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Twelve years ago, a couple from Lithuania, Milda, and Mitkute developed a website where Lithuanian women could market their used clothes throughout the country. After several tests and prototypes, they finally managed to establish the Vinted site, but then they got a grant that allowed them to advertise and promote it, and that's when they took it to Germany and it became Kleiderkreisel. Since then Kleiderkreisel online shopping has revolutionized the way new and used clothes are marketed in Germany and also in several countries around the world.

What is Kleiderkreisel?

Kleiderkreisel is an online platform that allows thousands of people, mostly women, to market or give away new and used clothing, cosmetics, and accessories in various parts of the world. Kleiderkreisel online shopping is a branch of the international company Vinted, the company with the largest used clothing market in the world. This company currently has more than 20 million users distributed in different countries. Kleiderkreisel also operates the Mamikrisel platform, which offers used clothing and accessories for mothers and babies.
This platform has the particularity that all the ads on it can be sold, exchanged or even given away. However, to avoid shipping problems or international payment methods, the company is subdivided into other Vinted platforms that operate in each country independently.

Is it safe to buy from Kleiderkreisel?

With more than 10 years’ operating in the used clothing market in Germany, and with the experience of its other subsidiaries in different parts of the world, Kleiderkreisel demonstrates that it is a totally reliable, secure, and guaranteed platform. In addition, the testimony of thousands of sellers and buyers can reflect the reliability of the site.
Kleiderkreisel online makes sure to verify the identity of each seller using personal data and identity verification methods. All registered users must be registered in order to sell, buy, or even receive a gift. The bank details of the sellers are also verified so that it is proven that they are real accounts.
In addition, the site has termination and policy established by Vinted, which all advertisers must comply with. In addition, each publication is reviewed to ensure that it complies with established regulations and parameters. In the event that an advertisement does not meet any of the conditions, it will be suspended and the person who placed it will be notified with a warning.

How do I track my order from Kleiderkreisel?

Kleiderkreisel track my package is a tool that allows buyers to know the status of their package. However, it is important to mention that shipments of products sold on the platform are sent through national couriers until they reach their final destination. There are some German couriers that have partnerships with sellers and with Kleiderkreisel itself to improve the quality of service of both, as well as their reputation.
All buyers can do the Kleiderkreisel tracking through the same merchandise platform, or directly from the website of the transport company. The Kleiderkreisel tracking allows you to know if the package has already been placed in the Courier's warehouse to be moved to its final destination. At all times you can see the details of your order until you see that your package is at its destination. Once the package is received, the client must announce that the package is in his hands.
Some data to consider is that the tracking of the package could be available 24 hours after the order is issued. If you cannot see the link available for tracking the next day you can contact the seller or request a claim.

Are shipping fees expensive with Kleiderkreisel?

Kleiderkreisel shipping fees may vary depending on the carrier the buyer has chosen to ship the package with. However, the shipping costs must always be paid by the buyer. Companies like DHL, Hermes, or Deutsch Post are some of the most used by buyers because they keep the lowest rates nationally and internationally.
All rates may vary according to weight and destination, so we advise you to visit each of the official sites of these carriers to choose the one that best suits your budget.

How long does it take to Kleiderkreisel to deliver my order?

As mentioned above, all shipments are made by the same vendors through national carriers. However, the shipping time of these companies is characterized by being very timely and efficient. A package with standard shipping can take between 1 and 3 working days to reach its final destination, but this will depend on the size and type of product.
If you want to know the exact time a package will arrive at its destination, it is better to contact the seller directly or investigate the information on the website of the shipping company through which the product will be sent.

Where does Kleiderkreisel can deliver?

Kleiderkreisel online shopping currently has offices in Berlin, Vilnius, and Prague. From these offices, they deliver to more than 10 markets in other countries. Kleiderkreisel connects people from Germany to England, Poland, France, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Spain, Austria, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium, and the United States. In short, Kleiderkreisel covers all countries where Vinted has a branch office.
Vinted's vision is to continue expanding its innovative market to other countries in Europe and the world, in order to promote the reuse of old clothing that many people store. Today there are more than 10 countries in which the company has managed to consolidate, but expansion is on the move.

How do I contact Kleiderkreisel customer service?

The fastest and most effective way to use the Kleiderkreisel contact is through the Help Center on their website. In this section, you can find a lot of information related to the company, as well as advice for sellers, buyers, shipping, and much more. All the information is divided into different sections for better interaction with the company.
However, if you would like to make a more specific inquiry you can contact them via email info@kleiderkreisel.de or visit their main office in Thomas-Lodewijk, Charlottenburg, HRB 184585 B, Wallstraße 65, 10179, Berlin. If you have any questions regarding legal matters, you can write directly to legal@kleiderkreisel.de and ask for any information.

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