micronesia may be fast, unless they are shipping between islands. In any case, shipments can take between 24 hours to about 5 business days. Something perfectly normal for any postal company.
While the FSM postal service shipping time for international shipments, provided in a partnership with USPS, may take a little longer. And of course, this depends on the country where you want to send your package, so the more remote countries have longer delivery times. On the opposite, countries closer to Oceania could take much less time.
Anyways, on average, FSM postal service shipping time for international deliveries ranges from 5 days to 30 business days.

Is the Micronesian Post expensive?

You should know that Micronesia Post has specific rates for Mail Boxes and package receptions in Micronesia, but it is also administered by the USPS rates for international shipments. So let's start with the Micronesia Post shipping prices for receiving packages through the Mails Boxes.
So, a small Micronesia Post package could cost $ 30, while medium packages arrive at a cost of $50, and large packages can cost about $55. Lastly, extra-long packages can cost $70. Remember, all these prices are in Micronesian currency, and of course, for heavier or larger packages, there are slightly higher rates.
Now, let's talk a little about the USPS rates, which as we already mentioned, are the same as those of the Micronesia Post. In this case:

  • Express shipments cost up to $ 26.65 for small packages
  • While larger packages, up to 70 pounds, can cost about $ 210.

Take into consideration that these prices are in US dollars, and do not include other customs fees, taxes, or the cost of stamps.

Does Micronesia Post only deliver in Micronesia?

As we already mentioned, Micronesia Post tracking service has an Alliance with USPS, so you can ship to other countries from Micronesia. However, remember this is a government service of the Federated States of Micronesia, so they only work within these islands. In short, no, you will not find this service in other countries.
But do not worry, because all countries have their own courier services, so you just have to look for the one that best suits your needs and requirements.

Does the Micronesia Post have customer service?

Of course, you just have to go to the official Micronesia Post page, in the "Contact Us" section, and it will direct you to a page with a contact form. There, you can put your data, your email, and the comments you want to make to the company. In a short time, you will receive an answer from the Micronesia Post customer service to your email.
On the other hand, you can also contact them through a phone call at (691) 320-2614. But remember that it is a number from Micronesia, so use it if you are within the islands. Or you can go to any of the offices affiliated with this postal service, in case you want much more personalized attention about the Micronesia Post tracking services.

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