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Although it started as an independent platform in Denmark, today Dba is one of the eBay franchises. Dba operates mainly in Denmark allowing thousands of sellers and buyers to meet on the same website to satisfy their tastes and needs. Discover everything you can find in this online store and take advantage of the Dba shipping fees, which are one of the best services offered by this site.

What is Dba.dk?

eBay acquired this company for being the main and largest distributor of purchases and sales among citizens in Denmark. With more than 1 million monthly users from all over the country, Dba is undoubtedly the best online marketplace in the country. On this site, you can find a wide variety of items in different categories: cars, fashion and beauty, toys, shoes, and much more. 
Currently, Dba has more than 350,000 online ads and more than 30 different categories. It also has a great variety of services for its sellers and buyers as well as the Dba customer service, Dba order tracking, and much more.
Dba is responsible for providing a secure and reliable platform where all Danes feel comfortable to market their products and services. The security system ensures that the terms and conditions of the site are met, preventing unwanted advertisements from being published. On the other hand, the moderators or ambassadors make sure that any suspicious or fraudulent advertisements are removed, to ensure better navigation within the site. These and many other measures have been taken since eBay acquired the company to help and improve its reputation in Denmark and the world.

Is it safe to buy from Dba?

Previously Dba did not transmit much confidence to its users, but since it was taken over by eBay, it has guaranteed most of the services as well as compliance with the regulations set by the site.
One of the security methods implemented is the assignment of NemID (a log-in solution for Danish Internet banks), which requires users to be certified in order to view all the ads on the site. In addition, vendors must also have a NemID in order to advertise their products, thus ensuring that no fraud or contract violations are committed.
This NemID system was implemented in Dba in 2012, and since then there has been a large drop in defrauded users or victims of fraud. For this reason, they always recommend that visitors to the site verify themselves and make their purchases from vendors who have verified their identity with NemID.
Likewise, Dba remains at the forefront of innovations and security systems for sales sites to improve the security and smooth operation of its platform. In this way, more sellers and buyers are motivated to use Dba for all their purchases.

How do I track my order from Dba?

All shipping items on Dba can be tracked from the moment a product order is issued. Dba tracking ensures that a tracking number is assigned to all packages sold through the site so that the buyer and seller can know their location at all times.
Dba tracking number is available in the details of each order placed, in the “My Orders” section. In the details of each order, you will find the Dba tracking number, which you can click on to redirect you to a window where you can find out the location or status of your order. You can also copy the tracking number and paste it into the search field in the tracking section of the website, and you will then be shown the information about your order.
All buyers should be aware that shipments are made by sellers through the various carriers in the country. This means that if there are delays in delivery, Dba cannot be held responsible. In case of any inconvenience, the user can make a claim and proceed through the Dba, but it will depend on all parties involved for the resolution of the same.

How long does it take to Dba to deliver?

As mentioned above, most shipments are made by vendors from different transportation companies. However, Dba.dk shipping time is characterized by being very fast, as these services work very well throughout the country. A package with standard shipping can take between 1-3 working days to reach its final destination, but this will depend on the size and type of product.
If you want to know the exact time a package will arrive at a destination, it is better to contact the seller directly so they can come to an agreement and give you the precise information about the shipment.

How much is shipping on Dba?

Dba shipping fees will save you a lot of money on your purchases. Although these may depend on the shipping company handling the package, we have been able to average some rates to give you a better idea of their cost.

  • Packages between 0-1 Kg have a shipping cost between 39-59 KR.
  • Packages between 1-5 kg have a shipping cost between 53-73 KR.
  • Packages between 5-10 kg have a shipping cost between 59-79 KR.
  • Packages between 10-20 kg have a shipping cost between 99-119 KR.

Does Dba deliver only in Denmark?

Although part of the large eBay company, Dba only offers its services within Denmark. In the Dba customer service, you can find all the information related to the distribution and sale of goods in Denmark. However, the group remains and will remain operating only in Denmark, to ensure that all inhabitants of the country find the best offers in the different categories that Dba has to offer.
On the other hand, eBay has acquired different online sales companies in several countries around the world. Establishing their policies and sales conditions to all of them, in order to optimize their services and the reliability of the online sales sites, and thus innovate the way to buy online.

How can I contact Dba customer care?

In case of any doubt, suggestion, or query, the Dba customer service is available from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. so that any user, seller or buyer, can get in touch.
You can also find the FAQ section in the Help Center, and you can send your questions to support@dba.dk, which will answer you directly to your personal email address provided in the form.

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