Kiribati Post tracking

Kiribati Post tracking

The Kiribati Postal Service division of the MCTTD is in charge of providing the country postal services nationwide, guaranteeing all its users and customers quality postal services in line with the provisions of the Postal Service Act, Chapter 74 of the Kiribati Act and the UPU regulations.

What is Kiribati Post?

As the only service provider in Kiribati, this government company focuses its efforts on fulfilling the transportation of mail in its various forms: envelopes, packages, and parcels both nationally and internationally.
Among its operations, Kiribati Post includes a complete national and international postal service that includes the reception, transport, and delivery of mail, postal facilities and sale of postal items and products, specialized mail services, among others.
The company currently has 4 main offices in Bairiki, Bikenibeu, the island of Kiritimati as well as 23 additional agencies on the outer islands distributed throughout the country.
Kiribati Post works to provide quality services to all its clients, with a strategy focused on satisfying client needs, through the implementation of modern technologies and equipment.
Among the services you can find in Kiribati Post, you will find:

  • Ordinary letter: It is based on sending and receiving letters, documents, and accounting and commercial items with a maximum weight of 2kg
  • Certified Mail: Service for handling valuable documents
  • Parcel delivery: Defined as the most accessible way to get your parcels over 2 kg, through air and sea mail internationally.
  • Express Postal Service (EMS): Premium service for international shipments offered by the Universal Postal Union postal operators.

With this particular service, the client will be able to perform the Kiribati Post Tracking of your Kiribati Post international shipping from start to end, safely.

How do I track my package from the Kiribati Post?

Kiribati Post is aware of the importance of Kiribati Post tracking and will always ensure that the Kiribati Post tracking number is kept confidential, and will never be given out over the phone.
As it is well known, in any process of sending or receiving postal items, you must have a Kiribati Post tracking number, which will be automatically generated by the system, after you have made the request for the service. This Kiribati Post tracking number has 13 alphanumeric digits. Once entered into the Kiribati Post tracking service box, the customer can keep up to date on the progress of their Kiribati Post package.
Through Kiribati Post tracking, the client will be able to have more precision on the date of arrival of his Kiribati Post package, and thus take the forecast on the chosen service, even more, if it is not at home.
Don't forget to keep the Kiribati Post tracking number linked to your request safe and always at hand. This way, when you enter the Kiribati Post website from the comfort of your home, you will be able to perform the Kiribati Post order tracking with complete peace of mind.
If you have any questions about this simple, but the important procedure, please do not hesitate to contact Kiribati Post contact.

Does Kiribati Post only deliver in Kiribati?

Kiribati Post parcel delivery offers its service both nationally and internationally through the International Express Mail Service, EMS. Kiribati Post international shipping is divided into the following zones:

  • Zone 1: Pacific Islands
  • Zone 2: Includes New Zealand, Australia, and Asian countries except for the Middle East.
  • Zone 3: North and South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe

Waiting for an international shipment can be exhausting, so customers are advised to keep track of the Kiribati Post parcel delivery by using the Kiribati Post tracking number.
Customers opting for Kiribati Post international shipping must complete the custom declaration forms (CN22/ CN23) and the EMS label. These forms can be downloaded from the Kiribati Post website and are available from post offices.

How long does it take for the Kiribati Post to deliver?

To find out more about Kiribati Post shipping time, please call Kiribati Post contact (686) 21048 for personalized information on your Kiribati Post parcel delivery.

What are the Kiribati Post shipping prices?

The Kiribati Post shipping prices are determined by both the destination of the Kiribati Post package as well as the weight.
For example, for an international EMS shipment there are different amounts as shown below:
Air packages to zone III: (Europe, Africa, Middle East, North and South America)

  • Up to 1 kg 32.00 ANG
  • Above 1kg up to 3kg 76.00 ANG
  • Above 3kg up to 5kg 150.00 ANG
  • Above 5kg up to 10kg 230.00 ANG
  • Above 10 kg up to 15 kg 300.00 ANG

The Kiribati Post international shipping of small packages for this same area is the following:

  • Up to 50g 0,80 ANG
  • Above 50g up to 100g 1.50 ANG
  • Above 100g up to 250g 2.70 ANG
  • Above 250g up to 500g 5.00 ANG

If the service contracted for the Kiribati Post parcel delivery is Express Mail (EMS), the rates are different and go hand in hand with the first kilogram:

  • Destination Argentina 49, 00 ANG
  • Destination Aruba 37, 00 ANG
  • Destination Australia 30,00 ANG
  • Destination Barbados 34,00 ANG
  • Destination Bolivia 50,00 ANG
  • Destination Congo 53,00 ANG
  • Destination USA 30,00 ANG
  • Destination United Kingdom 46,00 ANG

For more information on the rates, we invite you to visit the Kiribati Post website, via the following link and enter in detail the Kiribati Post shipping prices for each Kiribati Post parcel delivery.

Does the Kiribati Post deliver every day of the week?

Currently, the postal service of this company is scheduled to deliver Monday through Friday. Please contact Kiribati Post contact if you wish to confirm the information.

How do I contact the Kiribati Post?

Kiribati Post offers its clients different ways to contact the company. Among these, a contact form through which you can send your questions or suggestions to the Kiribati Post customer service.
For issues that require quick attention, there is the following Kiribati Post contact (686) 21048 and (686) 28078 Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:15 pm.
Remember that at Kiribati Post, the client is the most important thing, so they will always be available to help you and guide you through the postal process.

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