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What is Depop?

Depop is a company that functions as a social network where millions of users not only interact with each other but also see their interests and tastes in the world of fashion. On the other hand, on Depop, users can also buy and sell clothes, either personal designs or those of entrepreneurs who want to develop a brand. This is why the “selling on Depop” service has become so popular. With this virtual platform, anyone can bring their business or entrepreneurial dreams related to the fashion industry to life.
The company was created in 2011 by the entrepreneur Simon Beckerman, who had a significant role in companies such as PIG and the RetroSuperFuture sunglasses brand. Initially, the company was founded in Italy, but by 2012, the center of operations of its headquarters moved to the city of London in England.
After the foundation, the company began to experience incredible success. In the following years, it expanded to the cities of New York in the United States and Milan in Italy. By 2015, owner and founder Simon Beckerman raised a large amount of money from other major brands and companies that served as an investment to improve Depop's operational and service structure.
One of the most valued aspects of the company is the quality of its customer service, and the quality of the garments they sell through the online platform. By having an unseen and original business model, the company has managed to stand out in the world of e-business.
With more than 200 employees distributed in the headquarters of London, Manchester, Los Angeles, New York, Milan and Sydney, the company stands out for the originality of its corporate infrastructure. At Depop, there is an open space for people such as photographers, illustrators, jewelers, painters, globe-trotters, writers, activists, and free-spirited people who love the Depop brand and want to take the company to a higher level. With the help of the Depop community, the company has improved over the years and grown both financially and commercially.
The importance of the Depop community is one of the reasons why Depop's products stand out in the fashion industry. People like stylists, designers, artists, collectors, and vintage vendors are the reason for the excellent quality of the company's products. Depop has developed its history creatively and uniquely as a key player in the world of fashion, design, art, and music.

Is it safe to buy from Depop?

In Depop, users can sell any kind of object easily, safely, and reliably. Unique vintage, luxury, collectible goods, shoes, art, illustrations, books, and even music records. Anything that encourages creativity and enhances the quality of the company's community. Besides, all user sales and purchases are protected by Depop online's policies and security systems. This business model encourages users to develop their brands and to merge their online stores through Depop's virtual platform. However, the company is not responsible for any sales or purchases made outside of Depop's online platform.

How do I track my order from Depop?

Unlike other e-businesses, the Depop tracking package service works through email. The seller must provide all the necessary information about the product. This information must have details such as product status, delivery status, product location, delivery method, shipping company, and the order number in case a refund or cancellation of purchase is processed.
This kind of service can be performed both in the company's virtual platform and in the mobile application. Both tools are designed to facilitate product purchases and package tracking and tracing services. On the other hand, it is important to emphasize that the sellers commit to periodically update the information on the status of the products.

Is it free to sell on Depop?

Sellers should not pay any fees for offering their products. However, for each sale made, the company keeps a commission of 10% of the final sale price. This commission includes shipping costs and other additional fees. On the other hand, the commission may vary depending on the payment methods. For example, the commission for each sale through PayPal is 3.4% in the United Kingdom, and 2.9% in the United States.

How long do Depop orders take to arrive?

Depop has relationships with companies such as DHL, UPS, and USPS, thus ensuring the efficiency and reliability of package shipments and deliveries. While delivery time may vary depending on the vendor, the average delivery time is 2-4 business days. With the use of express services, the approximate delivery time is 1 to 3 working days.
On the other hand, if the product has not arrived within 7 working days, the buyer has the right to contact customer service to resolve the problem. It is important to remember that if the purchase was made in the official platforms, the company commits to guarantee the delivery of the product or the refund of the buyer's money.

How much is shipping on Depop?

The company is also known for its low shipping rates. The Depop fees are the following:

  • For small packages, the shipping cost is 4.75 dollars.
  • For medium packages, the Depop shipping fee is 9 dollars.
  • For large packages, the shipping fee is 12 dollars.
  • For extra-large packages, the shipping fee is 17 dollars.

To ensure that packages arrive safely and on time, a sales and shipping label for the product is automatically generated with the shipping fee and the size of the package.

Where does Depop can deliver?

As the company is expanding, it has the capacity and operational infrastructure to manage the shipping, transportation and delivery of packages to different countries around the world. For now, Depop's main markets are in the United States and Europe.

How do I contact Depop?

Users can obtain company contact data on the company website or on the mobile application. They can have access to telephone numbers, email, office addresses, social network accounts. Similarly, they can use Depop customer service through these tools. On the other hand, the mobile application can only be downloaded from the company's official website.

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