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In Sweden, many companies have taken their business to the digital model in order to improve sales. One of the largest companies in the country made this decision more than two decades ago, and today it is the number one online store in the country. Tradera has become the first and best option for all Swedes to search and buy different types of items; personal, home, business, souvenirs, etc. Tradera is shipping in Sweden articles of many categories, among clothes, accessories, plants, and much more, in order to satisfy the needs and tastes of all the inhabitants of the country.

What is Tradera Sweden?

Tradera is an online platform where people can buy and sell different new or used items. This company believes that consumption has a real impact on the world, so they decide what they want to control, which in this case would be their business, their creativity, and their website that allows them to provide a better online shopping experience. 
In addition, Tradera team is confident and thinks that people can really make a difference in caring for the planet and so they offer opportunities for hundreds of sellers and buyers to interact on their platform. The design of their site is really attractive and elegant, with a combination of security and beauty in one place. This site guarantees the best offers in favorite products to exceed the expectations of the different users that use Tradera daily. 
On the other hand, Tradera keeps the positive side of shopping, as it should be and always tries to propose intelligent and sustainable purchases to the users. Its vision is that people can recognize the impact that our consumption has on the environment so that they make better decisions while making the purchase.

Is it safe to buy from Tradera?

Tradera put a lot of effort to keep focused on areas that maintain a safe marketplace. In addition, Tradera tries to ensure comfort, peace of mind and security for the users when they visit the website. 
First, Tradera makes sure that each user has its social security number linked to its registration. This eliminates the anonymity of any potential fraudsters who want to register on the platform. Also, there are cases when Tradera requires users' BankID to verify their identity. 
All Tradera announcements and publications must comply with the rules of the site and those of the national law. They make sure to review all publications to check that they really meet the established parameters.
If you want to keep checking that it's a really safe site, then you can check all the revisions made by buyers and sellers after each completed sale. In addition, this can also be assessed against each other to gain a better reputation on the site. And if that's not enough, Tradera also has an integrated payment solution that allows you to check that user accounts are verified.

How can I track my Tradera package?

Tradera has partnerships with different secure and traceable carriers such as DHL and Schenker. So the Tradera tracking package could be done directly from their platform or from the corresponding Courier's website or via a tracking platform like Ship24.
All Tradera packages can be tracked from the moment the order is issued. Tradera tracking number can be found through the Tradera website site so that the buyer and seller can know its location at any time.
The Tradera tracking number can be seen in the details of each order placed. You can click on the tracking number and you will be redirected to a window where you can know the location or status of your order. You can also copy the tracking number and paste it into the search field of the tracking section on the corresponding Courier page or easier, on Ship24.
All buyers should be aware that shipments are made through different carriers companies, not by Tradera. This means that if there are delays in delivery, Tradera may not have anything to do with it. In case of any inconvenience, the user can make a claim and proceed through the website of the store but will depend on the information of the Courier or the seller for the resolution of it.

How long does it take to Tradera to deliver?

As mentioned above, most shipments are made by vendors through local transportation companies. However, the Tradera shipping time of these companies is characterized by being very fast in their deliveries. A package with standard shipping can take between 1 and 3 working days to reach its final destination, but this will depend on the size and type of product.
If you want to know the exact time a package will arrive at its destination, it is better to contact the seller directly or investigate the information on the website of the shipping company through which the product will be sent.

Is Tradera Shipping Expensive?

If you want to know the exact Tradera shipping costs you can use the shipping price calculator available on the same Tradera website. To do this, you only need to enter the measures of the package; length, width, and height, as well as the city or country of destination, and weight.
With the dimensions and weight of the packages you could have an estimate of the Tradera shipping cost, but if you want to have an idea of the shipping rates of the different shipping companies, look at their website. Freight costs in Sweden have the particularity of being quite accessible and this is another reason why people make many purchases online.

How do I contact Tradera customer service?

If you are interested in knowing more about Tradera or have any questions or suggestions, you can contact them through 08 556 322. Their customer service hours are available from Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
If you prefer to make a more specific query you can also send an email to ads@tradera.com, which will answer your request as soon as possible. You can also find information about Tradera Paypal Sweden at Sankt Eriksgatan 117, 113 43 Stockholm, Sweden, at the same time as mentioned above.

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